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Disability in GHANA! – How a culture can sometimes clash with reality?

I made a video on my Youtube channel about physical disability and how it is (most frequently) viewed as in Ghana, how the lack of information, knowledge and media reports on these conditions gives way for ignorance, stigmatisation and stereotyping to take the lead. What place is there for those physically challenged in Ghana? Is Ghana even a disability friendly country? Has the Person’s Disabiity act set up in parliament ever been effective in the society?

A topic which i feel as a society is important to address against all odds. Watch the video below, and keep the conversation going!

GHANA- let’s talk disability! :

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My list of 6 creative Ghanaians that are worth highlighting!

Hey everyone!

I made a recent video on my Youtube video, about 6 Ghanaians and organisations that are doing good works and creating things and trends in Ghana. I believe it’s important for one to celebrate one another and bring into recognition people as such!

Some of the people includes Mutombo da Poet, Rebekah A. Ofori, Mefiri Ghana and others.  If you dont know them, it’s a great way for you to, through the video!

Thanks for watching! 

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In France: A day I spent with Ghanaian Gospel singer Akosua Saah!

Earlier this Summer, i was in my birth country France, enjoying my short holidays away, and i used the time to also spend some quality time with a Ghanaian gospel singer named Akosua Saah who is based in France but frequently goes back to Ghana (as it is her motherland, and for music and promotional purposes) , I interviewed her -of course, and asked her personal questions on her road to success, her music, and I also got to speak with her fellow church members who know her well.

The video was added on my Youtube channel some time ago, but only now do i realise i was yet to upload it on my blog also!

So if you haven’t checked it out, do and watch this video taken in the blazing South of France sun 🙂

Video here:

My Youtube channel:


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An exchange with Ghanaian President Mahama in London

Unblemished streets, white simple buildings and one particular flag flying high, here I was in Belgrave Square, near the Ghana High commission office.


An area in London, subsequently known for its embassies and posh aura, I was at the Number 13 street, mentally preparing for what I knew was to be an insightful afternoon as i walked inside the Ghana High commission.

Having being invited by one of the attendees to attend a conference held at the Ghana embassy on the 19th of October 2014, the formal gathering as expected was attended by countless figures such as the Ghana High commissioner H.E Victor Emmanuel Smith, various media outlets, and , -not least, the Ghanaian president – John Dramani Mahama.

I believe the event was also an avenue or ‘pre-preparation’ for the different conferences and forums that were to take place, subsequently in the week, in presence of the Ghanaian president, such as ‘The Global African Investment Summit’ and more.

I also realised that the occasion was to go in the way of a Q/A session, when standing at the podium, in his opening speech President Mahama explained:

“In areas where we have a large diaspora,…we could do that as a vehicle to reach as many people as we can”, then with no hint of nervousness in his voice or demeanour, he continued  I’m open to any questions that you might have” 

Now, though I was too busy watching everything happen through my camera lens, and lifting my hand up on several occasions to have my questions answered too, i did write notes  in between, and I did not fail to witness the scale of topics that were discussed, and It’s only fair for me to share that with you.


During the forum, questions on corruption in Ghana were brought up a number of times from members of the audience. President Mahama’s answers to those questions were ones in my opinion which did not directly deny the fact that those issues of corruption has happened in the Government’s history or in Ghana as a whole, but when they comes up, in his own words they are  “investigated”, he said: ” The first step in the fight against corruption is to expose it, and so we have to expose corruption before [we] can deal with it…anywhere we get the hint about corruption, we investigate it.”

He also joked about some of the ‘uncanny’ ways corruption is speculated at times, such as when a politician is seeing driving polished cars or “mercedes”, bringing laughter to the audience.

However, he went on to say: “The determination to fight corruption should be one that is for all of us, corruption is endemic in all sectors of our society. It’s a fight that is multi-dimensional and that affects all people.”

On economic challenges in Ghana, the president admitted that the country has indeed faced economical declines in the past, but ended positively as you would think, by saying those issues are being resolved. One of the reasons he gave as to why some of the economic issues may have happened, he believes were due to the lack of faith some politicians may have had on the Ghanaian currency and publicly declaring it, and the pressure or fear that this may have sparked on some citizens to act.

Answering questions about water and sanitation, he proudly explained how more people in Ghana have access to water, and that as Ghanaians we are to celebrate our successes, he said: “Our water accessibility was below 40%, today 67% of Ghanaians have access to clean drinking water, those are the things that we must be proud of.” He continued: “One of the things we’re not good as Ghanaians is counting our successes…”

A question about the promise made by the national democratic progress (NDC) party to ensure free secondary school education was also brought up, President Mahama explained his government is working and figuring out the budget but that “it’s a matter of prioritisation”

He said: “While we continue to invest in quality of education, we must also continue to invest in improving access to education, and access to education can sometimes be constrained by a parent’s ability to be able to afford payment or school fees.”

As another round of questioning opened, one strongly opinionated member of the public having been given the permission to speak, asked how to ensure that Ghanaian local languages are applied and spoken in the Ghanaian society as much as the English language is.

To that question, the president agreed that if a language is unspoken after a certain amount of time, it eventually lose its power, to ensure that this does not happen in Ghana he believes there needs to be a linguistic group made of “professionals and intellectuals” who would meet as a form of routine (possibly-every 6 months) to translate into the local languages the new “concepts” and vocabulary that has come or already exists in the English language, he believes this is one area that needs to be looked at specifically by the Ministry Of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs.

Now, there were also  ‘sport questions’ – as expected-, and the question in everyone’s lips was “Would Ghana host the 2015 ‘African Cup of Nations’?” The president in overall explained that it’s a decision that has to be taken cautiously based on the current outbreak of the Ebola virus:

“…and so if Morocco expresses concern that that is one of the concerns for which they want a postponement, we are going to look at that carefully before we host AFCON or not, but certainly 2017 we are putting in a bid for it.” he explained.

The behind the scenes of the 2014 FIFA world cup, the fee, the plane, the whole thing, those topics which were discussed by Ghanaians as much as the Blackstars’ performances that Summer of 2014, was also brought up in the forum by an individual who really wanted to know what happened. Based on the president’s response, though also backed up with some light humour, i got the impression that the drama of this year’s World cup won’t repeat itself again, and the president, not wanting to give too much information, explained that it was a lesson “learnt” and next time they will unsure the paying fee is giving as it should, before the game starts.

You’ve reached the (almost) end of this article and though you might have not been there that day, i hope you have gotten as much from it reading this! My next article could be a one-on one interview transcript with the President, with my questions fully answered too. Who knows. I will make sure to update you on it when it happens 😉

Thanks for reading!

(Please know that some of the topics that were discussed on that afternoon at the Ghana high commission might have not been discussed in the exact chronological order as displaced in this article, but all these were discussed in the same way as portrayed here. Thank you for reading.)

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[Update]: Below is the video link  w/ footages of the conference from my Youtube channel:

























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GUBA Awards: 4th Edition thoughts!

Ghana UK-Based Achievement Awards known as GUBA is an awards ceremony founded by Dentaa Amoateng, it was launched in 2010 in the UK. It is an organisation which principal aim is to celebrate British Ghanaians and their achievements in society.


In an interview with PANACHE-E Magazine, Dentaa Amoateng says “My inspiration came from seeing a large number of Ghanaians in this country (UK) doing exceptionally well..

The female entrepreneur had a vision, followed it and brought to existence the difference she wanted to see, the annual awards ceremony now recognises the raw talents of Ghanaian individuals, young entrepreneurs,organisations and more.



GUBA Awards by recognising individuals is in turn being recognised by members of the community, Ghanaians and Non-Ghanaians alike, as a great platform for British Ghanaians and the African community as a whole.
The organisation has won numerous awards since its foundation, one of them been
‘The International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award 2013.’
Mayor of London, Boris Jonhson speaking about GUBA says: “London’s diversity is its strength, and the GUBA Awards showcase all that is great about this city.
Member of Parliament, Adam Afriyie also says: “They (GUBA) is an inspired platform, a fantastic opportunity to highlight the significant and valuable contribution British-Ghanaians make to the UK.

GUBA is not only limited to its awards ceremony, it is currently working on the ‘Guba Foundation’, an organisation that focuses on addressing issues that has to do with disability, health, poverty needs and education. “We want to provide awareness, support and guidance to families, create strong connections encouraging community cohesion, and ensure that the community have access to the services that they require.
Autism is the area they’re focusing on now, creating awareness and breaking the ‘stigma’ usually put with people with the condition by bringing support,connecting and recognising the talents of people living with the condition in the Ghanaian community.

As a 19 year old adult, it’s my ultimate joy when i see common individuals, students, teachers, entrepreneurs working hard towards their visions, goals and bringing to life things they want to see happening, with the belief that them too can make and in fact be the difference.

I was there at the 4th edition of the GUBA AWARDS which took place at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel in London. Despite hearing and knowing a lot about GUBA, i had not gone to any of the previous ceremonies, so it was very humbling to be there in person, speaking to the humble personalities that were present also.



An event as such that celebrates achievements of individuals should also work as a reminder and inspiration for anyone to dream higher, wants more and works hard towards reaching their goals. Nothing is impossible.

How does the GUBA AWARDS go?

First of, the nominees are put in 3 different sections representing the different colours of the Ghana flag.
There is the BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE section in red
photo 1 copy 2

Followed by ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS section in yellow or Gold
photo 3 copy

And the COMMUNITY section in green
photo 2 copy 2

To make it all complete, representing the black star inside the Ghana flag there is also the ‘Special Achievement Awards’ section, members of this category are not nominated but are awarded for their achievements.

Who were the winners at the GUBA AWARDS 2013?



Sustainable Business Award won by: Agro Mindset Organization.
The founder, David Asiamah had a dream about agriculture and the issue of agriculture with Ghanaians not being into the field as much, and that brought about the organisation.
Changing the face and perception of agriculture in Ghana by creating projects, equipping and also improving the skills of those wanting to get into agriculture.

The telecommunications company Vodafone won in the category of Corporate Business Of the Year.

RLG Development Award won by Edward Amartey Tagoe for his work in the IT field, and his software company Nandimobile founded in 2010, it creates innovative apps that focuses on improving the communication between organisations and their consumers.

Small emerging business award won by Sheabutter Cottage

Young entrepreneur award won by Edwin Kwaku Broni-Mensah.
Edwin Kwaku Broni-Mensah won for his work in “GiveMeTap ”, an entreprise he founded in 2010 while completing his PhD, it focuses on making available clean water to people in Africa and the world who have no access to it.

Efie Ne fie award won By Debra-Jane Nelson, the founder of Think| Mahogany,an event company that also focuses on communication, production and photography.


Music Artist of the Year award won by Fuse ODG.

African Fashion Designer of the Year: Duaba Serwa

Young and Talented Award: won by Lewis Appiagyei, aspiring Formula 1 ‘champion’, we can call him ‘the next’ Lewis Hamilton


Rising star award: Rebecca Amissah

Charity of the Year award: Lively minds, a charity that focuses on helping deprived children in rural areas in Ghana and in Eastern Uganda.

Ghanaian association of the Year: won by Merceyside Assiociations of Ghanaians.


GUBA Exceptional achievement: Herman Chinery-Hesse

GUBA Outstanding Achievement: Prince Kofi Amoabeng

GUBA Community Champion: Archbishop Kwaku Manson

GUBA Enterprise Mogul: Kanya King MBE

Student Achiever Award won by Jason Ochere, who graduated with 2.1 honours in Philsophy, Politics and Economics at the university of Manchester university.

Congratulations to all the winners and persons nominated!

When i was younger, i used to think I could get inside the television if I took a shoe with a heel or whatever girlish weapon that were there and throw it into the TV screen until the television screen smashes, then i thought i could get inside it quickly and be part of everything that I saw.
Being present at the last edition of the GUBA Awards and seeing everything happening in front of my very eyes was a bit like i threw a shoe to get there, only difference is, i did not.

I promise. I chose the safest way.

Thanks for reading!








photo 5-3


photo 3

Watch the video:

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Nadia Buari takes on directing with new movie “The Diary Of Imogen Brown”

Popular Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has recently finished directing her first movie “The Diary of Imogen Brown” which will premiere on the 23rd of December 2013 at the conference centre in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

Earlier this year, Nollywood actor and close friend of Nadia Buari, Jim Iyke made fans curious as he gave hints on the Ghanaian actress’s new take on directing by posting detailed information about the upcoming Nadia Buari film


Now, a few months later, on the 6th November, it seems like all doubts about the movie were cleared as the actress herself expressed her thrill and excitement on her official twitter page, revealing information about the premiere for her movie

photo copy

According to Nadia Buari’s twitter, alongside herself “The Diary Of Imogen Brown” will star Nollywood’s renowned face Jim Iyke.

As well as premiering in Accra on the 23rd December of this year, the movie will also have its premiere on the 24th of December in Takoradi and 26th December in Kumasi.

Details about the other co-stars of the anticipated movie are yet to be revealed.

photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy

Credit pictures : @B5sNadiaBuari

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Safety in Ghana

I made a video just some time ago for my Youtube channel talking about safety in Ghana “How safe is Ghana?”, where i mention some important things you should be aware of before flying off to Ghana or simply for knowledge sake!

