About me

Hey! – Here’s 20 something old Myriam! 🙂

I’m a French born of Ghanaian origin 🙂 This blog has really come a long way…I initially created this blog with the simple intention of writing (random) thoughts down -a bit like what is often seen inside the pages of a teen- girl diary, and it slightly reflect on my very early posts. But as time went on, and through experiences, i understood the art and power of writing  and i strangely and unexpectedly realised that my love of writing was stronger than i previously thought and grew much deeper, as i wrote about subjects that mattered to me and different aspects of life-  something i wasn’t really aware of in previous times,  when i just innocently  knew i wanted to write.

Now i use this blog to write about topics of interests,  from South korean (amazing) variety shows- which reflects my love for foreign cultures; to writing about current affairs and society- which goes hand in hand with my love of journalism, stories and investigation- always going ‘deeper’ than the norm.

But be aware: One post may completely differ from one another, as i have an explosion of interests and a very inquisitive mind!



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