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I would love to travel this may not be the first time i write about my love for traveling! But when you really love something,you just cant help but talk about it ALL THE TIME!

I really have a very STRONG interest for foreign cultures! I mean,i was already like this before,but as i grew up this interest became stronger and stronger.

I guess am a person who needs adventure in life,needs to explore and discover,i guess this is my nature.

I will talk a bit about the countries i have been to so far,well to be honest i haven’t been to many countries so far in my life. I have been to about 3 countries : Burkina faso -Africa,when  i was really young,about 7 years old,i didn’t actually stay there for long,it was just a transit on our way to Ghana. So we only stayed  for like,2 days and i remember my parents made good friends with a guy,there too; The memory of Burkina faso is still very fresh in my memory,the scent of the hotel we stayed in,the people we saw,what i ate while in the car while i was there, all very fresh in my mind. The second country i have been to is Ghana,my parents’ land. Well,i have to say that Ghana, is the one country i have traveled to the most,i have been there about 5 or 6 times since i was about 7,because i often go there for summer holidays.

France is my place of birth so it doesn’t really count as a country i have been to,i moved from France to the UK at age 13,then,it was my 1rst time stepping my foot in the United Kingdom,the queen’s place. So,i guess the UK counts as the 3rd country i have been to.

Ghana is my homeland,i  know most of its story, the culture ,the food and all that. So,anytime i go there,it is not like a new discovery.

I want to go to countries that has completely different cultures to what am used to see!

I think all countries are amazing and each country has got something special,so it’s just a waste of time to seat at home and not discover them! So,if you can, go visit and discover!  I know i want to and i will 🙂