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List of the full winners of the 2013 African movie academy awards! (AMAA)

The African movie academy awards is an event that aims to honor,celebrate and acknowledge the talents and people in the African movie industry, which includes actors, directors as well as writers. It is one of the most anticipated and most important events when it comes to the African movie industry.
The 9th edition of African Movie academy awards(AMAA) took place on the 20th April 2013,it was held at the Glory Land cultural centre in Yenageoa,Bayelya State capital in Nigeria.

Here is the FULL LIST OF WINNERS of the 9th edition of AMAA’s :

Prize For Best Short Film: Kwaku Ananse (Ghana)

Prize For Best Documentary: Fuelling Poverty (Nigeria)

Prize For Best Diaspora Feature:Stones In The Sun (Haiti/USA)

Prize For Best Diaspora Documentary:Fan Do Brasil- (Brazil/Guatamela)

Prize For Best Animation:Adventure Of Zambedia- (South Africa)

Prize For Best Film By An Africans Abroad:Last Flight To Abuja- (UK/Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Production Design:Elelwani (South Africa)

Prize For Achievement In Costume Design:Blood And Henna (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Makeup:The Meeting (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Soundtrack:The Last Fishing Boat (Malawi)

Prize For Achievement In Visual Effects:The Twin Sword (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Sound: Nairobi Half Life (Kenya/Germany)

Prize For Achievement In Cinematography:Uhlanga, The Mark (South Africa)

Prize For Achievement In Editing:Hereoes And Zereoes (Nigeria/Ghana)

Prize For Achievement In Lightning:Moi Zaphira (Burkina Faso)

Prize For Achievement In Screenplay:Hereoes And Zereoes

Prize For Best Nigerian Film:Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Prize For Best Film In An African Language:Moi Zaphira

Prize For Best Promising Actor:Belina Effah- Kokomma

Prize for Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Gabriel Afolayan- Hoodrush

Prize For Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Hermelinda Cimela- Virgin Magarida

Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role: Justus Esiri- Assasins Practice

Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role:Florence Masebe- Elelwani

Prize For Best Director:Niji Akanni- Hereoes And Zereoes

Prize For Best Film:Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Tunde Kelani, Chief Eddi Ugboma, Sir Ositadinma Okeke Oguno (Ossy Affason), Ayuko Badu and Chief Pete Edochie

Special Recognition Of Pillars Of Nollywood @ 20:
Eem Isong, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo and Film/ Video Producers And Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN)
Special Jury Award: Ninah’s Dairy (Cameroon)

What a successful event! Congrats to all the winners!


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