I mention military clothes, taking the taxi in Ghana alone. or giving out the “wrong signals” (for a woman)…
Okay. These things may not make sense to your right now, but watch the video to understand where i’m coming from! 🙂

Enjoy the video!

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List of the full winners of the 2013 African movie academy awards! (AMAA)

The African movie academy awards is an event that aims to honor,celebrate and acknowledge the talents and people in the African movie industry, which includes actors, directors as well as writers. It is one of the most anticipated and most important events when it comes to the African movie industry.
The 9th edition of African Movie academy awards(AMAA) took place on the 20th April 2013,it was held at the Glory Land cultural centre in Yenageoa,Bayelya State capital in Nigeria.

Here is the FULL LIST OF WINNERS of the 9th edition of AMAA’s :

Prize For Best Short Film: Kwaku Ananse (Ghana)

Prize For Best Documentary: Fuelling Poverty (Nigeria)

Prize For Best Diaspora Feature:Stones In The Sun (Haiti/USA)

Prize For Best Diaspora Documentary:Fan Do Brasil- (Brazil/Guatamela)

Prize For Best Animation:Adventure Of Zambedia- (South Africa)

Prize For Best Film By An Africans Abroad:Last Flight To Abuja- (UK/Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Production Design:Elelwani (South Africa)

Prize For Achievement In Costume Design:Blood And Henna (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Makeup:The Meeting (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Soundtrack:The Last Fishing Boat (Malawi)

Prize For Achievement In Visual Effects:The Twin Sword (Nigeria)

Prize For Achievement In Sound: Nairobi Half Life (Kenya/Germany)

Prize For Achievement In Cinematography:Uhlanga, The Mark (South Africa)

Prize For Achievement In Editing:Hereoes And Zereoes (Nigeria/Ghana)

Prize For Achievement In Lightning:Moi Zaphira (Burkina Faso)

Prize For Achievement In Screenplay:Hereoes And Zereoes

Prize For Best Nigerian Film:Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Prize For Best Film In An African Language:Moi Zaphira

Prize For Best Promising Actor:Belina Effah- Kokomma

Prize for Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Gabriel Afolayan- Hoodrush

Prize For Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Hermelinda Cimela- Virgin Magarida

Prize For Best Actor In A Leading Role: Justus Esiri- Assasins Practice

Prize For Best Actress In A Leading Role:Florence Masebe- Elelwani

Prize For Best Director:Niji Akanni- Hereoes And Zereoes

Prize For Best Film:Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Tunde Kelani, Chief Eddi Ugboma, Sir Ositadinma Okeke Oguno (Ossy Affason), Ayuko Badu and Chief Pete Edochie

Special Recognition Of Pillars Of Nollywood @ 20:
Eem Isong, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo and Film/ Video Producers And Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN)
Special Jury Award: Ninah’s Dairy (Cameroon)

What a successful event! Congrats to all the winners!

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What you need to know before going (traveling) to Ghana!

Hello everyone! So like every country has its ow culture and customs/traditions they might follow, whether it’s in Korea where bowing as a way of greeting is important or French culture where they kiss at the cheeks as a way of greeting “la bise”. Ghana is no different and also has its own culture and things that differentiate it from other countries and other cultures. So. i made a video talking about some few things one need to know before traveling to Ghana to be able to adjust faster and impress fellow Ghanaian neighbors when in the country.
One thing i forgot to mention in the video though is the most common form of greetings in Ghana: Handshake, male and female , handshake is everywhere. And the click of fingers while handshaking in Ghana is also very common.
In the video i mention about the use of left hand in Ghana/ the car horn sounds and more. So, if you want to know more about Ghana and customs you need to know about the country that would help you on your way. Check this video out 🙂

And also here is the link to my Ghanaian channel on Youtube where i have many videos talking about things that makes Ghana unique including Ghana news updates 🙂
My goal for my channel is knowing someone has learn something they did not know before watching my video & for people to know more about Ghana.
Check my channel out! (The link below)
Ghanaian channel

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What has 2012 meant for Ghanaians?

What would the year 2012 be remembered for in Ghana? For Ghanaians ?
The year 2012 was a year full of mixed emotions for Ghanaians citizens and for Ghanaians living abroad.
So, from my perspective, what are some of the things that happened in Ghana in 2012 that has had major effects on Ghanaians, the country itself or even outside the country? –



There is no doubt that late President John Evans Atta Mills’s death,on the 24th July 2012 is the biggest shock of the year 2012 for Ghana. Not only has it affected Ghanaians but it was a major shock for Africa and worldwide.

