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Lonely feelings.

That unfamiliar feeling. That familiar but unfamiliar feeling. That normal but abnormal feeling.

That non genetic, unwanted, unnatural, but human, “natural” feeling. That feeling that shouldn’t be there, but is there.

They call it loneliness, it must be loneliness. That dead, old, feeling that occasionally pops out, after you’ve being enlightened at the full revelation of who you really are.

That feeling that comes after you’ve experienced that divine encounter, that beautiful exchange, that light and have now come to realised the depth of your existence, the outstanding beauty of your being,  the unlimited possibilities that are there for you, the unmeasurable, crazy love that the King has for you.

But then…

That detestable feeling, that familiar but unfamiliar feeling that appears when you least expect it.

It is that feeling when you temporarily want to fit in, though your inner self fully knows that you were born to stand out, and not fit in.

That period of loneliness when you feel that you have enough but don’t have enough.

When you feel that something is lacking, and yet know that you have more than what an “enough” person has.

That lovely state of mind when your inner self takes over, when you look at the mirror, and see the future, the next generation. When you look at yourself and realise that your life is not your own. When you become aware that, that lonely feeling, that natural but unnatural detestable feeling is only temporary.

A valley to prepare you, for that future you talk about. In that future where you can’t be slave to your emotions but slave to your purpose. That future when you’d have to walk straight and not become unfocused because of lonely feelings.

That bright future when God is still your portion, and leading you…

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Traveling, people, languages, cultures.


ghana 005

Traveling. When i say travel, i do not merely talk about the excitement of getting into the countries or places I’m heading to but I’m also talking about the phase, the journey to get there. Traveling in a new country, starting with being in the airport with my luggage,seeing people around me with their suitcases and little children excited about where they’re heading to, seeing air hostesses walking around it’s all so fascinating and exciting for me as arriving in the destination itself.
What i also love about traveling is the fact that you’re entering into a new country,a new culture. Different scent,different air,new people, people with different mindsets, new culture, different food, different customs, new traditions…
Traveling is like going on a life adventure. It’s all so fascinating.

Cultures & Foreign languages

This goes with my love of travel, what is travel without the encounter of meeting and seeing new people and blending with a complete different culture than your own? For me what makes travel as enjoyable is the encounter with new people and getting yourself emerged in a culture and language.

Anyway.Languages. What i love about them? Everything. Languages are beautiful and God’s wonderful creation: hearing a language speaking it and seeing how people converse in that language is the beauty of it all.
I love languages and i love learning them. For me there is absolutely no limit in how many languages a person can learn and be fluent in.


One does not have to travel to encounter amazing people, you can meet people everywhere.
People have stories, this woman you see everyday on your way to the bus stop you never say “Hi” to, she has a past, a story to tell, a life.
I find people fascinating, the fact that every single person you see has a story, a past and that if they made a decision to talk to you a little bit about their life, it could change your views on life forever is amazing to me.
People have stories; this girl you see at school, how is she when she’s at home? How does her home and life outside of school looks like? She is loud at school but how is she…at home? These questions are ones i ask myself constantly when i look around and see individuals. People are fascinating and with stories to tell.

So yes, those were some of the things i love the most in life and let me say that as a journalist, things i would love and enjoy the most about my job is the ability and chance to meet with different people with stories to tell; giving them a voice. And through my travels, reports and interviews letting people discover things they’ve never seen and known before.

Life is a discovery…

Myriam 🙂

My life · Travel · Welcome!

I would love to travel this may not be the first time i write about my love for traveling! But when you really love something,you just cant help but talk about it ALL THE TIME!

I really have a very STRONG interest for foreign cultures! I mean,i was already like this before,but as i grew up this interest became stronger and stronger.

I guess am a person who needs adventure in life,needs to explore and discover,i guess this is my nature.

I will talk a bit about the countries i have been to so far,well to be honest i haven’t been to many countries so far in my life. I have been to about 3 countries : Burkina faso -Africa,when  i was really young,about 7 years old,i didn’t actually stay there for long,it was just a transit on our way to Ghana. So we only stayed  for like,2 days and i remember my parents made good friends with a guy,there too; The memory of Burkina faso is still very fresh in my memory,the scent of the hotel we stayed in,the people we saw,what i ate while in the car while i was there, all very fresh in my mind. The second country i have been to is Ghana,my parents’ land. Well,i have to say that Ghana, is the one country i have traveled to the most,i have been there about 5 or 6 times since i was about 7,because i often go there for summer holidays.

