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CNBLUE: Their success & Why i like them + RE:BLUE thoughts

Hello, i just decided to write a bit about CNBLUE, starting from how i got to know about them to their success & their new album RE:BLUE πŸ™‚


The members: Jungshin/Junghyun/Yonghwa/Minhyuk


Credits goes to for this picture πŸ™‚

The first time i set eyes in this band was completely by accident, actually. After watching Heartstrings, a drama that i really loved by the way, i decided to look for Jung Yong-hwa’s page on Wikipedia, one because he reminded me so much of a certain Kim hyun joong,i found their resemblance fascinating in terms of how they look and their acting mannerisms and two because i just wanted to know who is the guy that acts Lee shin on Heartstrings?
So as i came across his wiki, i read that he is the leader of a certain band called CNBLUE, thus he is originally a musician, (Interesting, i taught)

so i went on the very popular video sharing website YOUTUBE and searched for CNBLUE. First video that came up was their “Intuition” music video. I clicked on it. My first impression? : Mehh.
I’ve never really been into KPOP because it is not really the style of music i listen to, i was more into the ballads, cute songs type of thing, at that time i was even a bit sad cos i couldn’t find a Korean singer or band that suits my taste so when i watched the “Intuition” music video i immediately taught “Up tempo music? Dark music video? Here is another KPOP band that sings and dances i guess..meh..not my taste :(”
BUT somehow i was drawn to watch the video again so i went back to watch the same video again,15 mins later thinking “Come on, give them a chance, they might be different from other KPOP bands, you haven’t even proper listened to them..” so i clicked on the video intuition, i watched til the end and..

THAT HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. LOL. I’m glad i watched because right there i completely fell in love with this band, my fist impression of them was wrong, CNBLUE were a different and unique band, they didn’t dance or anything, they just had their amazing energy, voices and blended great together, i had finally found a KOREAN BAND that suits my taste!!! Whoohoo.

I never taught once that i would love a “rock band”, me being the lovey-dovey romantic girl that I’m but CNBLUE changed my music taste and made me realize, ROCK, POP, RAP whatever if a music is good it’s good and after watching “Intuition” and watching their other MV’s and listening to their other songs, from “Love girl” to “I’m a loner”, watching their videos i realized that they are a versatile band, they can sing ballads and make a girl heart melt as well as give the Rock atmosphere and rap and makes both girls and boys get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. CNBLUE had the whole package.

That was around the beginning of year 2012 when i first discovered them but a year and a bit later since I’ve known them this band have not let me down, they keep going strong and strong and strong. This band, i can actually say even without their good looks or appearance I WILL STILL LIKE THEM, their looks is not what attracts me to this band, their music is what attracts me.

CNBLUE members are true musicians. Look at their live performances, their concerts, they always put their 100% anytime they perform, all they care about is their music and to please their public.

I remember after watching the drama Heartstrings, i decided to watch the show “We got married” season 2 with Yonghwa & Seohyun
so that i’d get to know more about Yonghwa as a person, and it strikes me now when i watch the first few episodes and i think about how CNBLUE were so not very known back then, i remember a particular episode in WGM when after holding hands with Seohyun, Yonghwa purposely lost contact with Seohyun for a month or so and everyone in the studio were misunderstanding, even one of the commentators saw Yonghwa the wrong way saying he was a bad man etc. But later on it was confirmed through further episodes that there was a reason for what he did and everyone became understanding and slightly embarrassed for misunderstanding. THAT alone shows how little people knew of Yonghwa’s personality and who he is and a lot of them also didn’t know the other members names.
I’m mentioning that only to say that their popularity has risen so much throughout the years compared to years ago and that now they’re so popular and finally getting the recognition they deserve, I’m proud of my boys.
I’m also glad that now each member is getting spotlight, before when one taught of CNBLUE, they might have immediately thought “Yonghwa” but now because of each member progressing in their other fields such as acting and appearing on shows and variety shows, each member is getting recognition and i enjoy to see that.


