LADIES: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!

Hey Readers! It has been a minute and a few thousand days, Ha.

But I’m here now.

I have recently uploaded a video on my Youtube channel titled ‘LADIESTALK: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!’, and you should definitely check it out, if you’re a woman or even a man.

I get extremely glad when I see ladies walking confidently in their purpose and not settling or accepting less than deserve, from anyone. Women who hold their standards and principles at heart and walk in them proudly. Ladies who don’t compromise or suppress their standards in order to ‘fit in’, feel accepted or loved. Ladies who know that they were precious and loved way before they received their first ‘I love you’s’, from a boyfriend. I believe if you’re a lady,and you’re not there at all, you could get there too.

It’s a process, one that I’m still walking on myself, but one that is attainable. We were created for greatness.

Don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you!

Watch the video here

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South Korean show Running Man and its newest members: Is it working?

4 years, Four years, it’s been 4 years, …no, not four years since the Korean variety show ‘Running Man’ has been running, but 4 years since I have last written an article on that TV  show, Running Man. My articles Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans?’ , ‘Why is LEE KWANG SOO so popular among Running Man fans? published in 2013, to my surprise are still being shared and commented on a daily basis, which in fact only demonstrates the increase of Running Man fans and viewers and the interest this show is still gathering, be it positive or negative interest.


A uncalculated amount of changes have occured on Running Man since 2013 and if I were to mention them each in details, my keyboard ink would grow weary,  but I’m in control so I would resume in only a few words the right keywords that have have been linked with the show in the past year: Gary, gone, Running Man, cancelled, back again, new members.

Now, the latest formal change on the show as you  saw in my series of ‘hashtags’ above were that Running Man is  now made up of new members. Two, in fact. Comedian Yang Se Chang and Actress Jun So Min.

If you follow Running Man, you would know that those changes occured after a series of ways and tactics that the producers and those working BTS (behind the scenes) have been coming up with in order to revamp the show, excite the scattered former and new viewers again, and be fresh all over again.

What is my take on the new members? Has it been working? Am I truly satisfied as a viewer watching Running Man, once again? Well, let me peel off my polite layers and reveal my onions to you through this article! Careful, it might sting… or not.


I’am sort of, excited as a viewer once more.

I started watching Running Man approximately two years after its original airing date. And like many viewers who may have been caught with the wave later, I consequently followed up by binge watching on all those episodes I had missed since its inception.

By the way CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa as my musical bias back in the days was the bait who introduced me to Running Man as he was a more than regular guest. Sidenote.

However, as a Running Man viewer and supporter for many years now,  it would be right for me to frankly admit that in the past 2 years, Running Man hasnt felt the same to me. Until recently, this fact has unfortunately made it easy for me to skip 3 episodes in a row and fast forward ‘funny’ scenes , in other words scenes deemed funny but are really not that funny. The only season i stopped skipping episodes was when SBS confirmed in late 2016 that Running Man will be ending in February of the next year (I had felt like i should enjoy every moment before its cancellation), a fact which was later reversed as the show didn’t get cancelled.

After a few rumours and episodes, Running Man introduced its new official members in Episode 346. As said earlier, since then, I’m sort of excited as a viewer once more!

I’m aware that they were positive and negative opinions concerning the fact that 2 new people will be added on to the cast, with some people stating that they wouldn’t want a second female member to overshadow Song Jihyo.  Comments as such aggravated me immensely because  it only shows the lack of trust and confidence that so called ‘Running Man’ or ‘Song Jihyo’ fans hold of the person they dim great! Why have so little faith on a woman who has her own style and persona on the show and has been there since its early days? i mean, come on. I’m glad Song Jihyo has shown all those who belittled her wrong by still standing out even with another female member on the show.


Jun So min brings a refreshing side to the show I believe, she’s very easygoing and bluntly but funnily says out loud what many of the members or viewers may think in our minds, example with episode 349 when the members were all sitted around in circle and Jun So min non- shyly mentioned that somebody’s feet stinks, I bursed out lauging.

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She is great, and is very comfortable already around the members,to the extent that I believe she has even taken some of the members including MC Yoo Jae suk aback with how quickly she got on; I do not think Jun So Min tries to present a persona but is just flowing with what she sees and is given. Now I’m eager to see her in more harder missions and in ‘rip name tags’ games to see her capabilities. I think it would be boring for her to just use the ‘female betrayer’ persona she has been given by members to win games, let’s see what you got in there in terms of mental, logical and physical strength!

Now, let’s discuss Yang Se Chan! Infinite Challenge’s Yang Se Hyung’s younger brother. His case is more delicate for me, in terms of how well he has been doing on the show so far.  Hands down, he fits in perfectly with the rest of the cast, which in his case is a good and bad thing.  He fits in so well that he may not always seem to stand out particularly as the newest member. He fits in so well that over the episodes, I may forget that he is there. His blank look at times, his nonchalant but ‘wants to win’ attitude like Song Joong KI in the past but also Lee Kwang now, in fact he fits in so well that it’s dangerous, it is, and he’s the style that it’s not until they leave that you notice their presence or lack thereof and the wamth they brought.However, he is good for the program, I hope he remains and I hope to see more of him.


One thing that stood out for me since the new members were inroduced on the show is how close knit the original members already are together. Yang Se Chan and Jun So min have not taken anything out of the bond that is already there between members, but they have simply been welcomed to an already made up ‘variety family’ and both new members are graded high up in how well they fit in already. For a start, that’s good.

Manse만세 , Running Man! I hope it gets better and better.


Are you a Running Man fan? What is your take on Running MAN 2017? Do you love it? What is your opinion on the new members ?  Leave your coments, hope you liked reading! 🙂

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My life

Lonely feelings.

That unfamiliar feeling. That familiar but unfamiliar feeling. That normal but abnormal feeling.

That non genetic, unwanted, unnatural, but human, “natural” feeling. That feeling that shouldn’t be there, but is there.

They call it loneliness, it must be loneliness. That dead, old, feeling that occasionally pops out, after you’ve being enlightened at the full revelation of who you really are.

That feeling that comes after you’ve experienced that divine encounter, that beautiful exchange, that light and have now come to realised the depth of your existence, the outstanding beauty of your being,  the unlimited possibilities that are there for you, the unmeasurable, crazy love that the King has for you.

But then…

That detestable feeling, that familiar but unfamiliar feeling that appears when you least expect it.

It is that feeling when you temporarily want to fit in, though your inner self fully knows that you were born to stand out, and not fit in.

That period of loneliness when you feel that you have enough but don’t have enough.

When you feel that something is lacking, and yet know that you have more than what an “enough” person has.

That lovely state of mind when your inner self takes over, when you look at the mirror, and see the future, the next generation. When you look at yourself and realise that your life is not your own. When you become aware that, that lonely feeling, that natural but unnatural detestable feeling is only temporary.

A valley to prepare you, for that future you talk about. In that future where you can’t be slave to your emotions but slave to your purpose. That future when you’d have to walk straight and not become unfocused because of lonely feelings.

That bright future when God is still your portion, and leading you…

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Women: Knowing your worth & identity as a woman!

It is very difficult to be a woman today if you do not know who you are.

We live in a society that dangerously tricks women into thinking that simply existing, and keeping a good appearance “being pretty”, is all that matters, and is our purpose. We live in a society with some women believing and digesting that lie, unaware that there were created for so much more. It is a society which gives women their identities, through information on television, magazines, radio, and everyday life, by telling them WHO they are, WHAT they are supposed to be, WHY they exist, and HOW they’re supposed to look like. As a woman, I beg [with no beg-ging] to completely differ. Every woman alive in the world today, is born to be more than just being a pretty face. Just like how men are naturally enrolled or accepted to become visionaries, with goals and purpose, as women, we too, are supposed to have visions, goals and purpose. Not simply have them, but achieve them.

Don’t get tricked into thinking your values is in how you look, these are all temporary stuff. A time will come when you will have to be more than body.And you will wonder ” What have I actually achieved with my talents, and my gifts?”  How are people going to remember you?? A woman of substance is what stands.

