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Why Not You?

I see individuals with no dreams, no goals, no zeal.

I see people with no big visions, no big goals for their lives, I believe that’s because they don’t believe they could achieve anything, they tend to think the world and high positions in society belongs to other people, better looking people than them, so they don’t even dare to dream.

They’d rather stick with the minimum, having a career, a life that is just okay.

Their current jobs is not the one they want, It’s not a job they wake up excitedly thinking about, but they stick to what they know, what they’ve always known.

They have leadership qualities, they could save, protect, restore, bring solutions and heal a nation, but the job of presidency is too big, too far off, too impossible for them.

At night, they dream about it though.

They love drama, acting, bringing life into a fictional character and portraying a character is what they love, they record using their phone. They’re really good, but the thought of acting being a competitive field with a possibility of never making it, is what stops them.

They say “Being an influential person and a positive, strong figure in society belongs to other people”


“I’m too poor” , “too ugly” , “not smart”, “I’m black”, “The other citizens are here, I wasn’t born here, how can I have a high post? Nah. I will just stick to safety, stick to what I know. My mum didn’t make it, my dad as well, who on earth am I to think I can have this job? My dream job? Me? A politician? A president. No way”.

If you’re listening and you’re someone who thinks like that, it’s time to stop and start chasing your dreams, no matter how far, impossible they may seem right now. Greater what is in you.

I believe in the importance of dreaming big and having visions for your life, let your dreams become a reality for you.

There’s a quote that says ‘If people don’t laugh at your dreams, that means your dream is not big enough’

Think about it.

– Myriam-

[These words were taken from a youtube video I made for my Youtube channel some time ago, ‘Why settle for less?’, you can watch the video here :

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‘The Nana Churcher show Live’ short summary + Pictures

Saturday 1st of March 2014 was a day long – awaited and anticipated for those who follow ‘ The Nana Churcher show’ closely, a lifestyle TV talk show with multiple facets,  with celebrity interviews, fashion segments, entertainment and travel. At the core of the different themes , the objective which is  to make the viewer “get up on their feet and do wonderful things with their life” as the Ghanaian UK- based host Nana Churcher often puts it in the intros, is non- transparent , especially when one looks at the choice of guests chosen for the different episodes thus far , and the sort of angle that leads the different interviews and the subjects discussed on the show.


‘The Nana Churcher show LIVE’ is the anticipating event which took place on the 1st of March in the heart of London. Literally translated, it’s designed as the live version of the original talk show, together with the host herself, and a live audience.


If classified, the event stood as a special edition alongside the former episodes to commemorate Ghana’s 57th independence. The special edition which will air later on the respective channels the show usually airs on. The live event was also one to  start off the 3rd season of the ‘Nana Churcher show’,which was  formed in 2012.

The theme of the event was ‘Celebrating the stars’ , Nana, the host would interview individuals who are worth celebrating in our society today as they discussed their road to success, their career, and give way for exclusive details on their backgrounds and their humble beginnings.

I have watched numerous episodes of  ‘The Nana Churcher show’ , so as you can imagine, it did not take me long before   deciding to get my tickets for a chance to experience it live. I believe a show which aims to inspire its viewers in different aspects is one that is worth looking forward to. Seeing the show live would be a clearer reflection of what is seen on television. That’s what i believed.

And i was right, the event was entertaining, and of course inspiring.

The guests interviewed were Miss Ghana UK 2013 Janet Djan; Gospel singer Diana Antwi Hamilton; Renowned PR Mavis Amankwah and Nigerian actor Ikenna Obi.

The questions Nana asked the guests were non-cliches, which gave way for the guests to open up by sharing details about their backgrounds, their lives, their childhood. Often speaking about issues not talked about previously.

Listening to some of the stories the guests shared gave one a deeper understanding as to where their humility and down-to-earth attitude actually comes from.

One of the guests, Miss Ghana UK, Janet Djan  spoke about her experiences as a young girl growing up in Ghana, describing how her life then was very different from how her life is today. She talked about her journey to becoming Miss Ghana UK, and jokingly shared the background details  on one of the pictures she shared on a social networking site just after winning the Miss Ghana UK contest. Clue? A picture in which she is seen  indulging on a popular Ghanaian traditional dish. Ha.

Nana Churcher’ s interview with guest Mavis Amankwah during the event was probably one of the most insightful background interviews of the award winning PR.  She did not only share talk on her career, but openly shared some of her  difficult past.  An exchange between her and the host that surely inspired anyone watching to believe that them too can  achieve despite whatever circumstances, and proving that a person’s troubled past should in no way hinder their progress.

Actor Ikenna Obi  spoke about his switch starting from being a rigorous Law student to going into acting. As an actor, he spoke about the African movie industry, sharing his thoughts on what Nollywood and African movie industry as a whole needs  to succeed and grow more as a venture. His views and knowledge generated praise from the audience as many agreed with what he believed in. For an industry to grow, one has got to work with one another.  Love, trust and support for one another are keys for a successful industry.

And who knew Ikenna Obi could dance the azonto? I sure didn’t know before i went. Hm. But It would be surely difficult to show what i mean by typing, so you will probably have to watch the broadcast to understand where i’m coming from.

Musician Diana Antwi Hamilton was interviewed together with Oxford graduate Gillian Appau. As a student myself, I was very much inspired by Gillian Appau’s insightful background and appreciated her speaking openly. Gillian shared her experiences growing up in a ordinary family by becoming a daughter who attends one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.  She shared her experiences and same time struggles she might have experienced in the past fitting in among the crowd.

A live version of a show requires live performances, right?  Therefore, it is almost non surprising for Nana Churcher to have asked Diana Hamilton to sing a song live for the sake of the audience, the upcoming viewers, the listeners, who i believed were secretly awaiting the moment also. Including me.  Again,  i cannot show what i mean by simply using words or letters, so i guess you will probably have to watch  the pre-recorded broadcast  to understand where i’m coming from.

‘The Nana Churcher show’  airs on VOX Africa TV on sky channel 218,  and on DSTV Africa. You can subscribe to the show’s youtube channel , to watch or re-watch past episodes, and follow ‘The Nana Churcher show’ on Facebook for more information.

Going to ‘ The Nana Churcher show Live’, i brought my humble camera with me, and  i managed to shoot some interviews, take pictures of the attendants before and after the event.

Check the pictures below!

picture10picture 25picture 23picture 21picture 19picture 18picture 16picture 15picture 14picture 12 picture 6picture 5picture 4picture 3Picture 2picture 1

Watch the behind the- scenes here:

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GUBA Awards: 4th Edition thoughts!

Ghana UK-Based Achievement Awards known as GUBA is an awards ceremony founded by Dentaa Amoateng, it was launched in 2010 in the UK. It is an organisation which principal aim is to celebrate British Ghanaians and their achievements in society.


In an interview with PANACHE-E Magazine, Dentaa Amoateng says “My inspiration came from seeing a large number of Ghanaians in this country (UK) doing exceptionally well..

The female entrepreneur had a vision, followed it and brought to existence the difference she wanted to see, the annual awards ceremony now recognises the raw talents of Ghanaian individuals, young entrepreneurs,organisations and more.



GUBA Awards by recognising individuals is in turn being recognised by members of the community, Ghanaians and Non-Ghanaians alike, as a great platform for British Ghanaians and the African community as a whole.
The organisation has won numerous awards since its foundation, one of them been
‘The International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award 2013.’
Mayor of London, Boris Jonhson speaking about GUBA says: “London’s diversity is its strength, and the GUBA Awards showcase all that is great about this city.
Member of Parliament, Adam Afriyie also says: “They (GUBA) is an inspired platform, a fantastic opportunity to highlight the significant and valuable contribution British-Ghanaians make to the UK.

GUBA is not only limited to its awards ceremony, it is currently working on the ‘Guba Foundation’, an organisation that focuses on addressing issues that has to do with disability, health, poverty needs and education. “We want to provide awareness, support and guidance to families, create strong connections encouraging community cohesion, and ensure that the community have access to the services that they require.
Autism is the area they’re focusing on now, creating awareness and breaking the ‘stigma’ usually put with people with the condition by bringing support,connecting and recognising the talents of people living with the condition in the Ghanaian community.

As a 19 year old adult, it’s my ultimate joy when i see common individuals, students, teachers, entrepreneurs working hard towards their visions, goals and bringing to life things they want to see happening, with the belief that them too can make and in fact be the difference.

I was there at the 4th edition of the GUBA AWARDS which took place at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel in London. Despite hearing and knowing a lot about GUBA, i had not gone to any of the previous ceremonies, so it was very humbling to be there in person, speaking to the humble personalities that were present also.



An event as such that celebrates achievements of individuals should also work as a reminder and inspiration for anyone to dream higher, wants more and works hard towards reaching their goals. Nothing is impossible.

How does the GUBA AWARDS go?

First of, the nominees are put in 3 different sections representing the different colours of the Ghana flag.
There is the BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE section in red
photo 1 copy 2

Followed by ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS section in yellow or Gold
photo 3 copy

And the COMMUNITY section in green
photo 2 copy 2

To make it all complete, representing the black star inside the Ghana flag there is also the ‘Special Achievement Awards’ section, members of this category are not nominated but are awarded for their achievements.

Who were the winners at the GUBA AWARDS 2013?



Sustainable Business Award won by: Agro Mindset Organization.
The founder, David Asiamah had a dream about agriculture and the issue of agriculture with Ghanaians not being into the field as much, and that brought about the organisation.
Changing the face and perception of agriculture in Ghana by creating projects, equipping and also improving the skills of those wanting to get into agriculture.

The telecommunications company Vodafone won in the category of Corporate Business Of the Year.

RLG Development Award won by Edward Amartey Tagoe for his work in the IT field, and his software company Nandimobile founded in 2010, it creates innovative apps that focuses on improving the communication between organisations and their consumers.

Small emerging business award won by Sheabutter Cottage

Young entrepreneur award won by Edwin Kwaku Broni-Mensah.
Edwin Kwaku Broni-Mensah won for his work in “GiveMeTap ”, an entreprise he founded in 2010 while completing his PhD, it focuses on making available clean water to people in Africa and the world who have no access to it.

Efie Ne fie award won By Debra-Jane Nelson, the founder of Think| Mahogany,an event company that also focuses on communication, production and photography.


Music Artist of the Year award won by Fuse ODG.

African Fashion Designer of the Year: Duaba Serwa

Young and Talented Award: won by Lewis Appiagyei, aspiring Formula 1 ‘champion’, we can call him ‘the next’ Lewis Hamilton


Rising star award: Rebecca Amissah

Charity of the Year award: Lively minds, a charity that focuses on helping deprived children in rural areas in Ghana and in Eastern Uganda.

Ghanaian association of the Year: won by Merceyside Assiociations of Ghanaians.


GUBA Exceptional achievement: Herman Chinery-Hesse

GUBA Outstanding Achievement: Prince Kofi Amoabeng

GUBA Community Champion: Archbishop Kwaku Manson

GUBA Enterprise Mogul: Kanya King MBE

Student Achiever Award won by Jason Ochere, who graduated with 2.1 honours in Philsophy, Politics and Economics at the university of Manchester university.

Congratulations to all the winners and persons nominated!

When i was younger, i used to think I could get inside the television if I took a shoe with a heel or whatever girlish weapon that were there and throw it into the TV screen until the television screen smashes, then i thought i could get inside it quickly and be part of everything that I saw.
Being present at the last edition of the GUBA Awards and seeing everything happening in front of my very eyes was a bit like i threw a shoe to get there, only difference is, i did not.

I promise. I chose the safest way.

Thanks for reading!








photo 5-3


photo 3

Watch the video:

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What are the TOP 10 Nollywood classics?

As a French-born Ghanaian, i grew up in an African home, my parents brought me up to know my roots and where i come from.
I traveled a lot to Africa; learnt how to speak Twi (Ghanaian language) at an early age and i grew up with a very strong love for my African culture.

For my parents, watching African movies were considered one of the major form of entertainment at home, not only were the movies entertaining but also because it was something that reminded them of ‘home’, Africa.
It’s almost like a remedy that made them feel closer to home.
The Nigerian movie industry known as the largest movie industry in Africa in terms of the number of movies that are produced every year, makes it non-surprising that as a young girl, Nigerian movies were the kind of movies that were played the most often in my home, we could watch as many as we could, of all different kinds, from a vast variety.


The Nigerian movie industry- Nollywood has evolved enormously over the years, becoming the third largest movie industry in the world.
Nollywood movies are not only popular among Africans but also among non- Africans; Not only popular among locals but also among people living in the diaspora.
Nigerian filmmakers are often asked during interviews ‘What is the reason behind Nollywood’s success?’ a lot of their answers would be the fact that the stories told in Nollywood are ones the audience can relate to.
One successful Nigerian filmmaker, called Imasuen says during a CNN interview “People get in touch with Nollywood’s direct realism,…People are getting more and more interested, more and more involved in our productions because they can feel the pains, they can feel the excitement, it’s so real to them.

Nollywood movies even from the early beginning, starting from the 1992 movie ‘Living in bondage’ has been known to produce good story lines, ones that tells African and realistic stories. Ones that a mother, a child, an African could relate to.
Now. because of the success of Nollywood and the evolving pace of the industry over the years, means better quality movies are been made; High budget movies are being produced.
But the purpose stays the same as it has in the beginning : To tell African stories.
And filmmakers, directors are being pushed and inspired to tell even better stories for the mass and variety of audience that is growing everyday.

Now, in my opinion, using my own observations and experiences: ‘What are the TOP 10 Classic Nollywood movies?’
What is a classic movie first of all?
A classic movie is …
1- A movie you could watch over and over again and anytime you do, it only reconfirms the fact that it was and is in fact a brilliant movie.
2- A movie that opened doors for the industry to evolve and sets a barrier for better movies to be created following that lineage and example.
3- A movie that even until now (If an old movie) is considered one of the bests or even THE best.
If a movie has all these 3 qualities above or even 1 of them, then in fact it could be considered a classic movie.
A classic movie for me may not be considered a classic for you and vice-versa but one thing that is sure is the fact that a movie must be awesome enough to be considered a classic for anyone.

Going down memory lane, here are my TOP 10 list of Nollywood classics:



The movie stars Nkiru Sylvanus; Jim Iyke and Zack Orji to name a few.
The orphan. This movie is mainly about Jiji a newly orphan and pregnant young woman (played by Nkiru Sylvanus) who goes to the city from the village in search for Henry (Played by Jim Iyke), her boyfriend who impregnated her during his visit to the village.
In the city, She goes to Henry’s place, and is advised to abort the baby, she is disgraced and called many names by Henry’s mother. Pregnant, With no money and no place to go, abandoned, until a compassionate woman notices her and decides to take her into her home until she gives birth. Only when Jiji thinks all her troubles are now gone that unexpected events unfolds.

This movie was one of the most emotional, heartfelt movie I had watched during that time.
The character Jiji played by Nkiru Sylvanus was played extremely well and portrayed so accurately that in fact she became one character that the audience i believe could not help but feel pity and extreme compassion for.
The acting of the actors were extremely believable and the on- screen chemistry between Nkiru Sylvanus and Ji Iyke was faultless.
This movie was also the first I have watched with one actor playing 2 characters at the same time, in one scene.
The soundtracks and camera work in this movie brought an intimate and personal feel which made it perfect for the audience to feel like they were part of it.
This movie all in all is one I could watch over again and still appreciate it anytime I do, for that reason I call it a classic.



The movie stars Genevieve NNaji, Ramsey Nouah and Shan George to name a few.
This movie is about a family man named Jimmy (played by Ramsey Nouah) married to Chioma (played by Genevieve Nnaji) who out of desperation decides to join the church ministry by becoming a pastor after going through months of misery trying to find a career that will help him and his family to get out of poverty.
Jimmy eventually becomes a pastor but faces tribulations and spiritual welfare during his ministry which leads him into a complete change in behavior that leads him into rejecting his own family. Until eventually, the power of the almighty God delivers him and his family from the hands of the enemy.