What i like about CNBLUE is also their humility, each one of them are so humble. They do not have the “celebrity syndrome” at all, they’re just really normal guys who when one see and know them realize how not proud they are and that fame hasn’t got into their heads. Look at Yonghwa when he appears on Running Man, for example, you never sense proud coming from him.

Humility is a virtue that will get you far in life.

Now let me write a little bit about their new album “RE: BLUE”

Tracklists : 1/ I’m sorry/2/Coffee shop/3/Na Geudaeboda(λ‚˜ κ·ΈλŒ€λ³΄λ‹€)/4/Naram Namja (λ‚˜λž€ λ‚¨μž)/5/La La La(라라라)/6/ Where you are are (English version)

I LOVE each and every song and you know how even with your fave groups, they may have a track you don’t really get. Well, for that album there is no one song i don’t get lol.
Coffee shop i think is my favorite, This song is..CNBLUEMAZING. . people would go wild for that when they perform this song in concerts. This song is so good, it’s made for concerts.

The 3rd track is more of a calm song that would not make you jump in the air but it ‘ll make you wave your hands in the air. There are so many songs from CNBLUE even from their past albums that would not get old : Love girl, I’m a loner, rock’n’ roll and so many others. That’s what real musicians do ^^

Anyway, only i know how much more I’ve got to say about this band, but I’d leave it here, more posts coming about CNBLUE though πŸ˜‰

And tell me, what’s your fave song in the album? ANd what are some of the things you like about CN to the BLUE? Leave comments πŸ™‚

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Traveling, people, languages, cultures.


ghana 005

Traveling. When i say travel, i do not merely talk about the excitement of getting into the countries or places I’m heading to but I’m also talking about the phase, the journey to get there. Traveling in a new country, starting with being in the airport with my luggage,seeing people around me with their suitcases and little children excited about where they’re heading to, seeing air hostesses walking around it’s all so fascinating and exciting for me as arriving in the destination itself.
What i also love about traveling is the fact that you’re entering into a new country,a new culture. Different scent,different air,new people, people with different mindsets, new culture, different food, different customs, new traditions…
Traveling is like going on a life adventure. It’s all so fascinating.

Cultures & Foreign languages

This goes with my love of travel, what is travel without the encounter of meeting and seeing new people and blending with a complete different culture than your own? For me what makes travel as enjoyable is the encounter with new people and getting yourself emerged in a culture and language.

Anyway.Languages. What i love about them? Everything. Languages are beautiful and God’s wonderful creation: hearing a language speaking it and seeing how people converse in that language is the beauty of it all.
I love languages and i love learning them. For me there is absolutely no limit in how many languages a person can learn and be fluent in.


One does not have to travel to encounter amazing people, you can meet people everywhere.
People have stories, this woman you see everyday on your way to the bus stop you never say “Hi” to, she has a past, a story to tell, a life.
I find people fascinating, the fact that every single person you see has a story, a past and that if they made a decision to talk to you a little bit about their life, it could change your views on life forever is amazing to me.
People have stories; this girl you see at school, how is she when she’s at home? How does her home and life outside of school looks like? She is loud at school but how is she…at home? These questions are ones i ask myself constantly when i look around and see individuals. People are fascinating and with stories to tell.

So yes, those were some of the things i love the most in life and let me say that as a journalist, things i would love and enjoy the most about my job is the ability and chance to meet with different people with stories to tell; giving them a voice. And through my travels, reports and interviews letting people discover things they’ve never seen and known before.

Life is a discovery…

Myriam πŸ™‚

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Hello everyone! So, today i decided to write about the Korean variety show Strong heart as it might come to an end (T_T).
But first, let me tell you that i may not know as much about this show as I’m not a regular viewer of the show and i watch the show mostly when my favorites celebs feature in as guests. SO here are 5 things from my perspective that made (makes) STRONG HEART awesome :).
PS: i do not know whether to use past tense or present tense as the last episode has not yet aired. hehe.


