Libya slave trade & the desperation to leave home

A few weeks ago, there was a heartbreaking CNN news report about young African migrants in Libya being bought and sold as slaves In a secluded area of Libya. Those migrants are part of a generation of Africans and non Africans who leave their native countries for hopes of greener pastures in Europe even if it means taking a dangerous path to get there with the clear awareness of possible danger. It is saddening.

If you have seen the report, it shows a number of Black African migrants (Nigerians, Ghanaians..) being auctioned and sold off in plain moonlight. However this story of human trafficking is only a reoccurrence of what has occured this same year in Libya. Here you can read the story from April 2017 on the Guardian : Here, the article reported in April states that West African migrants ‘are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya ‘ according to survivors that have told a UN agency.

I’m writing this article to share my views on these appalling stories. First of all, the anger that I felt deep down when I saw the video in November on CNN was unmatched (I’m moved by appalling stories anyway) but as an African myself I was not just angry at the fact that my fellow Africans were being sold off by people in this 21st century and the fact that any country would allow this to happen in the first place, but it is that constant reminder when I see this happening that if the migrants were satisfied, fulfilled and hopeful to succeed in their native lands they probably would have never left.
And that for me, it’s as heart wrenching to me as all the other aspects of this story.

I watched a 2015 Al jazeera documentary some few days ago on the Al Jazeera site titled ‘ African migrants : what really drives them to Europe ?’ as migrants were interviewed by journalists outside a detention centre in Libya, a Gambian detainee explained that despite the dangerous path he was on he would rather die than to go back to his native country. What a shock.

Therefore, with what we have witnessed over the past month and the evident outrage it caused , another very importent question should be: What can be done in our countries to ensure that the citizens see the opportunities that are made available for them to succeed? Or better, are the opportunities even present in the first place? If not, then how can we create them- how can they be created? This question is important to address because with those who are still in detention centres in Libya waiting for deportation and those who were enslaved but now run free , what will happen after they have reached their native lands?
It is likely for me that after some time of innactivity in Ghana, Nigeria , Somali or Gambia many might still choose to travel to again, because the environment remains the same. The only thing that will probably change in their ambition is the difference in journey in order to safely arrive.

I do not make excuses for those who badmouth their native countries day in and day out (oh I know those) and complain about living in Africa when their dreams is to live in Italy, New York or France but there needs to be workshops, trainings and a safe atmosphere that resuscitates the hopes of the people to succeed and find the opportunities available to them in their chosen fields.

Indeed, It is the responsibility of the political leaders to promote the opportunities available, but I believe it is equally the responsibility of the citizens to change their pitiful mindsets and low expectations for what is theirs because of empty familiarity.

Don’t see failure before you have even tried. If foreigners can travel to Africa, witness a need and start a business that caters for the needs of the country’s citizens, the everyday locals should also have the ability to see where the needs are and start companies and jobs where they know their presence, ambitions and skills are needed.

In the meantime, there are many ways you could help with what has and is still happening in Libya with the slave trade, the links are below, do check them.

1 – https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-help-stop-libyas-slave-trade-fight-slavery-around-the-world-5554300

2- http://www.ajc.com/news/world/here-are-things-know-about-the-slave-trade-libya/7Qfz38LU4xIfOXQ4WSVQeM/

I also want to add that every news story and documentaries (that you witness on an accurate and verified news site or TV channel) about war, injustice, health and more is real and has to do with real people!

Therefore my thoughts are for the Syrian people having to live in dread and terror everyday, a country they did not choose; for the physically and mentally ill people of Ghana and the activists who still in 2017 are fighting to have their needs prioritised in a country that still does not have disability friendly buildings and roads, and finally my thoughts for the many individuals and groups who haven’t had their stories told (just yet).

Thank you for reading.

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LADIES: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!

Hey Readers! It has been a minute and a few thousand days, Ha.

But I’m here now.

I have recently uploaded a video on my Youtube channel titled ‘LADIESTALK: Keeping your standards and not settling for the world!’, and you should definitely check it out, if you’re a woman or even a man.

I get extremely glad when I see ladies walking confidently in their purpose and not settling or accepting less than deserve, from anyone. Women who hold their standards and principles at heart and walk in them proudly. Ladies who don’t compromise or suppress their standards in order to ‘fit in’, feel accepted or loved. Ladies who know that they were precious and loved way before they received their first ‘I love you’s’, from a boyfriend. I believe if you’re a lady,and you’re not there at all, you could get there too.

