How to deal with rejection!

On the 2nd episode of ‘INSPIRE’ , i talk about rejection. Rejection is a feeling that is very hard to handle, as not many people enjoy being or feeling rejected. Everyone wants to be loved, no one wants to be rejected. But how much more important is the feeling of acceptance towards one’s self. As you go through life, you have to realise that it is okay to not fit in, if only you were born to stand out beautifully.

People wonder why i’m always so positive and smiling, but only a few know that it comes down to experience having faced rejection and years of insecurity. I’m still trying to be the best person that I can be, as i type this.  On this episode of ‘INSPIRE’ i talk about my experiences and sharing with you some of the tips to be fabulous and be satisfied with yourself , without living life with the constant cravings of being accepted by others.




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