Anyway, what i love about this show is that you learn facts about celebrities, this show has the ability to make you learn facts about various celebrities, facts and stories you didn’t know of and it also had the ability to put to shame hardcore fans who think they know everything about their “bias” as they realize that they actually do NOT know much hehe. On a serious note, this show made you learn SO much about your favorite celebrities. A lot of celebrities used this show for revelations.
An example: When Byul featured as a guest and revealed how her and Haha’s love story began and
also revealing that they’re officially married. Only in strong heart.
What is amazing about this show as well is the fact that everything you learn about the celebrities comes from the horse’s mouth. Not a magazine or an article, it’s real.
The format of the show and the context it’s so interesting to the point that one would watch it even if their bias don’t feature in the show just to hear real life stories of the various personalities.

What would Strong heart be if one don’t get a laugh out of it?
It may be a talk show but it also has the variety feel to it. Not only is it funny because of the guests and some funny stories they might share about their life, but it is funny because of the hosts’ commentaries and the fix guests that always adds “spice”and humor to the show .

One of the major reasons why the show is rumoured to end , it’s because the PD, Park Sang Hyuk is about to leave for overseas. Which means a new PD would have replaced him and with a new PD it is likely the format would have been changed and who wants to see STRONG HEART without its heart? With a new format/ new rules/ new everything? The ratings could have gone down as people wouldn’t have been able to relate to the show anymore.

So, i believe it was a safer decision, but it will surely be missed, I believe this show has so much potential to go on for years as the format is so different from the other shows. But many fans have complained and noticed that the show was not the same without Lee seung gi and Kang Ho dong, the original hosts.
While others don’t see any difference. Let’s not forget that Lee Dong-wook and Shin Dong-yeop won” BEST COUPLE AWARD” in SBS entertainment 2012 for their pairing in Strong Heart.

Strong heart is heard to air a special SNSD episode for the last episode.

PS: PS:PS: i have just seen an article saying that SBS is thinking of relaunching the show by calling it “STRONG HEART 2” with new hosts.
NOW i don’t know what to say. Hahah ^^.
Leave your comments πŸ™‚

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What do we love about the k-variety show RUNNING MAN?

Hello everyone!
So, i taught a long while about what i should write next and the Korean variety show Running man came to mind.I love this show,not saying it for the sake of just saying it but seriously this show is awesome.
Members: Song jihyo , Gary, Haha (ha dong hoon), Yoo jae suk, Kim jong kook,Lee kwang soo, Ji suk jin.


So, i decided to write about this show and what i find awesome about it.

This show is so hilarious. I cannot watch an episode without laughing, it is impossible. I’d either laugh at the most random comments Ji suk jin makes or the cheesiest lines coming out of the mouth of Kang Gary.

Thrilling episodes
This show is not only funny, but it can also makes your heart pounds fast in the most thrilling episodes E.g; Hide/seek games/ Choi min soo episodes/ Zombie episodes and so on.

The relationship between the members
I believe one of the reasons why this show is so successful it’s because of the relationships between the members themselves. How would a show work if the members don’t get on well themselves? It just wouldn’t.
Running man members have something like family bond. They’re very comfortable with each other, the only female member Song Jihyo is no way left out, she is like family and also “is like one of them”, it does not bother her at all the fact that she’s the only female as they’re all like a family. No wonder the non guest episodes are as pleasing to the viewers if not even more pleasing than the guests episodes, the members interaction is enough.
But the only two people that have no real platonic relationship on the show though would be…..