It’s a process, one that I’m still walking on myself, but one that is attainable. We were created for greatness.

Don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you!

Watch the video here

Korea · Welcome!

South Korean show Running Man and its newest members: Is it working?

4 years, Four years, it’s been 4 years, …no, not four years since the Korean variety show ‘Running Man’ has been running, but 4 years since I have last written an article on that TV  show, Running Man. My articles Why is Monday couple so popular among Running Man fans?’ , ‘Why is LEE KWANG SOO so popular among Running Man fans? published in 2013, to my surprise are still being shared and commented on a daily basis, which in fact only demonstrates the increase of Running Man fans and viewers and the interest this show is still gathering, be it positive or negative interest.


An uncalculated amount of changes has taken place on Running Man since 2013 and if I were to mention them each in details, my keyboard ink would grow weary,  but I’m in control so I will describe the right keywords that have been linked with the show in the past year: Gary, gone, Running Man, cancelled, back again, new members.

Now, the latest formal change on the show as you  saw in my series of ‘hashtags’ above were that Running Man is  now made up of new members. Two, in fact. Comedian Yang Se Chang and Actress Jun So Min.

If you follow Running Man, you would know that those changes occured after a series of ways and tactics that the producers and those working BTS (behind the scenes) have been coming up with in order to revamp the show, excite the scattered former and new viewers again, and be fresh all over again.

What is my take on the new members? Has it been working? Am I truly satisfied as a viewer watching Running Man, once again? Well, let me peel off my polite layers and reveal my onions to you through this article! Careful, it might sting… or not.


I’am sort of, excited as a viewer once more.

I started watching Running Man approximately two years after its original airing date. And like many viewers who may have been caught with the wave later, I consequently followed up by binge watching on all those episodes I had missed since its inception.

By the way CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa as my musical bias back in the days was the bait who introduced me to Running Man as he was a more than regular guest. Sidenote.

However, as a Running Man viewer and supporter for many years now,  it would be right for me to frankly admit that in the past 2 years, Running Man hasnt felt the same to me. Until recently, this fact has unfortunately made it easy for me to skip 3 episodes in a row and fast forward ‘funny’ scenes , in other words scenes deemed funny but are really not that funny. The only season i stopped skipping episodes was when SBS confirmed in late 2016 that Running Man will be ending in February of the next year (I had felt like i should enjoy every moment before its cancellation), a fact which was later reversed as the show didn’t get cancelled.

After a few rumours and episodes, Running Man introduced its new official members in Episode 346. As said earlier, since then, I’m sort of excited as a viewer once more!

I’m aware that they were positive and negative opinions concerning the fact that 2 new people will be added on to the cast, with some people stating that they wouldn’t want a second female member to overshadow Song Jihyo.  Comments as such aggravated me immensely because  it only shows the lack of trust and confidence that so called ‘Running Man’ or ‘Song Jihyo’ fans hold of the person they dim great! Why have so little faith on a woman who has her own style and persona on the show and has been there since its early days? i mean, come on. I’m glad Song Jihyo has shown all those who belittled her wrong by still standing out even with another female member on the show.


Jun So min brings a refreshing side to the show I believe, she’s very easygoing and bluntly but funnily says out loud what many of the members or viewers may think in our minds, example with episode 349 when the members were all sitted around in circle and Jun So min non- shyly mentioned that somebody’s feet stinks, I bursed out lauging.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She is great, and is very comfortable already around the members,to the extent that I believe she has even taken some of the members including MC Yoo Jae suk aback with how quickly she got on; I do not think Jun So Min tries to present a persona but is just flowing with what she sees and is given. Now I’m eager to see her in more harder missions and in ‘rip name tags’ games to see her capabilities. I think it would be boring for her to just use the ‘female betrayer’ persona she has been given by members to win games, let’s see what you got in there in terms of mental, logical and physical strength!

Now, let’s discuss Yang Se Chan! Infinite Challenge’s Yang Se Hyung’s younger brother. His case is more delicate for me, in terms of how well he has been doing on the show so far.  Hands down, he fits in perfectly with the rest of the cast, which in his case is a good and bad thing.  He fits in so well that he may not always seem to stand out particularly as the newest member. He fits in so well that over the episodes, I may forget that he is there. His blank look at times, his nonchalant but ‘wants to win’ attitude like Song Joong KI in the past but also Lee Kwang now, in fact he fits in so well that it’s dangerous, it is, and he’s the style that it’s not until they leave that you notice their presence or lack thereof and the wamth they brought.However, he is good for the program, I hope he remains and I hope to see more of him.


