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My love for South Korea

My love for South korea basically started when my friend introduced me to korean dramas,i’m FOREVER thankful to her! I’ve never been into Asian dramas or Asian shows,has never even heard of Korean dramas,but i decided to give it a go. It was called “Boys over flowers”! My first Korean drama,my first taste into the Korean world.
It was the perfect Korean drama to introduce me to,because i can assure you that if the drama wasn’t as appealing to me,i woudn’t be interested to go on and watch other ones. SO thanks to the producer of the drama,and for the wonderful actors staring in it such as Lee min ho (he was perfect for the role); Kim hyun yoong (say no more ^^ his smile) ; Ku Hye Sun (her last name Sun describes her ^^) and all the other actors,they acted amazingly and i loved the storyline. It was definitely a plus. So i started watching more Korean dramas which i loved even more. After that,i started watching Korean variety shows (don’t ask) it was just fate that brought us together ^^! It was a korean variety show called “We got married” it is basically a show in which celebrities are paired up together as couple and pretend to be a married couple just like in real life (camera is on them all the time) the twist is that they don’t know who they’re going to pair with at the start! It was the first season,and Kim hyun Joong featured in,probably the main reason why i watched it in the first place,i was thinking in the beggining “Is he in another drama,or what is this show about? ^^ ! Anyways on the show he was paired up with Hwangbo,a korean singer/actress which was 6 year her senior (Awkward..) yes,awkward is the perfect word to describe their relationship in the beggining. It is prefilmed,so every week after filiming all the other celebrities (make-believe couples) go in the tv studio to watch themselves back, with the hosts present and the other make believe couples (no pressure ^^) ,so as i carried on watching the show,i completely fell in love with the Korean culture/language,the way people talk ,their intonations in their voices,the respect the youngers have for the older generation and so on.
Long story short,related to “We got married” Even though it was awkward between kim hyun joong and Hwangbo in the beggining,as the show went on,they grew on affinity. Anyways,due to his schedule in preperation for “Boys over flowers” his first major role in a drama,after 6 months Kim hyun joong had to leave and say “bye” to the show. It was in 2008. If this show was a drama ,even though it was emotional the way Kim hyun joong and Hwangbo ended it,it’d have at least being in the top 10 favorite drama of all time,no wonder they went on to win an award for “best couple”.

So,back to my main point! As i watched more korean shows/documentaries i got more and more interested learning about the Korean language and culture. It wasn’t a “oh she watched a Korean show,she find korean actors cute so she want to learn,then she gonna forget about it” moment. No,it wasn’t that at all,even though korean dramas brought me to it.It’s the reality of this country,the culture,people and language i fell in love with.I could watch chinese shows without any interest in learning chinese (no offense^^) .
I’ve always loved languages and other cultures,but surprisingly Korea is not a country that ever crossed my mind,i’d never thought one day i’ll be interested in learning an Asian language,probably because society (in the western) makes many people believe it is hard,almost impossible to learn. So we don’t even dare to think about learning an asian language. But i dared to! Am learning and keep improving on my korean. I’m loving it more and more, as i keep learning and improving,i smile.
I’m definitely hoping to visit there one day,as an aspiring journalist,i would love and would not hesitate to shoot a documentary about (South) Korea! A lot of people have no interst in it,or have barely heard about Korea in general,mainly because imformations and documentaries are lacking about this part of Asia! Or because the main news you heard concerning the country are not so positive-things ? It is a beautiful country,north or south,it forms only 1 country.That would never change. Hoping to go there and share my experience with you guys!

So.. that’s how my love for Korea started!

If you have any interest in learning a language,there is loads of websites on the internet that would definitely benifit you and imformations that would help you!

감사합니다 -Thanks in Korean (Ghan-sam-ni-da) ♥


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