I remember watching this movie with my parents when I was younger, and it was one of the first ever movie I had watched that dealt with Christianity and spirituality. It was a very insightful movie and very different from the lovey-dovey, dramatic kind of movies that were out there at the time.
As a Christian, watching this movie was really inspirational as it demonstrated the power of God and many lessons could be taking from it. The acting in this movie is also superb. A classic.



The movie stars Desmond Elliot ; Genevieve Nnaji & Yul Edochie to name a few.
This movie is about a village girl Juliana (played by Genevieve Nnaji) who became blind at the age of two and has been living with her handicap all her life. A city man named Clark (played by Desmond Elliot) sees her and they both start forming an intimate bond and relationship, despite Jiji’s handicap.
Clark gives her hopes, happiness and changes her life around. But they also go through challenges and trials that will strongly test their relationship and love for one another.

As I’m typing this I have just re-watched the exact movie and the first thing I said after the movie ended just recently, I recall is ‘ Wow, this movie is a cl-a-ss-ic’. I cannot recall how many times I had watched it, but re-watching only reconfirms the fact that this movie was produced perfectly.
The story line is the heart of the movie, not a costume, makeup or the imagery.
The story speaks for itself and is told in a simple and realistic way. It is also movie that also deals with the tragedy of life such as Death, Loss, Illness.
WIND OF GLORY Is a love story told in a non-cliché way, you would relate to every character, their pains, their joy.
A classic among the classics.



The movie stars Ini Edo; Kenneth Okonkwo; Liz Benson & Hilda Dokubo to name a few.
This movie is about a humble but wealthy and well respected King called Promise (played by Kenneth Okonkwo) who falls in love with Uli, a poor girl from the village, (played by Ini Edo) who is the complete opposite of him.
They fall in love but faces numerous obstacles and tribulations coming against their relationship because of their different social backgrounds.

When we think Romantic movies in Nollywood movies history, it is quite impossible to not include the movie WORLD APART.
This movie does not only hold a great cast with some of the well respected veteran actors such as Liz Benson and Hilda Dokubo but it is a movie that no matter how many times I watch, It doesn’t get tiresome. Many would say the same thing.
This movie does not only have a remarkable story line but it is also apparent that a lot of work has been put in the making of this movie. During the time the movie was made, Nollywood producers were yet to have such great facilities as they have now but nevertheless from the sounds, to the soundtracks added and the locations in which some scenes were shot, all that contributes in making WORLD APART an enjoyable piece, even today.



The movie stars Osita Iheme; Chinwe Owoh & Francis Odega to name a few.
This movie is about a young boy (played by Osita Iheme) who gets sent to the city from the village, to go and live with his uncle because of his stubbornness, his family thinking living in the city would mature him, but little did they know that him living in the city would actually create more trouble for everyone around him.

This movie is one of the most funniest Nollywood movie I have ever watched. The acting of Osita Iheme portraying the stubborn boy makes the movie what it is. This movie is one I could watch over and over again.
A Nollywood classic.



The movie stars Nkem Owoh as the main character.
This movie is about a villager and a family man (Played by Nkem Owoh) who travels to London, UK for the first time to receive his share of inheritance left for him by his late brother who was a rich man in London.

It would be a big mistake to not include the movie OSUOFIA IN LONDON in my list of ‘Nollywood Classics’.
This movie was the highest selling movie in 2003, year of its release in Nigeria. OSUOFIA IN LONDON also known to be one of the very first Nollywood movie to have gained International success.
OSUOFIA IN LONDON is a movie that proved that a movie could be of a comedy genre but still come out as professional and well directed. A very funny movie with great acting from the cast.



The movie stars John Okafor , Osita Iheme as the two main characters.
This movie is all about a father and his son’s journey through life. Their personalities are very similar and their view on life is different from the norm, this pair reacts to certain things in both hilarious and unique ways.

Does the movie even need an introduction? For anyone who watches Nollywood movies, even if not a regular viewer, would at least be familiar with the movie MR IBU.

MR IBU Is one movie I have watched numerous times and still makes me laugh anytime I do. An hilarious movie.
The movie’s popularity became so huge that even until this day John Okafor is nicknamed Mr Ibu, his character’s name in the movie. I believe the movie is a Nollywood classic.. for many.

The first 3 that follows below, on this list are also my TOP 3 favourite Nollywood movies even til date…



Cast: Genevieve NNaji; Charles Okafor, Patience Ozokwor..
A story about a strong christian family whose christian faith and relationship is perturbed when passing through trials and various temptations, but not for long.

Why is this movie a classic? Because it is a movie that cannot be easily forgotten, a movie you would remember even a while after watching it.
This movie for me is definitely somewhere on the list of ‘most emotional Nollywood films’ also.
The amazing acting of each and every member of the cast made the amazing plot and story line justice.
A must watch.



Cast: Tony Umez; Pascaline Edwards; Ngozi Ezeonu…
The movie is about a newly married woman whose married relationship becomes in danger when her own best friend starts showing interest in her husband.
But who can fight against fate and put asunder two people that God has ordained to be together?

From the story line, to the characters; the acting and the way in which the movie goes about telling its story is fantastic and makes this movie a Nollywood favorite and a classic of mine.
A movie i could watch and re-watch anytime.



Cast : Hilda Dokubo, Liz Benson, Justice Esiri..
The story is about Amadi (played by Justus Esiri) and Azuka (played by Hilda Dokubo),a couple who have been married for over 10 years but are yet to have a child of their own. Azuka turns into pleading her best friend Helen (played by Liz Benson) to be a second wife for her husband so that her husband would finally get the chance to become a father. But little did Azuka know she was making the biggest mistake of her life by trusting her best friend and introducing her into her marital home.

HOUR OF GRACE. my all time favorite Nollywood movie.

The first time i watched HOUR OF GRACE, i was around 9 years old.
As a french born, even though my English speaking and listening skills were limited at that time, or should i say almost non-existent, this movie touched me in a way that even movies that are of my native language could not.
I might have not go through what some of the characters in the movie went through, but I could relate to the characters’ pains. The plot; the characters and even the soundtracks distinguish this movie from any other movie.
HOUR OF GRACE, no doubt an ultimate Nollywood classic, for me.

So, here we have come at the end of this article, telling you about my TOP TEN’s Nollywood classics, from my own perspective.
And all the movies i mentioned, i would gladly recommend to watch also.
Hoping that Nollywood movies that comes out now would also be considered ‘classics’ for future generations.
But a classic movie does not necessarily have to be an ‘old movie’. Therefore, i’m hoping that filmmakers would be inspired to write even better stories, ones with morals and lessons to learn from. And for producers and directors to tell those stories, the best way possible.
For any reader, I hope this article was useful and has let you know a bit more about the fruits of Nollywood.
Don’t hesitate to leave comments 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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Why is Yoo Jae Suk considered “The National MC” ?

Hello everyone!

Through my recent articles, i have been expressing my love for the Korean show Running Man, my love for Korean variety shows in general and i have layed out my thoughts on questions like “Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans?” or “What are my first impressions on the Korean show Barefooted friends?” and more, using my own words and through my own observations.

When it comes to writing articles and the subjects i’m adressing, it all comes down to inspiration and observation, simple as that.
I get ideas from things that i watch and things that i see happening around me and sometimes there are questions that randomly pop up to my mind such as ” Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans, ah yeah, i should probably write an article about that, let me think…” next thing you know i have already started typing.

Same thing happened with the subject i’m going to adress today which is : Why is Yoo Jae Suk considered the National MC or MC of the Nation (국민MC in korean) in the entertainment field in South Korea?
What is it about Yoo Jae Suk that he would be nicknamed the National MC and gain the respect of thousand, millions of viewers?

This is the subject I want to address today 🙂
That question started as a wondering thought and now i feel like i know enough to want to share my thoughts with you guys.

