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Italian chef Gino D’acampo in Luton! + Pictures!

On Saturday 15th of March 2014 , Italian chef, Gino D’acampo well recognised by the British public for his  frequent TV appearances, remarkable culinary skills, cheeky humour and distinct Italian accent, was at the Luton Mall alongside cookery pair ‘The main Ingredient’,  cooking special italian food while interacting with the audience! They came  in support of  ZANUSSI, an Italian home appliances company which delivers home appliances straight from Italy. Here are snippet pictures for those who might have missed the occasion (or not).

Enjoy! :










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‘The Nana Churcher show Live’ short summary + Pictures

Saturday 1st of March 2014 was a day long – awaited and anticipated for those who follow ‘ The Nana Churcher show’ closely, a lifestyle TV talk show with multiple facets,  with celebrity interviews, fashion segments, entertainment and travel. At the core of the different themes , the objective which is  to make the viewer “get up on their feet and do wonderful things with their life” as the Ghanaian UK- based host Nana Churcher often puts it in the intros, is non- transparent , especially when one looks at the choice of guests chosen for the different episodes thus far , and the sort of angle that leads the different interviews and the subjects discussed on the show.


‘The Nana Churcher show LIVE’ is the anticipating event which took place on the 1st of March in the heart of London. Literally translated, it’s designed as the live version of the original talk show, together with the host herself, and a live audience.


If classified, the event stood as a special edition alongside the former episodes to commemorate Ghana’s 57th independence. The special edition which will air later on the respective channels the show usually airs on. The live event was also one to  start off the 3rd season of the ‘Nana Churcher show’,which was  formed in 2012.

The theme of the event was ‘Celebrating the stars’ , Nana, the host would interview individuals who are worth celebrating in our society today as they discussed their road to success, their career, and give way for exclusive details on their backgrounds and their humble beginnings.

I have watched numerous episodes of  ‘The Nana Churcher show’ , so as you can imagine, it did not take me long before   deciding to get my tickets for a chance to experience it live. I believe a show which aims to inspire its viewers in different aspects is one that is worth looking forward to. Seeing the show live would be a clearer reflection of what is seen on television. That’s what i believed.

And i was right, the event was entertaining, and of course inspiring.

The guests interviewed were Miss Ghana UK 2013 Janet Djan; Gospel singer Diana Antwi Hamilton; Renowned PR Mavis Amankwah and Nigerian actor Ikenna Obi.

The questions Nana asked the guests were non-cliches, which gave way for the guests to open up by sharing details about their backgrounds, their lives, their childhood. Often speaking about issues not talked about previously.

Listening to some of the stories the guests shared gave one a deeper understanding as to where their humility and down-to-earth attitude actually comes from.

One of the guests, Miss Ghana UK, Janet Djan  spoke about her experiences as a young girl growing up in Ghana, describing how her life then was very different from how her life is today. She talked about her journey to becoming Miss Ghana UK, and jokingly shared the background details  on one of the pictures she shared on a social networking site just after winning the Miss Ghana UK contest. Clue? A picture in which she is seen  indulging on a popular Ghanaian traditional dish. Ha.

Nana Churcher’ s interview with guest Mavis Amankwah during the event was probably one of the most insightful background interviews of the award winning PR.  She did not only share talk on her career, but openly shared some of her  difficult past.  An exchange between her and the host that surely inspired anyone watching to believe that them too can  achieve despite whatever circumstances, and proving that a person’s troubled past should in no way hinder their progress.

Actor Ikenna Obi  spoke about his switch starting from being a rigorous Law student to going into acting. As an actor, he spoke about the African movie industry, sharing his thoughts on what Nollywood and African movie industry as a whole needs  to succeed and grow more as a venture. His views and knowledge generated praise from the audience as many agreed with what he believed in. For an industry to grow, one has got to work with one another.  Love, trust and support for one another are keys for a successful industry.

And who knew Ikenna Obi could dance the azonto? I sure didn’t know before i went. Hm. But It would be surely difficult to show what i mean by typing, so you will probably have to watch the broadcast to understand where i’m coming from.

Musician Diana Antwi Hamilton was interviewed together with Oxford graduate Gillian Appau. As a student myself, I was very much inspired by Gillian Appau’s insightful background and appreciated her speaking openly. Gillian shared her experiences growing up in a ordinary family by becoming a daughter who attends one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.  She shared her experiences and same time struggles she might have experienced in the past fitting in among the crowd.

A live version of a show requires live performances, right?  Therefore, it is almost non surprising for Nana Churcher to have asked Diana Hamilton to sing a song live for the sake of the audience, the upcoming viewers, the listeners, who i believed were secretly awaiting the moment also. Including me.  Again,  i cannot show what i mean by simply using words or letters, so i guess you will probably have to watch  the pre-recorded broadcast  to understand where i’m coming from.

‘The Nana Churcher show’  airs on VOX Africa TV on sky channel 218,  and on DSTV Africa. You can subscribe to the show’s youtube channel , to watch or re-watch past episodes, and follow ‘The Nana Churcher show’ on Facebook for more information.

Going to ‘ The Nana Churcher show Live’, i brought my humble camera with me, and  i managed to shoot some interviews, take pictures of the attendants before and after the event.

Check the pictures below!

picture10picture 25picture 23picture 21picture 19picture 18picture 16picture 15picture 14picture 12 picture 6picture 5picture 4picture 3Picture 2picture 1

Watch the behind the- scenes here: