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Why Not You?

I see individuals with no dreams, no goals, no zeal.

I see people with no big visions, no big goals for their lives, I believe that’s because they don’t believe they could achieve anything, they tend to think the world and high positions in society belongs to other people, better looking people than them, so they don’t even dare to dream.

They’d rather stick with the minimum, having a career, a life that is just okay.

Their current jobs is not the one they want, It’s not a job they wake up excitedly thinking about, but they stick to what they know, what they’ve always known.

They have leadership qualities, they could save, protect, restore, bring solutions and heal a nation, but the job of presidency is too big, too far off, too impossible for them.

At night, they dream about it though.

They love drama, acting, bringing life into a fictional character and portraying a character is what they love, they record using their phone. They’re really good, but the thought of acting being a competitive field with a possibility of never making it, is what stops them.

They say “Being an influential person and a positive, strong figure in society belongs to other people”


“I’m too poor” , “too ugly” , “not smart”, “I’m black”, “The other citizens are here, I wasn’t born here, how can I have a high post? Nah. I will just stick to safety, stick to what I know. My mum didn’t make it, my dad as well, who on earth am I to think I can have this job? My dream job? Me? A politician? A president. No way”.

If you’re listening and you’re someone who thinks like that, it’s time to stop and start chasing your dreams, no matter how far, impossible they may seem right now. Greater what is in you.

I believe in the importance of dreaming big and having visions for your life, let your dreams become a reality for you.

There’s a quote that says ‘If people don’t laugh at your dreams, that means your dream is not big enough’

Think about it.

– Myriam-

[These words were taken from a youtube video I made for my Youtube channel some time ago, ‘Why settle for less?’, you can watch the video here :


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