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I LOVE writing

I’ve always believed i liked writing. But i’ve never really being a person who writes on my free time or consider writing as one of my passions. But anytime i’ve had an exam that involves writing,i always find myself being captivated in what am writing and find myself in my element. So much that many times in exams,i’ve been wrting so much that i had to ask for a 2nd paper for being short of space.

  But somehow,after the exam is done,i forget about my love for writing or the way am captivated and enjoy writing.

But lately,i have found out where my writing skills get “activated” again,it is when i write to share my opinions or answering questions asked by people who needs solutions to a problem or just a question about someone,something they wonder about.
And then just the thaught of expressing my thaughts,what i think,my opinions, through words,i like that! I just like seeing EXACTLY what am thinking on paper,the ability to express your EXACTS thaughts in WORDS is an amazing thing to me. And plus,the thaught of by answering questions,you bring about solution to people :helping people through simple writing is amazing.
I even sacrificed watching a korean drama just to answer questions on Yahoo answers and another day,cos i was reading articles and writing comments,sharing my opinion on the subject. I couldn’t care less about dramas! I could spend day and night answering questions,espcially when i’ve got knowledge on the subject,and i present them with facts!

I didn’t know i had the ability to express my thaughts through writing,because when i write for courseworks,i sometimes find it hard to explain my subject or use technical words,but why is it than in other areas where i have to write,i find it more than easy and enjoyable, a big passion. But when it includes writing where i have to write professionally,when my writing would be assesed,then it’s like my love for writing and ability to write totally disappear and it suddenly like the most difficult task ever.

I’ve come up for an answer to this question,it’s the only reasonable answer i can think of.
It is either because when i write professionally,for e.g college courseworks i need to complete in a short period of time, the problem is i then i start seeing it as “work” more than it being “fun”.

Therefore,I believe when you do something you like,and you focus more on the “handed out” side of it and you see it being school work or homework more than it being something you enjoy doing,then you take away all the fun of it.