One thing that stood out for me since the new members were inroduced on the show is how close knit the original members already are together. Yang Se Chan and Jun So min have not taken anything out of the bond that is already there between members, but they have simply been welcomed to an already made up ‘variety family’ and both new members are graded high up in how well they fit in already. For a start, that’s good.

Manse만세 , Running Man! I hope it gets better and better.


Are you a Running Man fan? What is your take on Running MAN 2017? Do you love it? What is your opinion on the new members ?  Leave your coments, hope you liked reading! 🙂

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Women: Knowing your worth & identity as a woman!

It is very difficult to be a woman today if you do not know who you are.

We live in a society that dangerously tricks women into thinking that simply existing, and keeping a good appearance “being pretty”, is all that matters, and is our purpose. We live in a society with some women believing and digesting that lie, unaware that there were created for so much more. It is a society which gives women their identities, through information on television, magazines, radio, and everyday life, by telling them WHO they are, WHAT they are supposed to be, WHY they exist, and HOW they’re supposed to look like. As a woman, I beg [with no beg-ging] to completely differ. Every woman alive in the world today, is born to be more than just being a pretty face. Just like how men are naturally enrolled or accepted to become visionaries, with goals and purpose, as women, we too, are supposed to have visions, goals and purpose. Not simply have them, but achieve them.

Don’t get tricked into thinking your values is in how you look, these are all temporary stuff. A time will come when you will have to be more than body.And you will wonder ” What have I actually achieved with my talents, and my gifts?”  How are people going to remember you?? A woman of substance is what stands.

In this world, there is also a full misinterpretation as to what it means to be strong and independent. Being a strong and independent woman does not in any way mean to have men as the standards and wanting to be like them, or having a “what a man can do, i can do also”, or “i don’t need any man in my life, i’m independent” attitude. Far from that. These are sad and childish mindsets. Set yourself free, here’s my own definition:
 ” A confident woman knows how to work with other people, she does not feel threatened to have people work with her, as a matter of fact, a confident woman is willing to work together with the other gender. She does not see anyone as her competition because of the confidence she has in herself and her worth, while still going on and loving people. That’s a confident woman. ” Being independent as a woman has nothing to do with a woman’s relationship with the men or one not needing any man in her life. It is about being free in who you are, and knowing that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. That’s what being independent means. Being independent from yourself. Setting yourself free.
Though these are all positive stuff. It is sad to say that the biggest enemy against our progress are sometimes us, women.
We want respect, RESPECT! But then how many women go around with their male best friends criticising other women and spying on other girls’ Facebook page criticising along with the males, all due to insecurity? And then you want people to respect you, and you go around advocating women’s empowerment?
It starts with you bringing on that change.
For us to go forward, we need to support one another. Yes, we want support from other people, the other gender maybe,  but the reality is we don’t even help ourselves due to some of our attitudes. Until we realise that we are meant to work together, we’ll never move forward! It’s seriously time to wake up!
As a woman, know who you are, fully know that your beauty goes deeper than your looks, physical beauty does not last, it’s what’s on the inside that lasts, your gifts and talents, what you can bring to the world is what matters. It is what you should focus on.
And another truth is, until you use your gifts for the good of humanity you will never feel satisfied, you will live with no purpose!
How could you dare just existing??
Remember, you don’t have to walk over people to become truly successful. An arrogant woman is the opposite of a confident woman. Know who you are and STAND up!
[And of course there are amazing women out there, and some who have contributed to the change that we see today, but here i’m addressing those who still does not fully know the potential within them!]
Here’s a video i made on the subject! :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbYE3chB6cg
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INSPIRE 3rd episode: Avoiding distractions & focusing on one’s self!

Hi everyone!

On this episode of ‘INSPIRE’, i talk about the many distractions in the world which can keep us from being productive and  innovators in this society today! We’re all gifted, we all have talents, but comparing ourselves to other people and being busy but NOT productive can sometimes keep us from valuing ourselves and working on our natural abilities, which is a shame. These are the aspirations behind making this video, by also giving people ideas as to what their talents could be! Leave comments and share your experiences below too!

