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Why is Lee kwangsoo so popular among Running man fans?

Hi everyone!

So, I have just finished watching Running Man episode 134, the second part of the Asian Race in Vietnam, Hanoi (awesome episode) and let me just say i was so surprised by the awesome and immense crowd Running man received there in Vietnam and in Macau.
As a person who’s been watching Running man’s for a long time now , you can’t help but feel like a proud mother seeing the level in which Running man has grew in term of popularity, not only in Korea but also in other foreign countries.
Another thing that caught my eye in Episode 134 is the realization of how popular our renowned giraffe Lee kwangsoo has become, i already knew he was well popular among RM fans in Korea, but not only is his popularity already felt in Korea but his popularity is also felt stronger in other parts of Asia, among foreigners, even the Running man cast and crew were taken aback by the immense love he received. SO much that in episode 134, the captions describes him as the new “Asia’s prince”.

After watching episode 134, i coincidentally came across an interview of Running man producer’s Cho Hyo jin, it say” “I wrote this in the subtitles of the show too, but I really don’t understand why or how he is so popular. I’m guessing it’s because he’s become so much funnier recently. According to Yoo Jae Suk, ‘the god of variety shows help Kwang Soo.’ It’s rather mysterious how he became so popular.

So, as a regular running man viewer that loves the show so much and each member of the cast, i have decided to share from my own point of view on why i think Running man’s Lee Kwang soo is so popular among Running man fans and what contributes to his popularity.

1- Because of his “next door’s neighbor’s look” & Humble personality

Let’s face it. Imagine Lee kwang soo with the same humor but with a “flower boy” look or “Kpop band” member look, milky skin, perfect teethes,perfect body,perfect eyebrows, perfect skin, pretty face,perfect nose, perfect hands, sexy voice, great fashion sense and the list goes on.
Would he be the Kwangsoo we now know? Would his humor come across the same? Wouldn’t you care more about his looks than his jokes? Would he be the same? The answer is a big fat ” NO!”.
One of the reasons why people like Lee Kwang soo on Running Man but might not realize, is because of his normal, easy going look,


because of that we can all relate to him, he looks like someone we could be friends with, easy to talk to and that makes him so much more likable and cooler.
Lee kwangsoo has a very humble heart too, never have i sensed pride coming from him, anytime he is cheered on by fans on Running Man or wins a game,i just get as happy as him ,because i can relate to his joy and how he feels, as if i was in his place or like he’s a friend of mine.
The RM audience shares the same bond with him as an audience shares a bond with the main character in a film. When he he is “bullied” on RM with his hilarious and yet sad expression, for a second we watch the show “from his point of view”. Lee kwangsoo is a “relateable” character and who can help but smile when he smiles.


2- His humor & Face expressions
Lee kwangsoo is hi-la-rious.


I call Lee kwangsoo a variety genius and a variety gem, simply because before Running man he has no experience whatsoever in variety shows and when he was first casted, i believe he has no idea how funny he could be and has no idea of his hidden variety skills.
Lee kwang soo doesn’t even have to try hard to be funny, Lee kwang soo was born with variety skills or how should i put it then? ha.
Not only is he funny to the audience because of his “punch lines” and bluntness when coming up with funny lines, but he’s also funny because of his actions and the face expressions he’s able to make along with it.
Here are some Imagine games to make you realize how his facial expressions adds to his humor.

Exercise: Imagine Lee kwangsoo taking Jihyo’s nametag off, Jihyo realizes and angry she asks him “Are you stupid?”
Imagine Kwang soo’s face expression? …

Exercise: Lee kwang soo being a spy and being accused by Yoo jae suk.
Imagine Lee kwang soo’s facial expression trying hard not to laugh and trying to keep his face serious while denying it.

Exercise: Imagine
Lee kwangsoo’s facial expression when he is doing his robotic signature dance…

Starting from Running Man Episode 1, it was slightly raining but it was a must for each member of the cast to introduce themselves to the audience, and when the time came for Lee kwang soo to introduce himself, the rain poured the more which left him drenched in rain. WHY did this happen to Kwangsoo? Destiny? Fate? Even on the very first episode, he has already his “pitiful persona”, ha.

