LADIES: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!

Hey Readers! It has been a minute and a few thousand days, Ha.

But I’m here now.

I have recently uploaded a video on my Youtube channel titled ‘LADIESTALK: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!’, and you should definitely check it out, if you’re a woman or even a man.

I get extremely glad when I see ladies walking confidently in their purpose and not settling or accepting less than deserve, from anyone. Women who hold their standards and principles at heart and walk in them proudly. Ladies who don’t compromise or suppress their standards in order to ‘fit in’, feel accepted or loved. Ladies who know that they were precious and loved way before they received their first ‘I love you’s’, from a boyfriend. I believe if you’re a lady,and you’re not there at all, you could get there too.

It’s a process, one that I’m still walking on myself, but one that is attainable. We were created for greatness.

Don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you!

Watch the video here