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What you need to know before going (traveling) to Ghana!

Hello everyone! So like every country has its ow culture and customs/traditions they might follow, whether it’s in Korea where bowing as a way of greeting is important or French culture where they kiss at the cheeks as a way of greeting “la bise”. Ghana is no different and also has its own culture and things that differentiate it from other countries and other cultures. So. i made a video talking about some few things one need to know before traveling to Ghana to be able to adjust faster and impress fellow Ghanaian neighbors when in the country.
One thing i forgot to mention in the video though is the most common form of greetings in Ghana: Handshake, male and female , handshake is everywhere. And the click of fingers while handshaking in Ghana is also very common.
In the video i mention about the use of left hand in Ghana/ the car horn sounds and more. So, if you want to know more about Ghana and customs you need to know about the country that would help you on your way. Check this video out 🙂

And also here is the link to my Ghanaian channel on Youtube where i have many videos talking about things that makes Ghana unique including Ghana news updates 🙂
My goal for my channel is knowing someone has learn something they did not know before watching my video & for people to know more about Ghana.
Check my channel out! (The link below)
Ghanaian channel


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