Monday couple

WHO in this world does not like a bit of Monday couple on Running man? They’re so cute.
No they’re not dating, don’t let that picture fool you haha.
The story behind their relationship and the name “Monday couple” all started from episode 8 when Gary hinted having a crush on Jihyo by his reaction when Ji suk jin asked him if he likes Jihyo, all Gary did in response to this question was to turn red and change the topic. After that we all knew. Hehe. Anyway,so many things happened after that episode until episode 16 that shows Gary’s little crush on jihyo as he always show attention to heranytime they were filming,so did Jihyo: Why would a girl like ACE JIHYO beg Jaesuk to not leave her alone with Gary in the arts exhibition room, and then said “it is okay if we lose” (in episode 10) the Jihyo we know would do anything to win, but on that day she would have given Β£10 000 if possible to not be left alone with Gary.LOL.
In episode 14, Ha dong hoon (haha) and the other members started realizing that Jihyo & Gary are always close during filming (which were on Mondays) as if they were dating so they were first dubbed Monday couple then by the captions. Later on. On ep 16, Song jihyo said “On Mondays i have a man” which confirmed their Monday couple status on the show and that they were a couple for the show.
So, no wonder so many people like them together on the show, not only were (ARE) their interactions hilarious for the fun of variety but also very cute and realistic (holding hands etc)

On February it was confirmed that Song Jihyo was in a relationship, which shattered the heart of many Monday couple fans, the comfirmation to Jihyo’s relationship actually let the former Monday couple‘s relationship to turn to slight awkwardness. Therefore after Jihyo’s relationship announcement any simple interaction shared by them would be replayed 10 x times and be much more cherished by Monday couple fans and viewers.
In recent episodes, we’ve seen Monday couple interactions becoming more and more seen and them becoming almost like before which gives a hint about them “getting back together”?.
What for me makes Monday couple awesome is the fact that Gary had a real crush on her which makes it even more realistic and that Monday couple was not made by PD’S but was 100% natural coming from their own willing. Monday couple jjang!

Here’s my post on Monday couple’s popularity among Running man fans:

The members and what i love about each one of them

LEE KWANG SOO- This guy is pure genius, he was made for Running man and variety, he is extremely funny, he contributes a whole lot in making my tummy looks like Jong kook’s abs at the end of each episode. From his “Framer kwangsoo” personality in the beginning to “kwangvatar” to “throwing things when angry” to his hilarious comeback lines, he is just amazing. Not forgetting that he’s extremely tall which i think some male members might be a bit jealous of but don’t mention it hehe I love kwangsoo, am sure he never taught he’d do as well in Running man as he did and i think he surprised himself with his variety skills. Who don’t love it when he says “EYYYY” when he find things to be unfair, i find it so funny and cute. All and all Kwangsoo is made for variety.

Here’s my post on Lee kwang soo’s popularity on Running man.

Song Jihyo

She’s the ACE of Running man. Let me just say I’m one of those viewers that scream of joy anytime she wins. Being the only female on Running man i always want her to show female power and she does it perfectly. She is the female version of Kim jong kook. I like her “blank” look too, it’s too funny.


Haha-shi. What to say about him? He’s extremely clever. Not that i didn’t know but he really is actually. In episode 126, when Ji hyo had to come up with a way of completing her very difficult mission of adding an “A”in the guest’s name tag without them noticing, Haha is the one who came up with the amazing plot telling the guest that by Jihyo adding a stroke on her nametag it’d be like a code between them all to show they’re alliances annd the guest agreed and turn around for jihyo to actually complete her “secret mission” that guest didn’t know of. After that i taught “WOAH ha dong hoon you’re amazing, man!!”.
And plus he’s so funny and is one of the 3 best spies in Running man for me.

Yoo Jaesuk

WHAT is Running man without YOO JAE SUK” Can’t imagine it. For me, he’s one of the reasons why the members are how they are now, in the beginning “running man” was just Yoo jae suk’s show but he’s the one who created the family bond by making everyone feel comfortable in the beginning. Yoo jae suk makes the simplest action of RM members funnier by commenting on them even when no one has seen it. Running man couldn’t have had a better MC to be honest. And this man is so humble too, no wonder he’s called “National MC” in Korea.