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Message of encouragement! 2015!

Has anyone already started this year 2015 feeling like you’re being tested with your Christian faith? Like you know that you know that there’s something greater at the end, but you also know and feel deeply that you’re walking through that hallway before that breakthrough happens?! I just want to encourage anyone who has put their faith in God and believes in God for something to RISE up, keep on going & know that giving up is never an option. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength. Simply know that something greater is on its way and that God wants to build up your character! He can’t give you more that you can handle, remember.You’re gonna become a better person by the end of this year!!

God loves you like crazy!! 🙂

Korea · Welcome!

South Korea: Skin discrimination [Opinion piece]

I love South Korea. I really do.

Just like my unlimited ‘golden’ list of foreign countries and cultures that I have grown to like and appreciate over the years, it is very well seated in my ‘Places to go’ list. Though South Korea I admit may hold a more important place in my heart.

It’s something about the culture, the language, and its different customs that I find fascinating-in a good way. In fact, so does an increasing number of people outside of South Korea and Asia, who feels the exact same way.

However, despite the smily eyes and the gentle approach I use to gaze at the things that I value and appreciate, i’m not oblivious to the events that happens around me. Call it my journalism instinct or logical sense, if there’s something that does not seem right with me, my reasoning sense is forced to take the lead by addressing whatever issue there is.

Earlier this week, i stumbled upon an article on the ‘Allkpop’ website, which stated that a man who lives in South Korea has been denied a teaching job – due to him being black.  The man, named Sean Jones, despite his qualifications, the experiences he has had in the field, and his understanding of Korean, has been denied a job because of his skin colour.

This comes after news, earlier this month, that an Irish woman was also denied a teaching position in South Korea because of her Irish background. As she uploaded a photo online, of the text she has received from the agency, it states, “I’m sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind. Best of luck in the future.” She was placed in the far back because of a stereotype sometimes associated with Ireland and its seemingly ‘heavy’ drinking culture. Is this normal?


In Sean Jones’ situation, he also uploaded a picture online of the text he has received from one of the people recruiting: Hey Sean. Sorry they just told me they actually want a white teacher. Sean jones surprised, i believe, replied “Really? Can they do that?” Maybe he was as shocked as I was, reading this story.


A stereotype or general assumption, should never be used as a base when it comes to deciding on whether a candidate is suitable for a position, or not, especially from a company who deemed itself professional.

As a traveller myself, how sad would it be for foreigners if their qualifications, working experiences or even linguistic skills were overlooked on their CV, as the ‘Ethnicity:’ part becomes the only, and most important factor for recruiters.

Though these sorts of situations happens, why should this sort of headline here be overlooked, and feature in merely 1 or 2 news sites?  Or even worse, be considered ‘funny’ for some?

But perhaps what also bugs me is that I know that this sort of discrimination- or form of racism, is not something faced by all foreigners living in South Korea. It is not a sort of ‘malediction’ that awaits every single person who decides to visit or make a living in Korea.

If you’re often on the Youtube platform as I’am, you would find a number of videos of people that have moved to South Korea, sharing their amazingly positive experiences, on their move to the Asian country, which sometimes results as a stress-reliever in the hearts of those planning to visit, or live there too.

On South Korean television, especially variety shows which Korea is known for producing well across various channels, if you’re a regular viewer (or not) of their variety programs such as ‘Happy together’ , ‘Running Man’ and others, you will not fail to notice the number of ‘specials’ featuring foreigners instead of the usual, well-brushed Korean celebrities gracing the seats.


On an episode of ‘Happy together’ for example, a man originally from France, and Sam Otswiri, a Ghanaian who has settled in Korea were among the 4 foreign guests, living in Korea, as they shared jokes and anecdotes along with the hosts, on their lives and different topics while portraying their impeccable Korean skills.

But is this enough? Can this appearance make up for those who were refused seats in real life because of these exact criteria?

I’ve noticed, as someone who follow the culture closely, that Koreans tend to be very direct when it comes to delivering compliments to someone,  distinctive compliments such as, example: You’re pretty’, ‘You’ve got beautiful eyes’ , ‘You’re so tall’ ‘ You’ve got a beautiful nose’ , even to the point of making the ones receiving them overwhelmed and slightly uncomfortable. In their ‘directness’ that you sometimes feel and see through their shows, you would notice some of the experts in their field not hesitate to use rhetorical questions or sarcasm towards someone in order to make a point, which in return create laughter in their variety concept.

