Africa (GHANA)

Disability in GHANA! – How a culture can sometimes clash with reality?

I made a video on my Youtube channel about physical disability and how it is (most frequently) viewed as in Ghana, how the lack of information, knowledge and media reports on these conditions gives way for ignorance, stigmatisation and stereotyping to take the lead. What place is there for those physically challenged in Ghana? Is Ghana even a disability friendly country? Has the Person’s Disabiity act set up in parliament ever been effective in the society?

A topic which i feel as a society is important to address against all odds. Watch the video below, and keep the conversation going!

GHANA- let’s talk disability! :


Message of encouragement! 2015!

Has anyone already started this year 2015 feeling like you’re being tested with your Christian faith? Like you know that you know that there’s something greater at the end, but you also know and feel deeply that you’re walking through that hallway before that breakthrough happens?! I just want to encourage anyone who has put their faith in God and believes in God for something to RISE up, keep on going & know that giving up is never an option. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength. Simply know that something greater is on its way and that God wants to build up your character! He can’t give you more that you can handle, remember.You’re gonna become a better person by the end of this year!!

God loves you like crazy!! 🙂