France is my place of birth so it doesn’t really count as a country i have been to,i moved from France to the UK at age 13,then,it was my 1rst time stepping my foot in the United Kingdom,the queen’s place. So,i guess the UK counts as the 3rd country i have been to.

Ghana is my homeland,i  know most of its story, the culture ,the food and all that. So,anytime i go there,it is not like a new discovery.

I want to go to countries that has completely different cultures to what am used to see!

I think all countries are amazing and each country has got something special,so it’s just a waste of time to seat at home and not discover them! So,if you can, go visit and discover!  I know i want to and i will 🙂




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I LOVE writing

I’ve always believed i liked writing. But i’ve never really being a person who writes on my free time or consider writing as one of my passions. But anytime i’ve had an exam that involves writing,i always find myself being captivated in what am writing and find myself in my element. So much that many times in exams,i’ve been wrting so much that i had to ask for a 2nd paper for being short of space.

  But somehow,after the exam is done,i forget about my love for writing or the way am captivated and enjoy writing.

But lately,i have found out where my writing skills get “activated” again,it is when i write to share my opinions or answering questions asked by people who needs solutions to a problem or just a question about someone,something they wonder about.
And then just the thaught of expressing my thaughts,what i think,my opinions, through words,i like that! I just like seeing EXACTLY what am thinking on paper,the ability to express your EXACTS thaughts in WORDS is an amazing thing to me. And plus,the thaught of by answering questions,you bring about solution to people :helping people through simple writing is amazing.
I even sacrificed watching a korean drama just to answer questions on Yahoo answers and another day,cos i was reading articles and writing comments,sharing my opinion on the subject. I couldn’t care less about dramas! I could spend day and night answering questions,espcially when i’ve got knowledge on the subject,and i present them with facts!

I didn’t know i had the ability to express my thaughts through writing,because when i write for courseworks,i sometimes find it hard to explain my subject or use technical words,but why is it than in other areas where i have to write,i find it more than easy and enjoyable, a big passion. But when it includes writing where i have to write professionally,when my writing would be assesed,then it’s like my love for writing and ability to write totally disappear and it suddenly like the most difficult task ever.

I’ve come up for an answer to this question,it’s the only reasonable answer i can think of.
It is either because when i write professionally,for e.g college courseworks i need to complete in a short period of time, the problem is i then i start seeing it as “work” more than it being “fun”.

Therefore,I believe when you do something you like,and you focus more on the “handed out” side of it and you see it being school work or homework more than it being something you enjoy doing,then you take away all the fun of it.


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Learning korean -Update

Here’s an update on how my Korean is going so far,i mean,how am getting on with learning the Korean language.
Well,woah! WO-AH^_^ is all i can say! I never thaught while i was watching Boys over Flowers last year,that one day i would be able to understand or even speak or even being able to read in Korean.I’m not saying i’m fluent yet,no!
I have got a long way to go! But my Korean is getting so much better,i can barely believe it myself. In terms of the vocabulary,my understanding and even my writing,i’m 2 times better than i was last year.I will share with you,what has helped me. First of all, it might sound kind of cliche,but watching Korean TV such as Korean dramas,korean variety shows has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. When i watch the shows,it’s not even about me wanting to learn Korean,no.I watch because i enjoy them,let me just say,i think Korean shows are the best! And without even realising it,by watching them,i have learnt so many new words and sentences. The english subs are there,but ifi hear words/sentences like
” Odie issoyo?” “Dugu”? I would actually understand,i understand some of what they’re saying,even if i miss the subtitles. So watching Korean shows has helped me the most.
I also got an application on my laptop that i installed,not long ago. It’s an application that helps you with the korean pronounciation and writing. And plus,i downloaded an app on my Iphone that helps you with the basic phrases in Korean,it’s awesome. But,i gotta say,more than anything else,watching Korean shows and dramas has helped me the most!
Because it deals with everyday life conversations,so it’seasier to remember.And what has also helped me,it’s the fact that i learnt Hangul before learning the vocabulary and pronounciation,because when you know how to read,it’s easier for you to pronounce,well,it was for me ^_^