Before watching ‘Running Man’ close to 3 years ago, i had no idea who Yoo Jae Suk was, i started to watch (Running Man) from episode 46 and that didn’t help with my knowledge either.
But then i searched Yoo jae suk online, i got to learn a bit more about him with the help of Wikipedia i got the basic facts about Yoo Jae Suk, that he was a Korean TV host, very popular, he has hosted many shows etc etc.

But reading his Wikipedia page or brief bio on the Internet was nothing compared to the many other articles written about him on entertainment sites, articles i noticed then that often complimented him as well as comments with people showing their appreciation to him as well.

Therefore, for a person who didn’t really know much about Yoo jae suk but only knew about the fact that he was a well respected Korean host, it was like seeing the positive comments about him but not really knowing how they should be received, and then in many other articles i saw he had the title of “National MC”, seeing that basically makes one think “…Well, this man must be pretty special then”.

Anyway now two and a half years later as my exposure to Korean variety shows and Korean entertainment world has vastly expanded, (and a hardcore Running Man viewer i now am, let me add), i now came to the complete understanding as to why Yoo Jae suk is well respected and nicknamed National MC, as i got to know more about him as a person and his story.

If you know about the Korean variety world, you would obviously know who Yoo Jae Suk is, and the compliments he may have received and is still receiving throughout his career might well be familiar to your ears and eyes, compliments such as : Yoo jae suk is so humble, he is a nice man, he has nice manners Etc.

When talking about Yoo jae suk, compliments naturally comes flowing, so much that those compliments may become cliche to your listening ears now, or so much that people might even start having the allusion that Yoo Jae suk was born with the title “National MC” or again that ones might even think Yoo Jae Suk had always been famous, forgetting the long journey getting to where he is now and how holding the title of “National MC” for many years and him being respected like he is now is the result of hard work, commitment and humility.
It didn’t just happen like that.

Let’s talk a litle bit about the beginning of Yoo Jae suk….


As a young aspiring comedian, Yoo Jae Suk’s first televion debut happened in 1991 in a KBS show, where he made a short performance parodying a commercial with another comedian.
After that, Yoo Jae Suk appeared in shows there and then, with a mindset of wanting to be a succesful comedian, but despite years of trying, he still hadn’t catched his big break yet, even 9 years after his TV debut.
Here below are pictures taken from a 2000 show called “Beautiful TV Face” a kind of “self camera” show Yoo Jae Suk featured in, almost 10 years after his first television debut, years after trying to pierce in the field and making a name for himself in the industry.
Yoo Jae suk also shows the two awards he has won in the space of almost 10 years being in the industry.

He had only won 2 trophies then, one for a talk program hosted by another host, and the other one as a souvenir given to him to celebrate the end of the year at a commemoration , he said.


2 trophies , after almost 10 years of trying to pierce in the field.

He also mentioned in the video about the sadness and hard times he had gone through before, wanting to pierce in the industry, trying to make a name for himself.
There is also something that he said in the video that touched me, there he says:

” Watching these people that changed after becoming famous(comedians). I made myself one promise.
That i would never let myself become arrogant like those people. That thaught has never changed.
I will try my best to keep that promise and to be always humble,honest,sincere and commited.”


-2000 Yoo Jae suk speaking

Being honest, humble and sincere.

Well, i believe living on those principalities has indeed manifested greatly in Yoo Jae Suk’s life, knowing that two years later, in 2002, he catched his biggest break becoming a host of a show called “Live and Enjoy together”, then bigger doors oppened for him,and he became very active in the entertainment field, gaining his first Daesang “Grand Prize” award in 2005 with the show Happy together friends.

Yoo Jae Suk went on to host numerous shows later that became hits and very succesful e.g XMAN , with that his popularity increased enormously, even gaining him the nickname “National MC/ MC of the nations” not long after.
In a recent interview Yoo Jae Suk admitted how he finds being an MC suits himself more than a comedian.

Anyway, now step by step , let’s take a closer look as to what makes Yoo Jae Suk the National MC ? What qualities does he have? And how has he been able to keep the title and gain the respect and trust of so many viewers for such longevity?


Yes. I cannot write in this section without mentioning the number 1 reason why i believe Yoo Jae Suk has gained the respect of many viewers throughout his career which is , his humble personality.

Television hosts are watched by the audience in their role as hosts.
As a Talk show/variety host, everything you do on the show, even if it might not exactly fit the “variety aura” (humorous) , like helping a grandma passing by, it will still be noticed by the viewers.
And Yoo Jae Suk’s good maneers as a host is not left unnoticed, from the way in which he treats the guests and people around him, be it the fans gathering to watch or his comrades.


As a host, not letting the fame or popularity change the way he interacts with others, and never are we sensing pride or “I’m better than you” aura coming from him.
Yoo Jae Suk’s approach in the way he interact with others around him making him approachable making others feel at ease, including the guests that might appear on the shows he hosts.

But not only is his humility noticed on screen, with how he might interact with the others on screen. But also, the humility he portrays out of filming, with no cameras around.

Often times, you would notice articles appearing from nowhere stating facts about Yoo Jae Suk we’ve never known before.
An example of that is an information that came out recently stating how Yoo Jae suk has kept a promise he made to someone 8 years ago which was that he would host that person’s wedding if she/he gets married in the future, and he did and kept his promise hosting that person’s marriage.
Also, often times, you see celebrities stating how Yoo Jae suk has been good to them , being a helping hand when they were going through tough times, even when he was yet to become “The National MC”.

When i come across articles as such, i learn that what a person does when they are not famous counts as much as what they do when they’re famous. In other words, a person does not have to be famous to be humble and nice to others.

What if Yoo Jae Suk was irrespectful during his rookie days or rebelient during his younger years, would he be called “The national MC” today?
Would people say good things about him like what they are saying now?
Not likely.
Humility and kindness is a virtue that would get you far in life.

Another reason that makes Yoo Jae Suk the “The National MC” would be…


Yoo jae suk has gained himself over 17 nicknames over the years being host of over ten TV shows, a lot of the shows he has hosted which has become tremendous hits and very popular among viewers.
Yoo Jae is currently the host of 3 regular main shows, the show ‘Running Man’ ; ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘Happy together’.
Happy together has the longest run having existed since the year 2001 and now in 2013, the show is still favored and watched among many viewers, and in fact not less can be said about the show ‘Running Man’ and ‘Infinite challenge’.
Any shows hosted by Yoo Jae Suk has the tendency to gain extreme success and longevity. Why?
Because of his great sense of professionalism.

Let’s take a look at the 3 main shows he is currently the main host of, they are all of completely different genre, but Yoo Jae Suk has got the ability to switch and vary his hosting skills in a maneer that would fit the concept, genre and target audience of each show he hosts.
Yoo Jae suk gives his best in every show he hosts, whether it is in the show ‘Running Man’ which could be physically demanding

and yet having to keep up with his role as a host plus with his different characters on the show such as “YooHyuk” or “Yoomes Bond”.


For Happy together which requires him to wear a wig and interview different guests, interacting with the guests while staying professional.

For ‘Infinite Challenge’ having to complete different missions and leading the other members also.

Varying your hosting skills in a way that would fit the target audience while still being funny as a goal, is something Yoo Jae Suk does well, because of that he is seen as a relatable host, one that children, teenagers, adults, elders can relate to.


Would Yoo Jae Suk be called the National MC and be considered an entertainer if he wasn’t funny.
The fact that Yoo Jae Suk is funny and has got great variety skills MAKES him the National MC.

Yoo Jae Suk’s number 1 goal for himself is to make the audience laugh or for the show to make the audience laugh, that is why he wanted to get into the world of entertainment, that is why he got in the entertainment field- He loves to entertain. And he does it well.


As a viewer of his shows, i have noticed the quick wittiness of Yoo Jae Suk too. He has the ability of using and work with anything that presents itself and then turns it into something that would create laughs for the viewers.

A simple moment or scene that would normally be insignificant or even boring to anyone, let me emphasize on the word anyone could become a legendary and hilarious moment once Yoo Jae suk comments on it. Simple as that.
This is amazing when one thinks about it…

Let’s take the show Running Man for example, the nickname “Kwangvatar” referring to Lee Kwangsoo , the term came about when in Episode 54 Lee kwang soo came up running towards Yoo Jae suk..

just then Yoo Jae Suk commented on how he looked like the character Avatar when he just ran then.