Ji suk jin


When i look at him, i think “OUT!”, because he’s often the first to get eliminated in the games. This man in my opinion is the one that doesn’t even have to try hard to be funny. Even one/two sentences or an action from him will make me laugh rolling on the floor, he’s the one that doesn’t really bother about winning the game, i see him MORE crossing his arms together looking ahead than anything. Hah and that’s why i like about him. Running man would be boring if we only saw 7 people on fire to win all the time but Ji suk jin is the one always wondering around struggling to even understand a simple rule ..ah. Gotta love Ji suk jin. And hey, let’s not forget, in episode 8, if not for him asking Gary if he likes Jihyo we would have not being able to know how Gary feels until now? heh? πŸ˜€
Ji suk jin add that little “relaxed atmosphere” in Running man .Never leave, ji suk jin.

Kang Gary

So much to say about this man. He is…garymazing, okay that won’t make sense. He is amazing. Which man can make you laugh just by watching their face when they tell lies? Gary can. He’s the antonym of a liar LOL . He’s the only one Running man member that i would say cannot be a spy without being noticed, you may ask me, how can you be a RM member when you can’t trick the other members or “betray”? Hah..well KANG GARY can and he has done so for two years. The guy doesn’t need to use tactics, just by his ability and skills he can win. He has won in many occasions when the games were particularly difficult.
More you get to know about his personality, more you can’t help but like him, his personality is what makes him “likable”. A RM viewer saying they don’t like him in the show are either very new in watching running man or has no clue how he comes across or they either have a heart as hard as rock or all along they have watched Running Man without subtitles (if non-Korean speaker). Lol, I can’t find any other reason.
Gary is peaceful gary, photogenic Gary, Monday Boyfriend, innocent Gary, lover Gary, not-able-to -feel-pain Gary(ep 8) and many more and am sure there are other talents he has we’d discover in 2013 in Running man ha, the list is endless. And of course,let’s not forget he is rapper Gary.

Kim Jong kook

KIM JONG KOOK. The strongest out of all the members that Kwangsoo tries to challenge day in and day out.
At first glance, you wouldn’t imagine in a million years that this guy likes doing “Aegyo” =acting cute. But yes, he does. YES, he does.This is why it is so amazing to watch Running man, you get to know things about members’ personalities you wouldn’t have known anywhere else. I like Kim Jong kook, he’s the king of bromance whether it’s with Haha “Nae dongaseng” that he takes as a little brother whether it’s with Jae suk.
Kim Jong kook has got so many aspects of his personality. He can be the shyest when he’s in front of a female guest, he can be the scariest when he’s dubbed “SPARTA” or when he’s got to eliminate the members. And he can be the shyest when it comes to showing his talents too, many people may not know but Jong kook is a good English speaker. Kim jong kook is one member, many guests want to pair up with aside Jae suk and he’s secretly Jae Suk’s competition on Running man too.
PS:i hope Jong kook finds his “last love” one day, she’d be one lucky lady πŸ™‚

I could write so much more about Running man But I’d leave it here. Congratulations on Running man for winning “Viewer’s Most Popular Program” on SBS entertainment 2012. YAY!!! It surely deserves it.

My 5 wishes for Running man in 2013 are
1- For RM members to do a race mission outside of Asia
2- For Ji suk jin to win an individual game at least 5 times this year
3-For CNBLUE’s Yonghwa to come as a guest much more often this year/For Park Ji sung to come back as a guest.
4- For SNSD’s Yuri to come as a guest many times, just so that i see the smile on Lee kwangsoo’face
5- For Running Man to go as strong even when arrived at the end of 2013.

So what are your 5 wishes for Running man for this year? Leave comments.
And tell me what you love about Running man too πŸ˜€
Hope you enjoyed reading my post!

Have a great 2013 ^^