His hilarity and ways of coming up with jokes and funny actions so easily makes it seems like he had been in the variety industry for years and that in itself is remarkable and is the cause of his rising popularity among RM fans.

Another thing that added to Lee kwangsoo’s popularity, it would sound bad for the innocent ear but i would say …..



Over the years being on Running Man, Kwang soo’s desire to win the games has gone stronger and stronger from episode to episode, and sometimes his eagerness to be victorious has pushed him into deceiving and betraying his fellow members , even the ones who are on his team. Because of that he’s been nicknamed Running man’s “icon of betrayal” ,in several occasions, Kwangsoo gives lots of laughs to viewers when he is on his “betrayal mode”.
Even guests that comes on Running man knows him as Running man’s number 1 betrayal and would find it hard sometimes to “trust” him, it’s just that he’s just too good a deceiving others, but sometimes his betrayals can lead him into complete downfall, especially when he’s found in jail with Kim jong kook after having taking his nametag off.


His tall height has gained him the nickname “giraffe” not only is it his nickname in Running man but even outside of Running Man, so much that in the popular drama he stars in, “Nice guy” there’s a particular scene with Kwangsoo and there’s a giraffe image behind him, i don’t believe it’s coincidental, ha.
IMG_3230 (picture via ALLKPOP)

His tall height (1.90) adds for some of his funniest moments on Running man
In episode 93 when he couldn’t even fit inside the voting station.

Would Lee kwangsoo’s robotic signature dance be as hilarious without his long arms and long body? Would he have gained the nickname “giraffe” if wasn’t for this height?
The answer is NO. Lee kwang soo is uniquely beautifully and hilariously tall. Too tall maybe 😀
But his height also made him popular as it distinguishes him from any other.
He is the tallest Runner i know.


OF COURSE his robotic and unique dance adds to his popularity. Fans go wild and crazy anytime he performs his unique dance, but who doesn’t?? It’s just too hilarious for words.

Guests that comes on Running Man that have testified Lee kwang soo dancing live would tell you.
I don’t know what’s funny about this dance? Is it the fact that LKS is unashamed to perform it anywhere he goes or his seriousness anytime he performs it?

And believe you me, i have tried to emulate this dance, but it just …doesn’t work.
Only Lee kwang soo is the master of this dance!


When you watch Running man and one sees how Lee kwang soo cares for his supporters and always wants the audience to cheer for him in games, you cannot help but want to also be one of his supporters and cheer for him.

Something you would notice with Lee kwangsoo is that he is also very caring, whether it’s with the guests or the members, he always cares about the well-being of his fellow members. Not only is he caring on TV but even behind the scenes,If you follow him on Twitter also ( http://twitter.com/masijacoke85 ) you would also notice the hearts signs he posts alongside his tweets sometimes.


There are so many reasons why i believe Lee kwang soo has grown in popularity among RM fans over the world that can’t be all mentioned, his humor, his smile,the shyness look he takes when he has a crush on a female guest, his jokes and so on but the number 1 reason i believe he has gained in popularity is because of the support of the Running man crew and cast that believed in him since Day 1.

I hope Lee kwang soo continues to give us viewers, laughs with his presence on Running Man!

Lee kwang soo from all of us Running man viewers around the world, we love you!


25 thoughts on “Why is Lee kwangsoo so popular among Running man fans?

  1. LEE KWANG SOO Oppa! FIGHTING!! I hope he’ll star as a LEAD Role in his TV Dramas or Movies soon.. Kwang Soo Oppa deserves every blessing he gets.. Lee Kwang Soo JJANG!

    1. As much as I love LKS, I couldn’t see him in a lead role. He doesn’t have the face or the character. He’s better off in variety or just plain modeling.