But was this once charming blunt approach, used in the wrongest way in Sean jones and Kate’s situations when they received a more than direct answer through text as to why they were not considered for a place in their fields?

But is there another side to this story?

Upon receiving his initial text message from the recruiter as to why he was refused a place:

Hey Sean. Sorry they just told me they actually want a white teacher. Sean told ‘the Korea observer’ :”This is telling students that black people are bad and white people are good. Why should white people get all the privileges?” He added, “White privilege is not right. We all deserve an equal chance.” He continued: “Even though they are adjusting to what parents want, they are responsible for giving the students a true view of what western culture is truly like.” 

Right. I believe It is important for South Korea to consider the hundreds, thousands, of foreigners around the world who accepts Korea as a country, and what the content in these stories could do to the Spanish girl in love with Korea, or the young Black- American, fan of KPOP who one day aims to live and promote the beauty of South Korea.

Thank you for reading.

[*first 2 pictures credit: Allkpop]

















Africa (GHANA) · Welcome!

An exchange with Ghanaian President Mahama in London

Unblemished streets, white simple buildings and one particular flag flying high, here I was in Belgrave Square, near the Ghana High commission office.


An area in London, subsequently known for its embassies and posh aura, I was at the Number 13 street, mentally preparing for what I knew was to be an insightful afternoon as i walked inside the Ghana High commission.

Having being invited by one of the attendees to attend a conference held at the Ghana embassy on the 19th of October 2014, the formal gathering as expected was attended by countless figures such as the Ghana High commissioner H.E Victor Emmanuel Smith, various media outlets, and , -not least, the Ghanaian president – John Dramani Mahama.

I believe the event was also an avenue or ‘pre-preparation’ for the different conferences and forums that were to take place, subsequently in the week, in presence of the Ghanaian president, such as ‘The Global African Investment Summit’ and more.

I also realised that the occasion was to go in the way of a Q/A session, when standing at the podium, in his opening speech President Mahama explained:

“In areas where we have a large diaspora,…we could do that as a vehicle to reach as many people as we can”, then with no hint of nervousness in his voice or demeanour, he continued  I’m open to any questions that you might have” 

Now, though I was too busy watching everything happen through my camera lens, and lifting my hand up on several occasions to have my questions answered too, i did write notes  in between, and I did not fail to witness the scale of topics that were discussed, and It’s only fair for me to share that with you.


During the forum, questions on corruption in Ghana were brought up a number of times from members of the audience. President Mahama’s answers to those questions were ones in my opinion which did not directly deny the fact that those issues of corruption has happened in the Government’s history or in Ghana as a whole, but when they comes up, in his own words they are  “investigated”, he said: ” The first step in the fight against corruption is to expose it, and so we have to expose corruption before [we] can deal with it…anywhere we get the hint about corruption, we investigate it.”

He also joked about some of the ‘uncanny’ ways corruption is speculated at times, such as when a politician is seeing driving polished cars or “mercedes”, bringing laughter to the audience.

However, he went on to say: “The determination to fight corruption should be one that is for all of us, corruption is endemic in all sectors of our society. It’s a fight that is multi-dimensional and that affects all people.”

On economic challenges in Ghana, the president admitted that the country has indeed faced economical declines in the past, but ended positively as you would think, by saying those issues are being resolved. One of the reasons he gave as to why some of the economic issues may have happened, he believes were due to the lack of faith some politicians may have had on the Ghanaian currency and publicly declaring it, and the pressure or fear that this may have sparked on some citizens to act.

Answering questions about water and sanitation, he proudly explained how more people in Ghana have access to water, and that as Ghanaians we are to celebrate our successes, he said: “Our water accessibility was below 40%, today 67% of Ghanaians have access to clean drinking water, those are the things that we must be proud of.” He continued: “One of the things we’re not good as Ghanaians is counting our successes…”

A question about the promise made by the national democratic progress (NDC) party to ensure free secondary school education was also brought up, President Mahama explained his government is working and figuring out the budget but that “it’s a matter of prioritisation”

He said: “While we continue to invest in quality of education, we must also continue to invest in improving access to education, and access to education can sometimes be constrained by a parent’s ability to be able to afford payment or school fees.”

As another round of questioning opened, one strongly opinionated member of the public having been given the permission to speak, asked how to ensure that Ghanaian local languages are applied and spoken in the Ghanaian society as much as the English language is.