Then the PD’s used that for editing effects and the caption “Kwangvatar” showed up just after.


Another thing that adds to Yoo Jae suk’s humour is his ability to laugh at himself and not taking things too seriously on screen.



Yoo jae suk starting from a humble beginning to becoming one of the most well respected Korean MC today, having kept a humble heart.

Now, put together a humble & nice personality, a great sense of professionalism and amazing humor and you would understand why Yoo Jae Suk is nicknamed The National MC of South Korea, but he couldn’t have been without the help of supporters and viewers that switch on, day in and day out to watch the shows he hosts (so well done to you too).

When Yoo Jae Suk was asked in an interview who is responsable for the success of the programs he hosts, he basically said that himself wouldn’t be enough to carry the show, therefore the guests featuring on the shows, the production crew and all have to work well together to make the show work.

But still a show wouldn’t work without a good MC, so Yoo Jae Suk, from all of us supporters all over the world, continue to give us laughs while staying humble and sincere. Always.♡


You can leave comments and share your thoughts, thank you for reading!

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My first thoughts on the K-variety show “Barefooted friends”

Hey everyone! I know it’s too early to write a “review” on the Korean variety show “Barefooted friends” just yet, but the first episode aired not long ago and i have recently watched it with English subtitles so i taught i would write my thoughts on it. The show is part of the “SBS Sunday’s lineup (shows)”, it airs on SBS and premiered on the 21rst April 2013.

Concept of the show as i understand: The cast travels to a country, a country different from their own culture (outside Korea), not for leisure sake, but to live like the proper locals of that country, having to experience how it would be like if they were from there and was a normal citizen, eg. working as a local earning money, living in a local house, etc. Here is the Wikipedia page :

I like the concept of the show, not only is it original but i believe each episode would be a humbling experience for the celebrity guests in terms of having to live as a local, “normal/common” person, in a foreign country, it would be a humbling experience.

Cast: Kang Ho-dong; Yoon Jong-shin; Yu Sae-yoon; Kim Bum-soo; Kim Hyun-joong; Yoon Si-yoon; Eunhyuk; Uee

First of all, let me just say, the initial reason why i have even considered watching the show has got to be because of Kim Hyun Joong. When i heard he is going to be a regular cast of a certain variety show called “Barefooted friends”, i taught i HAVE to watch that show. Why Kim Hyun Joong? Because watching certain interviews of him and his appearance on “We got married”, i have always taught this guy had such great and awesome sense of humor and personality and I’ve always felt that part of his personality, some call it “4D personality” was been overshadowed or unnoticed by the outside public because of the pop/idol singer” image he has.

Therefore, understand my joy when i heard he was going to be a cast, a regular cast for that matter , of a variety show hosted by one of the most respectable and funniest host/MC in S.Korea. I taught “Finally! Kim Hyun joong, go show your skills! :)”

Kang Ho dong! I have heard a whole lot about Kang Ho dong, he has got such great reputation in the “variety” business in S.Korea and is considered one of the best MC, so for a person like me , having being introduced to the Korean culture for almost 2 years now it’d be weird if i had never heard his name being mentioned, but let me admit that I’ve never been a regular viewer of the shows he’s hosted, which makes “Barefooted friends” the first proper show i have watched hosted by Kang Ho dong.

20130429-015130.jpg My impression of him on Barefooted friends? He’s very likable! I’m not exaggerating one bit, he is a different and original host, the kind that laughs alongside the other members when he finds things to be funny, without feeling the pressure of being “serious” just letting the members laughs by themselves, he is just natural and himself. He also have this kind of ” next door neighbor look”, which makes one relate to him, making me understand why he’s liked by many. I can’t wait to see more of him and his skills as the show goes on.

The cast? I’m not familiar with all of the cast so i did not have particular expectations, when an audience is not familiar with a cast,it’s either “they like” or “they don’t like”, the connection goes well or doesn’t, the cast could break or make a show. Me? I LIKE, thinking of me originally watching the show because of Kim Hyun Joong, watching the first episode i saw myself growing fond of each cast member, and i feel each one of them brings something different and unique to the show, the cast is diverse it’s a good and original mix. It does not only contain “KPOP faces” or “Young fresh faces” but it also contains “middle-aged men”.
It does not contain “an ALL men cast” but contain ” 7 males AND a female” , i like the diversity.
UEE as the only woman, i like. I have only witnessed her variety skills on the show i regularly watch “Running Man” , i remember watching the 137th episode and thinking “this girl is strong!” Anyway, that’s not the point.
I believe as the only girl in this new variety show, UEE would fit it in well with the other men in the cast, she is competitive and confident at the same time.
Yoon Jong shin, I like him. Hahahah , he reminds me so much of Ji suk Jin from Running Man,from the comments he makes and even his fashion style , it’s too funny to watch. I’m glad he’s on the show though, he keeps the cast balanced with his “ajhussi image” and comedian feel. I can somehow feel he’s the one that is going to be “the big man” if Kang ho dong is not seen on the show.
There was a moment in the first episode, where i felt quite sorry for him when he couldn’t find anyone that wanted a ride on his motorcycle!!

20130429-015031.jpg (Pic:AllKpop)

Kim Hyun Joong I actually taught he was going to be a little introvert for the first episode, but he wasn’t and we witnessed some of his moments, i somehow feel as the show goes along a soundtrack is going to be added anytime his “blunt and funny moments” appears.
Yoon Si yoon ,as a variety newbie, i got to say he is pretty good, very good.
Same for the other members, they were funny and natural in front of the cameras, not trying to “look good” all the time,and this type of behaviour is something needed for a show like that. Let’s take notice that once the members reached Vietnam and had to get up a few hours later, being blindfolded, they were not given time to brush their teethes or bath, but not one complain or anything like that was heard.

Anyway, let me not talk too fast, as there are much more episodes coming, this show has a lot of competitions among other very successful shows currently airing on Korean TV right now, but i believe this show has potential to be good, what could be the best asset for this show, that could keep viewers hanging even if the content becomes poor would be ….the chemistry between the cast, in the first episode because the teams were separated we, the viewers, didn’t really get a chance to see the interactions very much, but the content and missions were interesting enough to keep us entertained. But in the opening and when i look at the different members’ personalities, i have a feeling they would connect well. For a variety show to be successful, it needs the whole package: good chemistry between casts; great content/concept, creativity, etc.
Another thing that needs to be seen on the show is for each member of the cast to stand out, a member being “too quiet/too shy” would seem transparent, and for that kind of show it could not work well.

Let’s see what happens in future episodes! 🙂

You can leave comments. What did you think of the first episode, what do you think of the show, the concept,the members? 🙂

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Some asks “Why are Jihyo & Gary not dating in real life?”

Hello everyone!

My recent article “Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans?” has gained a lot of attention which i did not expect, so thank you. But more than anything, it made me realize how once again very popular Running Man and the members are, around the world.

Anyway, the idea of writing the post you’re reading right now, about this particular subject (referring to the title “Why is Monday couple not dating in real life (yet)?) is completely unexpected and random, as i had no taught of laying out my opinions or write an article concerning that particular subject.

But then after watching episode 139 of Running Man with excitement, i feel am in the right mood to write.

Monday couple.

Even though i like Monday couple, i have never gone as far as wanting them together in real life, as their interactions have always been sufficient for me ..but

” Why is Monday couple not dating already?” “Date already!” “Gary likes her,why is Jihyo oblivious to see that?” are among the most common lines one would hear among other “Runners” especially among Monday couple fans.

I’m passionate about finding answers to questions or issues people want to know about, investigating the truth about a particular matter.
Somehow,I’m a very logical person, accepting the truth even if it means hurting my “fangirling” mind on the other side of my skull.

Today,i have decided to transform my thoughts into words but at the same time also give space for the readers to form their own judgments on the subject.

