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The dark side of “all girls school” education.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine,let’s call her Nana,she recently moved to the United Kingdom after spending all her years and education in West Africa, Ghana.
While conversing, the topic of education came up and she told me how she was now regretting having gone to an all girls school throughout her academic years back in Ghana “ i wish i didn’t go to a girls school, because now i find it very difficult..” she told me how now being in the UK in a mixed school,she finds it difficult to converse and interact with people of the opposite sex because she have no former experience being among males in the same academic environment.
I was very surprised when she told me that as i had never really taught about the side effects going to an all girls school could have on a person.

I have never been to a girls school myself, but i believe it has its pros such as a parent sending their child to a girls school could save the misery of having their child missing classes for “that one guy” or losing focus in lessons because of being too focused on “her handsome classmate” which are things that do sometimes happen in mixed schools especially with teenagers going through their development stage. Going to a girls school could make a girl easily distracted focus on their studies more without any social distraction.
But do people also think about the disadvantageous side effects a person having gone to a same sex school could face in the future when having to face the real world of work?

My friend Nana who has been in an all girls school throughout her years, she now lives in the UK and has been accepted into a mixed school, she does not only have to deal with culture shock and language barrier being a foreigner brings, but one of her major difficulties she told me is the fact of being surrounded with male classmates.
If Nana was still in an all girls school, she would have been yet to realize the side effects it could have on her. Would it have affected her future? In her dream job, as a nurse. What would happen when she would have to work among male doctors or heal her patients? Would it have affected her sense of professionalism as a nurse? How big of an effect the fact that she has gone to an all girls school would have on her?
But now Nana being in her first ever mixed school where she sometimes have to work in groups with both males and females, it’s difficult for her but fortunately she now knows the areas she lacks on and is willing to face her battles and work hard.

But now I’m thinking : What would happens if a girl who have ONLY female siblings is sent to a girls school, does it mean that the only male interactions she would have is with her father and other male family members? As school is the main gateway to start friendships and for most of us ,we meet our friends though school.
I’m thinking about the million of girls out there who are and have been in girls school all their life that could grow up with a closed mind thinking males interaction equal romance or love and that’s it.

But of course, each individual is different, therefore not all girls that have gone through single-sex education have bad experiences now working in the real world of work and in fact some would actually be grateful to have gone to a single-sex school, because at the end of the day everyone thinks differently with different mindsets.

But the question now is, what do you think? Leave comments below


One thought on “The dark side of “all girls school” education.

  1. Well I’ve attended a girls school all my
    High school life and found that there are
    still pressures to act or be a certain way and
    that includes wearing makeup etc. However,
    I find that being in a mixed school also has these pressures albeit more concentrated, but still I think it’s all the same. Mixed schools allow you to interact with the opposite sex comfortably preparing you for university/college life. While at a girls school, students may feel repressed and either go wild around guys when they finally meet or be completely awkward. I feel mixed schools are better, because they don’t shelter students from the real world which will have plenty of people from the opposite sex.

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