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Hello everyone! So, today i decided to write about the Korean variety show Strong heart as it might come to an end (T_T).
But first, let me tell you that i may not know as much about this show as I’m not a regular viewer of the show and i watch the show mostly when my favorites celebs feature in as guests. SO here are 5 things from my perspective that made (makes) STRONG HEART awesome :).
PS: i do not know whether to use past tense or present tense as the last episode has not yet aired. hehe.


Anyway, what i love about this show is that you learn facts about celebrities, this show has the ability to make you learn facts about various celebrities, facts and stories you didn’t know of and it also had the ability to put to shame hardcore fans who think they know everything about their “bias” as they realize that they actually do NOT know much hehe. On a serious note, this show made you learn SO much about your favorite celebrities. A lot of celebrities used this show for revelations.
An example: When Byul featured as a guest and revealed how her and Haha’s love story began and
also revealing that they’re officially married. Only in strong heart.
What is amazing about this show as well is the fact that everything you learn about the celebrities comes from the horse’s mouth. Not a magazine or an article, it’s real.
The format of the show and the context it’s so interesting to the point that one would watch it even if their bias don’t feature in the show just to hear real life stories of the various personalities.

What would Strong heart be if one don’t get a laugh out of it?
It may be a talk show but it also has the variety feel to it. Not only is it funny because of the guests and some funny stories they might share about their life, but it is funny because of the hosts’ commentaries and the fix guests that always adds “spice”and humor to the show .

One of the major reasons why the show is rumoured to end , it’s because the PD, Park Sang Hyuk is about to leave for overseas. Which means a new PD would have replaced him and with a new PD it is likely the format would have been changed and who wants to see STRONG HEART without its heart? With a new format/ new rules/ new everything? The ratings could have gone down as people wouldn’t have been able to relate to the show anymore.

So, i believe it was a safer decision, but it will surely be missed, I believe this show has so much potential to go on for years as the format is so different from the other shows. But many fans have complained and noticed that the show was not the same without Lee seung gi and Kang Ho dong, the original hosts.
While others don’t see any difference. Let’s not forget that Lee Dong-wook and Shin Dong-yeop won” BEST COUPLE AWARD” in SBS entertainment 2012 for their pairing in Strong Heart.

Strong heart is heard to air a special SNSD episode for the last episode.

PS: PS:PS: i have just seen an article saying that SBS is thinking of relaunching the show by calling it “STRONG HEART 2” with new hosts.
NOW i don’t know what to say. Hahah ^^.
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