Monday couple “Why are they not dating already?” The obvious answer would be “Because Jihyo has got a boyfriend” but i would answer this question in such a way one would understand, particularly if they are Running Man viewers.


For a relationship to develop, a person has got to spend quality time with the person they like, talking while no one is around and trying to get know the person on a personal level. With no public or eyes around you, just simplicity.Her/him and you, eyes to eyes.~

For Jihyo and Gary’s case they have not had any romantic development outside of Running Man. (PS: unless they secretly dated with no cameras around and nobody knows about it)
To build a relationship with someone, one can’t only rely on seeing that person once or twice a week on a show with tens of cameras, because this is NO real foundation for a real relationship.
If one day Gary and Jihyo became a real couple and the announcement came on TV, you should not believe it happened all on Running man, no, they talked behind the scenes, called each other and became close ,they made time for each other outside of the show to build a real foundation.
For e.g if there is a couple in your work place. It did not happen overnight: they had to talk outside of work to try to get to know each other, they therefore became close and then their relationship became public for everyone to see.
Therefore i believe one of the reasons why Jihyo & Gary despite their Monday couple characters, are not dating in real life like some may want is because no real move has been made outside of the show.
But of course, after filming Running for more than two years as members, it is very likely they have met behind the scenes among the running man members.
Jihyo & Gary might have been on the phone outside of Running Man, but what am saying is, were they rather talking as friends, leaving their Monday couple status and teasing in Running Man’s location?


What about Song Jihyo?

I believe a person could never date someone while being in love with someone else or being attached to someone.
Song jihyo has dated, in fact is currently dating someone outside of Running Man while being known as the Monday girlfriend. I believe she wouldn’t have being able to do so if she felt she was in a real relationship with Gary.

When Gary gives her compliments, among the numerous compliments she received from him on Running Man, the reason why Jihyo does not take it to heart, is it because she sees it as a show he puts on for Running Man, therefore she tries not to waver?
As a female, If a man gives you compliments in front of others and people ship you two, but as soon as you’re off work, school that person doesn’t come near you, would you believe the guy and his words? Won’t you try to not take his words too much at heart next time he gives you compliments?

I once saw a tweet that says “Gary got dumped by Jihyo, Gary & Jihyo broke up!!!” It made me think for a moment…”Are people taking it too far or not?”


But first, let me ask you: [Question] Have you ever had a crush on someone? You really loved how they looked, their smell, their presence …but if a friend asked you “Would you die for them? Do you love them with all your heart” You’d say No or maybe just laugh at their faces ” bwaHahahaha, He’s my crush,it doesn’t mean i Looveeeeee him ,gosh”.

Just.. a crush.

Is this imagery similar with Gary’s situation?: After Jihyo’s relationship announcement came up, a lot of running man fans felt sorry for Gary and through his twitter page showed their encouragement ,
Gary replied to the tweets ““Did we work this hard on the sketch from the start…? I will work harder now, knowing that there are people out there who care about me enough to tell me to be strong, but no need for that anymore!! There is nothing that I need to be strong about… there are other people out there who are struggling for real… my biggest struggle is finding myself haha.”

He later wrote, “Why do I have to listen to people telling me that they are sorry, when they don’t need to be and I don’t need to hear it…?”

[Imagine] Your friend asks if you would ever want to date your crush, you respond “No”.
But it is not a “No” in the sense that you don’t like her/him but a “No” because you believe you have no chance getting their attentions or you might even think you wont be good enough for them, they’re too good for you , therefore you never make the move, not wanting to make a fool of yourself?

Is it similar with Gary’ situation, this time?: Gary in 2011 had a twitter interview while being fully on mode being the “Monday boyfriend”, when the question ““You and Song Ji Hyo are a ‘couple’ on ‘Running Man’. What are the odds of the two of you actually dating?” he responded by ” “Ji Hyo is a really laid back, sweet & cute dongseng of mine, as well as a good colleague. Someone like myself that lives with no boundaries and with a tendency to mess up from time to time probably isn’t a good fit for her, haha. I think she needs to find someone better than me.”


The reason of this post was to give a clearer & simple idea about what are some possible reasons why Song jihyo and Gary aren’t dating in real life as some may have wished for.
But no one can read someone’s mind unless you are them. You never know what could, have, might happen, happened behind the scenes , or even what could happen in the future.
Thus the reason why i added a “(yet)”.

In my opinion Gary’s other half should be a girl that:
1) like the word “STRESS” 2) Likes coffee 3) likes wearing caps!

For Song Jihyo, her perfect other half should be :
1) A man who Is stronger than her 2) gives her compliments 3) makes her laugh.

Monday couple happened naturally on Running Man but whether they do date in real life or not as some want, shouldn’t be our focus as one can’t fight against destiny and fate, therefore we should support the decisions they make no matter what 🙂

The foundation of every relationship even between boyfriend-girlfriend is friendship. Once you have that, you have everything!
moi 020


Leave comments below 🙂

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Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans?

Running Man cast: Lee kwang soo, haha (ha dong hoon), Ji suk jin, Kim Jong Kook, Yoo jae suk, Gary, Song Jihyo

Running Man is one of the most popular variety shows in S.Korea right now. Not only is it popular in Korea but it is also popular outside, gaining fans across Asia and even other continents. The games, the humor (WARNING: You would not be able to watch a full Running Man episode without laughing- i tried= IMPOSSIBLE) and the relationship between the cast all contributes to its success.
For this post, let me emphasize on “the relationship between the cast” part and talk about….

Monday couple.

If i randomly write “Monday couple” down like i did above, the people not familiar with Running Man would have no clue what I’m referring to.
But in the other hand, the regular viewers would know straight away what it refers to.
Today, I’m going to write about Monday couple and mentions the reasons why i believe this variety couple is popular among Running Man fans.
I’m secretly a “Monday couple” fan myself.

If you watch Running Man,you would know the term “Monday couple” in itself refers to Gary and Jihyo, the term came about when in episode 14, Haha(ha dong hoon) mentioned how Gary and Jihyo always seems close anytime they filmed (referring to Gary’s flirting and Jihyo’s interaction with him) which were on Mondays (filming date) , they were first dubbed “Monday couple” then by the captions. Jihyo then confirms their Monday couple status when in episode 16 she says “On Mondays, i have a man” referring to Gary.


Running Man viewers, especially Monday couple fans have grown so fond of this on-screen (variety) couple from that point on , to the extent that even after Song Jihyo’s real life’s relationship was made known in episode 82 , viewers are still eager and enjoy to see Monday couple interact.
Therefore i decided to write about Monday couple and the reasons why they’re still so popular among Running man viewers?


In all honesty, I believe the main foundation of Gary and Jihyo’s monday couple relationship on the show all started from Gary’s honest approach and the fact that from the beginning, he was pretty straight forward showing his feelings,never hiding the fact that he he was somehow attracted to her. One can call it a crush.
Not a crush that would go as far as him wanting to die for the person and marry them, but an innocent crush, obvious enough that people around you would see you are turning red anytime that person’s name is being mentioned or when the ones around you see your embarrassment when faced with the question ” Do you like her/him?”.

Such as below (in episode 8)

Here in episode 15 when Joongki kisses Jihyo in the cheek, Yoo Jae suk asks if Gary is doing okay and here’s Gary’s reaction:


The fact that Monday couple started from raw emotions and naturally,makes the audience relates and it also brings some sense of realism because it is somehow realistic.


If you’ve followed Running Man since the early episodes, you would know for certain that Gary and Jihyo’s relationship on the show (Monday couple) is not scripted but that it started naturally and gradually.
The fact that Monday couple’s interaction is non scripted and not dictated by any producers but is natural brings about a lot of unexpected interactions between Gary and Jihyo and makes the audience please as they can relate to them, one that haven’t followed Running Man would even ask if they are a real couple.

Few guests on the show even asked if they are a real couple because of their natural chemistry, including UEE in Episode 34.

Haha (ha dong hoon) answered the question:IMG_3362

And Jihyo jockingly said it is midnight already,Monday has passed so they’re already over for the week.