In this world, there is also a full misinterpretation as to what it means to be strong and independent. Being a strong and independent woman does not in any way mean to have men as the standards and wanting to be like them, or having a “what a man can do, i can do also”, or “i don’t need any man in my life, i’m independent” attitude. Far from that. These are sad and childish mindsets. Set yourself free, here’s my own definition:
 ” A confident woman knows how to work with other people, she does not feel threatened to have people work with her, as a matter of fact, a confident woman is willing to work together with the other gender. She does not see anyone as her competition because of the confidence she has in herself and her worth, while still going on and loving people. That’s a confident woman. ” Being independent as a woman has nothing to do with a woman’s relationship with the men or one not needing any man in her life. It is about being free in who you are, and knowing that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. That’s what being independent means. Being independent from yourself. Setting yourself free.
Though these are all positive stuff. It is sad to say that the biggest enemy against our progress are sometimes us, women.
We want respect, RESPECT! But then how many women go around with their male best friends criticising other women and spying on other girls’ Facebook page criticising along with the males, all due to insecurity? And then you want people to respect you, and you go around advocating women’s empowerment?
It starts with you bringing on that change.
For us to go forward, we need to support one another. Yes, we want support from other people, the other gender maybe,  but the reality is we don’t even help ourselves due to some of our attitudes. Until we realise that we are meant to work together, we’ll never move forward! It’s seriously time to wake up!
As a woman, know who you are, fully know that your beauty goes deeper than your looks, physical beauty does not last, it’s what’s on the inside that lasts, your gifts and talents, what you can bring to the world is what matters. It is what you should focus on.
And another truth is, until you use your gifts for the good of humanity you will never feel satisfied, you will live with no purpose!
How could you dare just existing??
Remember, you don’t have to walk over people to become truly successful. An arrogant woman is the opposite of a confident woman. Know who you are and STAND up!
[And of course there are amazing women out there, and some who have contributed to the change that we see today, but here i’m addressing those who still does not fully know the potential within them!]
Here’s a video i made on the subject! :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbYE3chB6cg
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INSPIRE 3rd episode: Avoiding distractions & focusing on one’s self!

Hi everyone!

On this episode of ‘INSPIRE’, i talk about the many distractions in the world which can keep us from being productive and  innovators in this society today! We’re all gifted, we all have talents, but comparing ourselves to other people and being busy but NOT productive can sometimes keep us from valuing ourselves and working on our natural abilities, which is a shame. These are the aspirations behind making this video, by also giving people ideas as to what their talents could be! Leave comments and share your experiences below too!

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How to deal with rejection!

On the 2nd episode of ‘INSPIRE’ , i talk about rejection. Rejection is a feeling that is very hard to handle, as not many people enjoy being or feeling rejected. Everyone wants to be loved, no one wants to be rejected. But how much more important is the feeling of acceptance towards one’s self. As you go through life, you have to realise that it is okay to not fit in, if only you were born to stand out beautifully.

People wonder why i’m always so positive and smiling, but only a few know that it comes down to experience having faced rejection and years of insecurity. I’m still trying to be the best person that I can be, as i type this.  On this episode of ‘INSPIRE’ i talk about my experiences and sharing with you some of the tips to be fabulous and be satisfied with yourself , without living life with the constant cravings of being accepted by others.




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Introducing ‘INSPIRE’ : My new online show!

Hey guys! I hope you guys are doing great, and remember no matter what you’re going through, just know that you’re stronger than you think you are!!


Okay, so i’m writing this post to introduce you to my new Youtube channel called ‘INSPIRE’ [my first youtube channel is called ‘MimiOnliine and is one which focuses on Ghana specifically]

Anyway, very exciting. As a girl growing up, i have always wanted to have my own platform. A platform which would allow people to learn, discover and heal through various stories.

I believe ‘INSPIRE’ would become a platform to discuss society, taboos, inspiring stories, and the world. In order to bring change and make the world a better place , doing the best that I can. There’s absolutely nothing like the real raw human story,  we can all learn from one another.

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Disability in GHANA! – How a culture can sometimes clash with reality?

I made a video on my Youtube channel about physical disability and how it is (most frequently) viewed as in Ghana, how the lack of information, knowledge and media reports on these conditions gives way for ignorance, stigmatisation and stereotyping to take the lead. What place is there for those physically challenged in Ghana? Is Ghana even a disability friendly country? Has the Person’s Disabiity act set up in parliament ever been effective in the society?

A topic which i feel as a society is important to address against all odds. Watch the video below, and keep the conversation going!

GHANA- let’s talk disability! :


Message of encouragement! 2015!

Has anyone already started this year 2015 feeling like you’re being tested with your Christian faith? Like you know that you know that there’s something greater at the end, but you also know and feel deeply that you’re walking through that hallway before that breakthrough happens?! I just want to encourage anyone who has put their faith in God and believes in God for something to RISE up, keep on going & know that giving up is never an option. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength. Simply know that something greater is on its way and that God wants to build up your character! He can’t give you more that you can handle, remember.You’re gonna become a better person by the end of this year!!

God loves you like crazy!! 🙂

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My list of 6 creative Ghanaians that are worth highlighting!

Hey everyone!

I made a recent video on my Youtube video, about 6 Ghanaians and organisations that are doing good works and creating things and trends in Ghana. I believe it’s important for one to celebrate one another and bring into recognition people as such!

Some of the people includes Mutombo da Poet, Rebekah A. Ofori, Mefiri Ghana and others.  If you dont know them, it’s a great way for you to, through the video!

Thanks for watching!