To that question, the president agreed that if a language is unspoken after a certain amount of time, it eventually lose its power, to ensure that this does not happen in Ghana he believes there needs to be a linguistic group made of “professionals and intellectuals” who would meet as a form of routine (possibly-every 6 months) to translate into the local languages the new “concepts” and vocabulary that has come or already exists in the English language, he believes this is one area that needs to be looked at specifically by the Ministry Of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs.

Now, there were also  ‘sport questions’ – as expected-, and the question in everyone’s lips was “Would Ghana host the 2015 ‘African Cup of Nations’?” The president in overall explained that it’s a decision that has to be taken cautiously based on the current outbreak of the Ebola virus:

“…and so if Morocco expresses concern that that is one of the concerns for which they want a postponement, we are going to look at that carefully before we host AFCON or not, but certainly 2017 we are putting in a bid for it.” he explained.

The behind the scenes of the 2014 FIFA world cup, the fee, the plane, the whole thing, those topics which were discussed by Ghanaians as much as the Blackstars’ performances that Summer of 2014, was also brought up in the forum by an individual who really wanted to know what happened. Based on the president’s response, though also backed up with some light humour, i got the impression that the drama of this year’s World cup won’t repeat itself again, and the president, not wanting to give too much information, explained that it was a lesson “learnt” and next time they will unsure the paying fee is giving as it should, before the game starts.

You’ve reached the (almost) end of this article and though you might have not been there that day, i hope you have gotten as much from it reading this! My next article could be a one-on one interview transcript with the President, with my questions fully answered too. Who knows. I will make sure to update you on it when it happens 😉

Thanks for reading!

(Please know that some of the topics that were discussed on that afternoon at the Ghana high commission might have not been discussed in the exact chronological order as displaced in this article, but all these were discussed in the same way as portrayed here. Thank you for reading.)

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[Update]: Below is the video link  w/ footages of the conference from my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZAyjKgAc2I&list=UUwHGwVkHKHPFhOJntS-G83Q

























Thoughts · Welcome!

Why Not You?

I see individuals with no dreams, no goals, no zeal.

I see people with no big visions, no big goals for their lives, I believe that’s because they don’t believe they could achieve anything, they tend to think the world and high positions in society belongs to other people, better looking people than them, so they don’t even dare to dream.

They’d rather stick with the minimum, having a career, a life that is just okay.

Their current jobs is not the one they want, It’s not a job they wake up excitedly thinking about, but they stick to what they know, what they’ve always known.

They have leadership qualities, they could save, protect, restore, bring solutions and heal a nation, but the job of presidency is too big, too far off, too impossible for them.

At night, they dream about it though.

They love drama, acting, bringing life into a fictional character and portraying a character is what they love, they record using their phone. They’re really good, but the thought of acting being a competitive field with a possibility of never making it, is what stops them.

They say “Being an influential person and a positive, strong figure in society belongs to other people”


“I’m too poor” , “too ugly” , “not smart”, “I’m black”, “The other citizens are here, I wasn’t born here, how can I have a high post? Nah. I will just stick to safety, stick to what I know. My mum didn’t make it, my dad as well, who on earth am I to think I can have this job? My dream job? Me? A politician? A president. No way”.

If you’re listening and you’re someone who thinks like that, it’s time to stop and start chasing your dreams, no matter how far, impossible they may seem right now. Greater what is in you.

I believe in the importance of dreaming big and having visions for your life, let your dreams become a reality for you.

There’s a quote that says ‘If people don’t laugh at your dreams, that means your dream is not big enough’

Think about it.

– Myriam-

[These words were taken from a youtube video I made for my Youtube channel some time ago, ‘Why settle for less?’, you can watch the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkbmWD0LZUA

Pictures · UK · Welcome!

Italian chef Gino D’acampo in Luton! + Pictures!

On Saturday 15th of March 2014 , Italian chef, Gino D’acampo well recognised by the British public for his  frequent TV appearances, remarkable culinary skills, cheeky humour and distinct Italian accent, was at the Luton Mall alongside cookery pair ‘The main Ingredient’,  cooking special italian food while interacting with the audience! They came  in support of  ZANUSSI, an Italian home appliances company which delivers home appliances straight from Italy. Here are snippet pictures for those who might have missed the occasion (or not).

Enjoy! :










10 9 14





 15 16







20 27