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CNBLUE: Their success & Why i like them + RE:BLUE thoughts

Hello, i just decided to write a bit about CNBLUE, starting from how i got to know about them to their success & their new album RE:BLUE πŸ™‚


The members: Jungshin/Junghyun/Yonghwa/Minhyuk


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The first time i set eyes in this band was completely by accident, actually. After watching Heartstrings, a drama that i really loved by the way, i decided to look for Jung Yong-hwa’s page on Wikipedia, one because he reminded me so much of a certain Kim hyun joong,i found their resemblance fascinating in terms of how they look and their acting mannerisms and two because i just wanted to know who is the guy that acts Lee shin on Heartstrings?
So as i came across his wiki, i read that he is the leader of a certain band called CNBLUE, thus he is originally a musician, (Interesting, i taught)

so i went on the very popular video sharing website YOUTUBE and searched for CNBLUE. First video that came up was their “Intuition” music video. I clicked on it. My first impression? : Mehh.
I’ve never really been into KPOP because it is not really the style of music i listen to, i was more into the ballads, cute songs type of thing, at that time i was even a bit sad cos i couldn’t find a Korean singer or band that suits my taste so when i watched the “Intuition” music video i immediately taught “Up tempo music? Dark music video? Here is another KPOP band that sings and dances i guess..meh..not my taste :(”
BUT somehow i was drawn to watch the video again so i went back to watch the same video again,15 mins later thinking “Come on, give them a chance, they might be different from other KPOP bands, you haven’t even proper listened to them..” so i clicked on the video intuition, i watched til the end and..

THAT HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. LOL. I’m glad i watched because right there i completely fell in love with this band, my fist impression of them was wrong, CNBLUE were a different and unique band, they didn’t dance or anything, they just had their amazing energy, voices and blended great together, i had finally found a KOREAN BAND that suits my taste!!! Whoohoo.

I never taught once that i would love a “rock band”, me being the lovey-dovey romantic girl that I’m but CNBLUE changed my music taste and made me realize, ROCK, POP, RAP whatever if a music is good it’s good and after watching “Intuition” and watching their other MV’s and listening to their other songs, from “Love girl” to “I’m a loner”, watching their videos i realized that they are a versatile band, they can sing ballads and make a girl heart melt as well as give the Rock atmosphere and rap and makes both girls and boys get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. CNBLUE had the whole package.

That was around the beginning of year 2012 when i first discovered them but a year and a bit later since I’ve known them this band have not let me down, they keep going strong and strong and strong. This band, i can actually say even without their good looks or appearance I WILL STILL LIKE THEM, their looks is not what attracts me to this band, their music is what attracts me.

CNBLUE members are true musicians. Look at their live performances, their concerts, they always put their 100% anytime they perform, all they care about is their music and to please their public.

I remember after watching the drama Heartstrings, i decided to watch the show “We got married” season 2 with Yonghwa & Seohyun
so that i’d get to know more about Yonghwa as a person, and it strikes me now when i watch the first few episodes and i think about how CNBLUE were so not very known back then, i remember a particular episode in WGM when after holding hands with Seohyun, Yonghwa purposely lost contact with Seohyun for a month or so and everyone in the studio were misunderstanding, even one of the commentators saw Yonghwa the wrong way saying he was a bad man etc. But later on it was confirmed through further episodes that there was a reason for what he did and everyone became understanding and slightly embarrassed for misunderstanding. THAT alone shows how little people knew of Yonghwa’s personality and who he is and a lot of them also didn’t know the other members names.
I’m mentioning that only to say that their popularity has risen so much throughout the years compared to years ago and that now they’re so popular and finally getting the recognition they deserve, I’m proud of my boys.
I’m also glad that now each member is getting spotlight, before when one taught of CNBLUE, they might have immediately thought “Yonghwa” but now because of each member progressing in their other fields such as acting and appearing on shows and variety shows, each member is getting recognition and i enjoy to see that.


What i like about CNBLUE is also their humility, each one of them are so humble. They do not have the “celebrity syndrome” at all, they’re just really normal guys who when one see and know them realize how not proud they are and that fame hasn’t got into their heads. Look at Yonghwa when he appears on Running Man, for example, you never sense proud coming from him.

Humility is a virtue that will get you far in life.

Now let me write a little bit about their new album “RE: BLUE”

Tracklists : 1/ I’m sorry/2/Coffee shop/3/Na Geudaeboda(λ‚˜ κ·ΈλŒ€λ³΄λ‹€)/4/Naram Namja (λ‚˜λž€ λ‚¨μž)/5/La La La(라라라)/6/ Where you are are (English version)

I LOVE each and every song and you know how even with your fave groups, they may have a track you don’t really get. Well, for that album there is no one song i don’t get lol.
Coffee shop i think is my favorite, This song is..CNBLUEMAZING. . people would go wild for that when they perform this song in concerts. This song is so good, it’s made for concerts.

The 3rd track is more of a calm song that would not make you jump in the air but it ‘ll make you wave your hands in the air. There are so many songs from CNBLUE even from their past albums that would not get old : Love girl, I’m a loner, rock’n’ roll and so many others. That’s what real musicians do ^^

Anyway, only i know how much more I’ve got to say about this band, but I’d leave it here, more posts coming about CNBLUE though πŸ˜‰

And tell me, what’s your fave song in the album? ANd what are some of the things you like about CN to the BLUE? Leave comments πŸ™‚