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What has 2012 meant for Ghanaians?

What would the year 2012 be remembered for in Ghana? For Ghanaians ?
The year 2012 was a year full of mixed emotions for Ghanaians citizens and for Ghanaians living abroad.
So, from my perspective, what are some of the things that happened in Ghana in 2012 that has had major effects on Ghanaians, the country itself or even outside the country? –



There is no doubt that late President John Evans Atta Mills’s death,on the 24th July 2012 is the biggest shock of the year 2012 for Ghana. Not only has it affected Ghanaians but it was a major shock for Africa and worldwide.

It has been two weeks that i had arrived in Ghana for my summer holidays, when i switched on the television to hear about his death,i was literally in shock, i could not believe it. I told my dad about it and my dad taught i was joking,he even convinced me in making me believe i heard wrongly, until we switched on to other channels and heard the exact same news.
It is one thing to hear about his death when you are OUTSIDE of Ghana and another thing to hear it when you are IN Ghana. In Ghana, during that period they were constant reminders that we lost our president, through posters, the radio, TV channels. You just couldn’t escape that reality.
And from the announcement of his death until he was buried,the weather was grey in most places, it kept raining or it was windy with no hint of sun.
Me being so used to see “Colorful and loud Ghana” during my previous holidays in Ghana was having a completely difference experience seeing people dressed in black and red. It was a sad period indeed. The next day after Late John Evans Atta Mills was buried definitely,i noticed the sun started showing up and citizens finding it hard but accepting the fact that he is gone by living with the quote that says “God gives and God takes away“. I heard this quote many times after his death.
And it is true, in all things, we got to thank God for he knows best.
May his soul rest in perfect peace, i know he is an a better place now, with our maker.
While in Ghana, there was an all-stars tribute for the late president, here it is http://


Elections is the most important thing for every country so it wouldn’t make sense to live this out. The 2012 GHANA ELECTIONS would surely be remembered by Ghanaians because:
1- it was a quite peaceful election,they were no violence or anything like that among voters. It should be an example for the next elections coming up in the future.
2-Eveything that has happened a short time before the elections was unexpected. SOME Ghanaians have had to re-think about the person they had made up their mind to vote for two years before and so on.


h 091

First, let’s learn a bit about the Azonto. Azonto which is now considered a dance wasn’t particularly considered a dance way before but more as gestures and way of describing things with the hands and body positions. It originated in Accra, Bukom.It was first called Apaazee Renetta Kojo but was then changed to “Azonto” by the people of Tema. By using my imagination i would imagine this little dialog happening 8 years ago with two female students.

Student 1: Ama where is your phone? i have tried to call you several times but with no avail?
Student 2 (Ama , so depressed to even talk uses hands gestures to mimic someone speaking on the phone)
Student 1: Yes, what are you trying to say? You were on the phone with someone and what?)
Student 2 ( Ama, still so depressed to talk continues mimicking, this time mimicking a person stealing something with the left hand bringing it to their chest and then with their right hand stealing something else and bringing it to their chest,she repeats this particular gesture 5 times)
Student 1: Ama, i think i know what you’re trying to say, go back to the beginning.
Student 2 (Ama listens and go back to her first gesture with her being on the phone with someone and then unto her second gesture with her mimicking a person stealing something with their left then right hand and bringing it to their chest)
Student 1: OHH Ama, i understand someone snatched your phone from you,ohh why didn’t you speak to the teacher?
Student 2 (Ama bring her fists closer to her face and imitates a person in a boxing ring, fighting with the opponent)
Student 1: OH they say, they’ll hit and box you if you told the teacher?
Student 2 : YES!!! (Ama screams, almost in tears)

A part of me believes that’s how Azonto started but with more eloquent movements and with different gestures associated with what the person was expressing.
According to wiki :The dance now known as Azonto was later observed in an evolved form among 'street communities' in Agona Abodom, Abossey Okai, Takoradi and certain suburbs of Accra …in pubs, night clubs, dance battles.”

The footballer Asamoah Gyan was later known to “Azonto” to express his happiness anytime he scored or his team won, i’m sure some of you football fans would know. And then music with fast and addicting beats were made especially for the AZONTO dance or “to be azonyo’d on”. Now the azonto dance has become so well-known and popular around the world among people that various news reports were made on the success it has had. Even a Ghanaian movie movie was made called “AZONTO/AZONTO GHOST”, i watched it when i went to Ghana, it includes “azonto dancing” more than dialog or anything else to be honest, ha. But Azonto’s success also comes with its bad sides, when some people claim azonto originates from their own country instead of Ghana, you would find some Ghanaians not being very happy about this statement which comes from people secretly wishing Azonto originated from their own land, Azonto’s success also come with people trying to “azonto” but failing each time or not knowing how to do it no matter how many tutorials they watch, which can be very frustrating for some people.
But persistence is key
Here’s a BBC’s report on AZONTO< craze :


I hope you enjoyed this post!
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Happy new year ! ^^


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