As Running man viewers, the viewers have been able to witness Gary and Jihyo go from having the most awkward relationship among the cast members in the earlier episodes..
(pictures taking from episode 10)

You could say Jihyo was almost afraid and intimated by Gary. Very funny to think about it now. IMG_3439 (I believe the main reason why Jihyo was so awkward with him is because just like the viewers, she was aware of Gary’s likeness towards her by then) but that moment in the exhitibition arts room, this moment together helped them to be more comfortable towards each other and brought them slightly closer.
With Gary even buying coffee for her and Jihyo sharing it.

….when Jihyo tried to strike up conversation and asked him if he has plans to get married yet as he’s in his thirties, he replied by saying

With that,their interaction became natural and as the episodes went along their relationship grew into something Gary could have only imagined in his head. …

From episodes…to episodes…

to episode…


After Jihyo’s relationship was announced Jihyo and Gary became awkward and barely talked to each other. When they were put in the same team for the first time after a while, it was all like the beginning again. Awkwardness (ep 90)

But after a few episodes and a few awkward moments has passed, they slowly but surely got past the awkwardness stage and became comfortable again.

IMG_3400 (episode 137)


The fact that from the beginning until now the audience have been seeing their progress and how their relationship has grown over the show contributes to their popularity among Running Man fans.

Another thing that contributes to the popularity of Monday couple would be…


Of course.
Some say when you love, words just come flowing. I’m sure it’s no different from our Kang Gary. Because of his Monday boyfriend status he has been able to come out with the most unforgettable and funniest, same time cheesiest lines in Running Man history,fans have also been able to witness the quirky side of Leesang’s Gary.
Here are some examples of Gary’s memorable & also cheesiest lines:

(Episode 29) Even turtles live together in the same place, why are people only able to meet on Mondays? Ah! A true enviable family!

(episode 55) Is what they call love? When you have it, it’s a burden! Without it you’re lonely.

(episode 135) Song jihyo is asked by Ji suk jin if she’ll ever date Gary, she replies by “I’ll think about it” she asks Gary if he had thoughts on dating her.
Gary replies by ” Don’t think about it next time, tell me either X or O now”(referring to her answer to Ji suk jin’s question)

(episode 120) Gary has a wardrobe malfunction, his underwear can be seen slightly & he asks Jihyo “…It’s the color you like right?” Hilarious.

(episode 10) When Jihyo says that they have 4 years age difference and Gary replies “Like four letters to love to death?”

(episode 135) Song Jihyo asks Gary what clothes he would recommend her to buy if they went shopping, he replies ” Song jihyo has no need for that (all the expensive clothes) , Song jihyo herself is beautiful, Song jihyo…she is a flower”


The Monday couple captions is also one of the reasons why i believe Monday couple is popular even after Jihyo’s relationship announcement. The fact that the captions”Monday couple” has not being taking off the show but still appears now and then, let the viewers know that Monday couple is still alive and part of the show.

IMG_3419 (ep 137)


Not only the captions, but also the members adds to the popularity of this on-screen couple, the fact that the cast members still emphasize on each interaction they see coming from Gary and Jihyo. Haha (ha dong hoon) is not being shy expressing the fact that he wants them to date in real life, outside the show.

A Monday couple shipper are you, Ha dong hoon?

Summarizing, i believe the reasons why Monday couple is still popular among Running man fans, is because of all these reasons mentioned above! Their natural chemistry; Gary’s love lines and so on.

Episode 137 i believe is the most powerful Monday couple moment until date, when Gary & Jihyo had to do the “pepero game”. I believe it would stay one of the most classic moments for Monday couple fans out there.

What do you think of the Monday couple? Leave comments below 🙂

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Why is Lee kwangsoo so popular among Running man fans?

Hi everyone!

So, I have just finished watching Running Man episode 134, the second part of the Asian Race in Vietnam, Hanoi (awesome episode) and let me just say i was so surprised by the awesome and immense crowd Running man received there in Vietnam and in Macau.
As a person who’s been watching Running man’s for a long time now , you can’t help but feel like a proud mother seeing the level in which Running man has grew in term of popularity, not only in Korea but also in other foreign countries.
Another thing that caught my eye in Episode 134 is the realization of how popular our renowned giraffe Lee kwangsoo has become, i already knew he was well popular among RM fans in Korea, but not only is his popularity already felt in Korea but his popularity is also felt stronger in other parts of Asia, among foreigners, even the Running man cast and crew were taken aback by the immense love he received. SO much that in episode 134, the captions describes him as the new “Asia’s prince”.

After watching episode 134, i coincidentally came across an interview of Running man producer’s Cho Hyo jin, it say” “I wrote this in the subtitles of the show too, but I really don’t understand why or how he is so popular. I’m guessing it’s because he’s become so much funnier recently. According to Yoo Jae Suk, ‘the god of variety shows help Kwang Soo.’ It’s rather mysterious how he became so popular.

So, as a regular running man viewer that loves the show so much and each member of the cast, i have decided to share from my own point of view on why i think Running man’s Lee Kwang soo is so popular among Running man fans and what contributes to his popularity.

1- Because of his “next door’s neighbor’s look” & Humble personality

Let’s face it. Imagine Lee kwang soo with the same humor but with a “flower boy” look or “Kpop band” member look, milky skin, perfect teethes,perfect body,perfect eyebrows, perfect skin, pretty face,perfect nose, perfect hands, sexy voice, great fashion sense and the list goes on.
Would he be the Kwangsoo we now know? Would his humor come across the same? Wouldn’t you care more about his looks than his jokes? Would he be the same? The answer is a big fat ” NO!”.
One of the reasons why people like Lee Kwang soo on Running Man but might not realize, is because of his normal, easy going look,


because of that we can all relate to him, he looks like someone we could be friends with, easy to talk to and that makes him so much more likable and cooler.
Lee kwangsoo has a very humble heart too, never have i sensed pride coming from him, anytime he is cheered on by fans on Running Man or wins a game,i just get as happy as him ,because i can relate to his joy and how he feels, as if i was in his place or like he’s a friend of mine.
The RM audience shares the same bond with him as an audience shares a bond with the main character in a film. When he he is “bullied” on RM with his hilarious and yet sad expression, for a second we watch the show “from his point of view”. Lee kwangsoo is a “relateable” character and who can help but smile when he smiles.


2- His humor & Face expressions
Lee kwangsoo is hi-la-rious.


I call Lee kwangsoo a variety genius and a variety gem, simply because before Running man he has no experience whatsoever in variety shows and when he was first casted, i believe he has no idea how funny he could be and has no idea of his hidden variety skills.
Lee kwang soo doesn’t even have to try hard to be funny, Lee kwang soo was born with variety skills or how should i put it then? ha.
Not only is he funny to the audience because of his “punch lines” and bluntness when coming up with funny lines, but he’s also funny because of his actions and the face expressions he’s able to make along with it.
Here are some Imagine games to make you realize how his facial expressions adds to his humor.

Exercise: Imagine Lee kwangsoo taking Jihyo’s nametag off, Jihyo realizes and angry she asks him “Are you stupid?”
Imagine Kwang soo’s face expression? …

Exercise: Lee kwang soo being a spy and being accused by Yoo jae suk.
Imagine Lee kwang soo’s facial expression trying hard not to laugh and trying to keep his face serious while denying it.

Exercise: Imagine
Lee kwangsoo’s facial expression when he is doing his robotic signature dance…

Starting from Running Man Episode 1, it was slightly raining but it was a must for each member of the cast to introduce themselves to the audience, and when the time came for Lee kwang soo to introduce himself, the rain poured the more which left him drenched in rain. WHY did this happen to Kwangsoo? Destiny? Fate? Even on the very first episode, he has already his “pitiful persona”, ha.

His hilarity and ways of coming up with jokes and funny actions so easily makes it seems like he had been in the variety industry for years and that in itself is remarkable and is the cause of his rising popularity among RM fans.

Another thing that added to Lee kwangsoo’s popularity, it would sound bad for the innocent ear but i would say …..



