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Are UK bus drivers doing their job well?

IMG_3077It is quite likely for a person living in a country like the United Kingdom or other country that have buses as one of the major modes of transportation to have experienced some kind of bad “bus” experience eg Bus arriving later than usual, bus being too packed etc.
Now, my fifth year living in the UK,i of course experienced bad “bus” experiences such as the ones listed above, especially living in a London borough in such a busy city, it is likely, but it has never really been a big issue for me as it has never taking bad turns.

Until recently.
What happens when a student has college and like everyday routine waits for their usual buses to come, the bus finally comes, they can see it very far behind another bus BUT the bus doesn’t stop at the bus stop because of the driver’s unwillingness to wait for the few buses in front of it to move.

So that poor student, worker, business person is left, just hanging there, having the bus they waited for to skip them. Which as a result, can cause lateness at work and complete turbulence in their schedules.

(NOTE) Of course, if your bus is due and you can see it coming and stopping, even if a bus is hiding it,as long as you see your bus,one should be willing to walk up to the bus and make themselves notice by the driver for their own sake.

But going back to my original subject, what happens when the bus is far away behind 3-4 other buses? Is that same person expected to run 2 km for their bus? What if that person doesn’t see their bus waiting because of the many buses in front? Isn’t the driver’s job to be patient and wait until at least 2 buses have moved, making sure they’re seen by people that might want to get on, before even thinking of leaving?

I’ve seen people waiting for their buses at the bus stop and being “skipped” so many times for no reasonable reason and so I’m forced to wonder if some bus drivers are doing their job how it ought to be done or are they letting their impatience or personal feelings get in the way of a job well done?
Personally, i believe a bus driver that does its job well is one willing to pick up its passengers, even if it means having to wait for other buses to move a little bit first. Skipping the bus stops you’re supposed to stop at in regular schedules and ignoring the passengers that might be waiting is not right and slightly biased.

Anyway, what do you think? Leave your comments below 🙂


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