      1. Kwang Soo acting is superb… i hope he get lead actor.. but if his character of RM will block him to get lead actor ….i would want him leave RM …. try to watch 1.conffession(movie) 2.it’s okay that’s love(drama) … you will know what i mean it..

      2. you’d really surprised how good he is as an actor and what do you mean character? his silly self in runningman is the complete opposite of who he is off camera

  2. avid kwang soo fan here ^^ awesome blog reviewing why hes popular ^^ thank youu~ i also have blog about jusstt only him ^^ please visit and comment ^^ heheh its gwangsooya.com …thank you ❤ 🙂

  3. This article is great! I completely agree with you about all these points! I started watching RM around episode 90 and just start watching the earlier ones. LKS was a lot less outgoing than he is now. But no matter when it was, he was hilarious. I love the earlier episodes where he made up rumors about the other members. But he said it in such a serious way that you wanted to believe him. He is my favorite RM member! Thanks for writing this!

    1. Hah thanks for your support, now a while after writing this article, i believe my writing skills are way better now, so i’m very much considering writing a part 2 to this, with better quality and more points, but i’m glad you liked the article! Keep supporting Lee kwang soo 🙂 Look forward to future RM articles 🙂

  4. OMG He’s my favorite member!!! I think it’s because of his humor and although haha and sukjin are suppose to be comedians I think Gwanvatar, giraffe, and Kwang soo is the comedian of the show:) From: Mpls,MN

  5. hi! first of all, im so glad to wish you a happy new year 2014…even though this article has been almost near a year left, im still happy reading it…so nice article… how am i supposed to give you 10 thumbs-up with my only both hands for agreeing your words… 😀

    as for me, i dont know how to describe this one unique brilliant awesome tall guy.. but there are so many things that attracting me about him.. by watching all those RM episodes, i can tell that LKS is actually an intelligent guy indeed…at the same time, he is funny with his words and hilarious actions… (pls watch episode 132)

    1 of the reason why i love LKW is that he don’t go for any plastic surgery like certain korean actors/actress/singers… he is just too prefect in his own way…

    i’m pretty sure that you would noticed how will LKS react when someone need help…especially when he easily give a hand to help song ji hyo… how much he care about his fellows…

    **wish for more reviews about girin from you…thanks 😀

  6. It’s a comedy show and he brings the lulz everytime. He doesn’t even care about winning he would rather lose and be funny as opposed to winning and being serious

    1. i also notice that.. even if he always betray everyone, he doesn’t really care about winning but he likes to have fun.. 😀

  7. He’s so handsome and tall for me. I fall in love with him and so addicted to him. i put this word on my instagram bio ‘ in LKS’s heart’. Haha. How much i like him. fighting oppa ! We love you alwayssssss! Hope u can come to malaysia again!

  8. lee kwang soo the best… he’s one of the reason why i watch running man… love kwang soo.. fan from malaysia..

  9. anieyosaeyo. my friend call me kwang soo. because I have height same with Lee kwang soo..
    if Lee kwang soo height is 6’3 = 190.5cm, and me.
    6’2 = 187.96cm..

  10. And another thing, Kwang Soo’s voice is daebak!!! He’s not that really good at singing but whenever I hear his voice, I fall in love with him, + his caring personality. There’s this variety show from China, “perhaps love”, it made me fall in love with him over and over again. Sadly, I never heared Kwang soo finished a song in RM since the members hinders. But I am sad while reading this article coz its 2017 and its almost the end of RM and I’m so attached with the show most especially with Kwang Soo Oppa 💜 Thanks for this.

  11. I really am a big fan of his and that too from the very 1st episode. I can’t imagine how I could have watched running man without him. He is a jewel for the show. I just wish he gets some lead roles in full-length dramas. He really is an amazing actor. He deserves so much more, but he just doesn’t get the chance. I worry what will happen to him after RM is over. I really want to keep on seeing his works, but after RM he might fade away, and I definitely DO NOT want him to fade away. 😥

    He will forever be my favorite member, an amazing person and the one and only Prince Of Asia. No one will ever replace him for me atleast.

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