Over the years being on Running Man, Kwang soo’s desire to win the games has gone stronger and stronger from episode to episode, and sometimes his eagerness to be victorious has pushed him into deceiving and betraying his fellow members , even the ones who are on his team. Because of that he’s been nicknamed Running man’s “icon of betrayal” ,in several occasions, Kwangsoo gives lots of laughs to viewers when he is on his “betrayal mode”.
Even guests that comes on Running man knows him as Running man’s number 1 betrayal and would find it hard sometimes to “trust” him, it’s just that he’s just too good a deceiving others, but sometimes his betrayals can lead him into complete downfall, especially when he’s found in jail with Kim jong kook after having taking his nametag off.


His tall height has gained him the nickname “giraffe” not only is it his nickname in Running man but even outside of Running Man, so much that in the popular drama he stars in, “Nice guy” there’s a particular scene with Kwangsoo and there’s a giraffe image behind him, i don’t believe it’s coincidental, ha.
IMG_3230 (picture via ALLKPOP)

His tall height (1.90) adds for some of his funniest moments on Running man
In episode 93 when he couldn’t even fit inside the voting station.

Would Lee kwangsoo’s robotic signature dance be as hilarious without his long arms and long body? Would he have gained the nickname “giraffe” if wasn’t for this height?
The answer is NO. Lee kwang soo is uniquely beautifully and hilariously tall. Too tall maybe 😀
But his height also made him popular as it distinguishes him from any other.
He is the tallest Runner i know.


OF COURSE his robotic and unique dance adds to his popularity. Fans go wild and crazy anytime he performs his unique dance, but who doesn’t?? It’s just too hilarious for words.

Guests that comes on Running Man that have testified Lee kwang soo dancing live would tell you.
I don’t know what’s funny about this dance? Is it the fact that LKS is unashamed to perform it anywhere he goes or his seriousness anytime he performs it?

And believe you me, i have tried to emulate this dance, but it just …doesn’t work.
Only Lee kwang soo is the master of this dance!


When you watch Running man and one sees how Lee kwang soo cares for his supporters and always wants the audience to cheer for him in games, you cannot help but want to also be one of his supporters and cheer for him.

Something you would notice with Lee kwangsoo is that he is also very caring, whether it’s with the guests or the members, he always cares about the well-being of his fellow members. Not only is he caring on TV but even behind the scenes,If you follow him on Twitter also ( ) you would also notice the hearts signs he posts alongside his tweets sometimes.


There are so many reasons why i believe Lee kwang soo has grown in popularity among RM fans over the world that can’t be all mentioned, his humor, his smile,the shyness look he takes when he has a crush on a female guest, his jokes and so on but the number 1 reason i believe he has gained in popularity is because of the support of the Running man crew and cast that believed in him since Day 1.

I hope Lee kwang soo continues to give us viewers, laughs with his presence on Running Man!

Lee kwang soo from all of us Running man viewers around the world, we love you!

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CNBLUE: Their success & Why i like them + RE:BLUE thoughts

Hello, i just decided to write a bit about CNBLUE, starting from how i got to know about them to their success & their new album RE:BLUE 🙂


The members: Jungshin/Junghyun/Yonghwa/Minhyuk


Credits goes to for this picture 🙂

The first time i set eyes in this band was completely by accident, actually. After watching Heartstrings, a drama that i really loved by the way, i decided to look for Jung Yong-hwa’s page on Wikipedia, one because he reminded me so much of a certain Kim hyun joong,i found their resemblance fascinating in terms of how they look and their acting mannerisms and two because i just wanted to know who is the guy that acts Lee shin on Heartstrings?
So as i came across his wiki, i read that he is the leader of a certain band called CNBLUE, thus he is originally a musician, (Interesting, i taught)

so i went on the very popular video sharing website YOUTUBE and searched for CNBLUE. First video that came up was their “Intuition” music video. I clicked on it. My first impression? : Mehh.
I’ve never really been into KPOP because it is not really the style of music i listen to, i was more into the ballads, cute songs type of thing, at that time i was even a bit sad cos i couldn’t find a Korean singer or band that suits my taste so when i watched the “Intuition” music video i immediately taught “Up tempo music? Dark music video? Here is another KPOP band that sings and dances i guess..meh..not my taste :(”
BUT somehow i was drawn to watch the video again so i went back to watch the same video again,15 mins later thinking “Come on, give them a chance, they might be different from other KPOP bands, you haven’t even proper listened to them..” so i clicked on the video intuition, i watched til the end and..

THAT HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. LOL. I’m glad i watched because right there i completely fell in love with this band, my fist impression of them was wrong, CNBLUE were a different and unique band, they didn’t dance or anything, they just had their amazing energy, voices and blended great together, i had finally found a KOREAN BAND that suits my taste!!! Whoohoo.

I never taught once that i would love a “rock band”, me being the lovey-dovey romantic girl that I’m but CNBLUE changed my music taste and made me realize, ROCK, POP, RAP whatever if a music is good it’s good and after watching “Intuition” and watching their other MV’s and listening to their other songs, from “Love girl” to “I’m a loner”, watching their videos i realized that they are a versatile band, they can sing ballads and make a girl heart melt as well as give the Rock atmosphere and rap and makes both girls and boys get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. CNBLUE had the whole package.

That was around the beginning of year 2012 when i first discovered them but a year and a bit later since I’ve known them this band have not let me down, they keep going strong and strong and strong. This band, i can actually say even without their good looks or appearance I WILL STILL LIKE THEM, their looks is not what attracts me to this band, their music is what attracts me.

CNBLUE members are true musicians. Look at their live performances, their concerts, they always put their 100% anytime they perform, all they care about is their music and to please their public.

I remember after watching the drama Heartstrings, i decided to watch the show “We got married” season 2 with Yonghwa & Seohyun
so that i’d get to know more about Yonghwa as a person, and it strikes me now when i watch the first few episodes and i think about how CNBLUE were so not very known back then, i remember a particular episode in WGM when after holding hands with Seohyun, Yonghwa purposely lost contact with Seohyun for a month or so and everyone in the studio were misunderstanding, even one of the commentators saw Yonghwa the wrong way saying he was a bad man etc. But later on it was confirmed through further episodes that there was a reason for what he did and everyone became understanding and slightly embarrassed for misunderstanding. THAT alone shows how little people knew of Yonghwa’s personality and who he is and a lot of them also didn’t know the other members names.
I’m mentioning that only to say that their popularity has risen so much throughout the years compared to years ago and that now they’re so popular and finally getting the recognition they deserve, I’m proud of my boys.
I’m also glad that now each member is getting spotlight, before when one taught of CNBLUE, they might have immediately thought “Yonghwa” but now because of each member progressing in their other fields such as acting and appearing on shows and variety shows, each member is getting recognition and i enjoy to see that.


What i like about CNBLUE is also their humility, each one of them are so humble. They do not have the “celebrity syndrome” at all, they’re just really normal guys who when one see and know them realize how not proud they are and that fame hasn’t got into their heads. Look at Yonghwa when he appears on Running Man, for example, you never sense proud coming from him.

Humility is a virtue that will get you far in life.

Now let me write a little bit about their new album “RE: BLUE”

Tracklists : 1/ I’m sorry/2/Coffee shop/3/Na Geudaeboda(나 그대보다)/4/Naram Namja (나란 남자)/5/La La La(라라라)/6/ Where you are are (English version)

I LOVE each and every song and you know how even with your fave groups, they may have a track you don’t really get. Well, for that album there is no one song i don’t get lol.
Coffee shop i think is my favorite, This song is..CNBLUEMAZING. . people would go wild for that when they perform this song in concerts. This song is so good, it’s made for concerts.

The 3rd track is more of a calm song that would not make you jump in the air but it ‘ll make you wave your hands in the air. There are so many songs from CNBLUE even from their past albums that would not get old : Love girl, I’m a loner, rock’n’ roll and so many others. That’s what real musicians do ^^

Anyway, only i know how much more I’ve got to say about this band, but I’d leave it here, more posts coming about CNBLUE though 😉

And tell me, what’s your fave song in the album? ANd what are some of the things you like about CN to the BLUE? Leave comments 🙂