It has been two weeks that i had arrived in Ghana for my summer holidays, when i switched on the television to hear about his death,i was literally in shock, i could not believe it. I told my dad about it and my dad taught i was joking,he even convinced me in making me believe i heard wrongly, until we switched on to other channels and heard the exact same news.
It is one thing to hear about his death when you are OUTSIDE of Ghana and another thing to hear it when you are IN Ghana. In Ghana, during that period they were constant reminders that we lost our president, through posters, the radio, TV channels. You just couldn’t escape that reality.
And from the announcement of his death until he was buried,the weather was grey in most places, it kept raining or it was windy with no hint of sun.
Me being so used to see “Colorful and loud Ghana” during my previous holidays in Ghana was having a completely difference experience seeing people dressed in black and red. It was a sad period indeed. The next day after Late John Evans Atta Mills was buried definitely,i noticed the sun started showing up and citizens finding it hard but accepting the fact that he is gone by living with the quote that says “God gives and God takes away“. I heard this quote many times after his death.
And it is true, in all things, we got to thank God for he knows best.
May his soul rest in perfect peace, i know he is an a better place now, with our maker.
While in Ghana, there was an all-stars tribute for the late president, here it is http://


Elections is the most important thing for every country so it wouldn’t make sense to live this out. The 2012 GHANA ELECTIONS would surely be remembered by Ghanaians because:
1- it was a quite peaceful election,they were no violence or anything like that among voters. It should be an example for the next elections coming up in the future.
2-Eveything that has happened a short time before the elections was unexpected. SOME Ghanaians have had to re-think about the person they had made up their mind to vote for two years before and so on.


h 091

First, let’s learn a bit about the Azonto. Azonto which is now considered a dance wasn’t particularly considered a dance way before but more as gestures and way of describing things with the hands and body positions. It originated in Accra, Bukom.It was first called Apaazee Renetta Kojo but was then changed to “Azonto” by the people of Tema. By using my imagination i would imagine this little dialog happening 8 years ago with two female students.

Student 1: Ama where is your phone? i have tried to call you several times but with no avail?
Student 2 (Ama , so depressed to even talk uses hands gestures to mimic someone speaking on the phone)
Student 1: Yes, what are you trying to say? You were on the phone with someone and what?)
Student 2 ( Ama, still so depressed to talk continues mimicking, this time mimicking a person stealing something with the left hand bringing it to their chest and then with their right hand stealing something else and bringing it to their chest,she repeats this particular gesture 5 times)
Student 1: Ama, i think i know what you’re trying to say, go back to the beginning.
Student 2 (Ama listens and go back to her first gesture with her being on the phone with someone and then unto her second gesture with her mimicking a person stealing something with their left then right hand and bringing it to their chest)
Student 1: OHH Ama, i understand someone snatched your phone from you,ohh why didn’t you speak to the teacher?
Student 2 (Ama bring her fists closer to her face and imitates a person in a boxing ring, fighting with the opponent)
Student 1: OH they say, they’ll hit and box you if you told the teacher?
Student 2 : YES!!! (Ama screams, almost in tears)

A part of me believes that’s how Azonto started but with more eloquent movements and with different gestures associated with what the person was expressing.
According to wiki :The dance now known as Azonto was later observed in an evolved form among 'street communities' in Agona Abodom, Abossey Okai, Takoradi and certain suburbs of Accra …in pubs, night clubs, dance battles.”

The footballer Asamoah Gyan was later known to “Azonto” to express his happiness anytime he scored or his team won, i’m sure some of you football fans would know. And then music with fast and addicting beats were made especially for the AZONTO dance or “to be azonyo’d on”. Now the azonto dance has become so well-known and popular around the world among people that various news reports were made on the success it has had. Even a Ghanaian movie movie was made called “AZONTO/AZONTO GHOST”, i watched it when i went to Ghana, it includes “azonto dancing” more than dialog or anything else to be honest, ha. But Azonto’s success also comes with its bad sides, when some people claim azonto originates from their own country instead of Ghana, you would find some Ghanaians not being very happy about this statement which comes from people secretly wishing Azonto originated from their own land, Azonto’s success also come with people trying to “azonto” but failing each time or not knowing how to do it no matter how many tutorials they watch, which can be very frustrating for some people.
But persistence is key
Here’s a BBC’s report on AZONTO< craze :


I hope you enjoyed this post!
You can visit my Youtube page, where i post videos related to Ghana including Ghana news updates
Happy new year ! ^^