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Learning korean -Update

Here’s an update on how my Korean is going so far,i mean,how am getting on with learning the Korean language.
Well,woah! WO-AH^_^ is all i can say! I never thaught while i was watching Boys over Flowers last year,that one day i would be able to understand or even speak or even being able to read in Korean.I’m not saying i’m fluent yet,no!
I have got a long way to go! But my Korean is getting so much better,i can barely believe it myself. In terms of the vocabulary,my understanding and even my writing,i’m 2 times better than i was last year.I will share with you,what has helped me. First of all, it might sound kind of cliche,but watching Korean TV such as Korean dramas,korean variety shows has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. When i watch the shows,it’s not even about me wanting to learn Korean,no.I watch because i enjoy them,let me just say,i think Korean shows are the best! And without even realising it,by watching them,i have learnt so many new words and sentences. The english subs are there,but ifi hear words/sentences like
” Odie issoyo?” “Dugu”? I would actually understand,i understand some of what they’re saying,even if i miss the subtitles. So watching Korean shows has helped me the most.
I also got an application on my laptop that i installed,not long ago. It’s an application that helps you with the korean pronounciation and writing. And plus,i downloaded an app on my Iphone that helps you with the basic phrases in Korean,it’s awesome. But,i gotta say,more than anything else,watching Korean shows and dramas has helped me the most!
Because it deals with everyday life conversations,so it’seasier to remember.And what has also helped me,it’s the fact that i learnt Hangul before learning the vocabulary and pronounciation,because when you know how to read,it’s easier for you to pronounce,well,it was for me ^_^

My top FAVORITE Korean (variety) show is………RUNNING MAN! i love this show SO very much,it’s so funny and awesome.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Running_Man_%28TV_series%29–> Link


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