My top FAVORITE Korean (variety) show is………RUNNING MAN! i love this show SO very much,it’s so funny and awesome.–> Link

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My love for South Korea

My love for South korea basically started when my friend introduced me to korean dramas,i’m FOREVER thankful to her! I’ve never been into Asian dramas or Asian shows,has never even heard of Korean dramas,but i decided to give it a go. It was called “Boys over flowers”! My first Korean drama,my first taste into the Korean world.
It was the perfect Korean drama to introduce me to,because i can assure you that if the drama wasn’t as appealing to me,i woudn’t be interested to go on and watch other ones. SO thanks to the producer of the drama,and for the wonderful actors staring in it such as Lee min ho (he was perfect for the role); Kim hyun yoong (say no more ^^ his smile) ; Ku Hye Sun (her last name Sun describes her ^^) and all the other actors,they acted amazingly and i loved the storyline. It was definitely a plus. So i started watching more Korean dramas which i loved even more. After that,i started watching Korean variety shows (don’t ask) it was just fate that brought us together ^^! It was a korean variety show called “We got married” it is basically a show in which celebrities are paired up together as couple and pretend to be a married couple just like in real life (camera is on them all the time) the twist is that they don’t know who they’re going to pair with at the start! It was the first season,and Kim hyun Joong featured in,probably the main reason why i watched it in the first place,i was thinking in the beggining “Is he in another drama,or what is this show about? ^^ ! Anyways on the show he was paired up with Hwangbo,a korean singer/actress which was 6 year her senior (Awkward..) yes,awkward is the perfect word to describe their relationship in the beggining. It is prefilmed,so every week after filiming all the other celebrities (make-believe couples) go in the tv studio to watch themselves back, with the hosts present and the other make believe couples (no pressure ^^) ,so as i carried on watching the show,i completely fell in love with the Korean culture/language,the way people talk ,their intonations in their voices,the respect the youngers have for the older generation and so on.
Long story short,related to “We got married” Even though it was awkward between kim hyun joong and Hwangbo in the beggining,as the show went on,they grew on affinity. Anyways,due to his schedule in preperation for “Boys over flowers” his first major role in a drama,after 6 months Kim hyun joong had to leave and say “bye” to the show. It was in 2008. If this show was a drama ,even though it was emotional the way Kim hyun joong and Hwangbo ended it,it’d have at least being in the top 10 favorite drama of all time,no wonder they went on to win an award for “best couple”.

So,back to my main point! As i watched more korean shows/documentaries i got more and more interested learning about the Korean language and culture. It wasn’t a “oh she watched a Korean show,she find korean actors cute so she want to learn,then she gonna forget about it” moment. No,it wasn’t that at all,even though korean dramas brought me to it.It’s the reality of this country,the culture,people and language i fell in love with.I could watch chinese shows without any interest in learning chinese (no offense^^) .
I’ve always loved languages and other cultures,but surprisingly Korea is not a country that ever crossed my mind,i’d never thought one day i’ll be interested in learning an Asian language,probably because society (in the western) makes many people believe it is hard,almost impossible to learn. So we don’t even dare to think about learning an asian language. But i dared to! Am learning and keep improving on my korean. I’m loving it more and more, as i keep learning and improving,i smile.
I’m definitely hoping to visit there one day,as an aspiring journalist,i would love and would not hesitate to shoot a documentary about (South) Korea! A lot of people have no interst in it,or have barely heard about Korea in general,mainly because imformations and documentaries are lacking about this part of Asia! Or because the main news you heard concerning the country are not so positive-things ? It is a beautiful country,north or south,it forms only 1 country.That would never change. Hoping to go there and share my experience with you guys!

So.. that’s how my love for Korea started!

If you have any interest in learning a language,there is loads of websites on the internet that would definitely benifit you and imformations that would help you!

감사합니다 -Thanks in Korean (Ghan-sam-ni-da) ♥